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10 Years To Life For Medical Marijuana: The Trial Of Aaron Sandusky


feds raid dispensaryThe Story Of Aaron Sandusky Illustrates The Federal War On Medical Marijuana

“This is a Constitutional battle, and we’re going to defend our rights,” says Aaron Sandusky, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Upland, California who now faces federal drug trafficking charges even though he was operating within California state law.

Reason.tv first profiled Sandusky in late 2011 in the midst of a federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries across California, which occurred despite repeated promises from the Obama administration to lay off operators compliant with state law (Incidentally, the city of Upland, which initiated the legal action against G3, admitted in court that Sandusky was operating within state law). During the production of that video, Sandusky’s storefront and grow house were raided, his assets seized and his product destroyed. But Sandusky was undeterred and joined a lawsuit with several other dispensary owners, challenging the right of city governments to outright ban dispensaries. After a favorable ruling from an appellate court, Sandusky re-opened, and the city of Upland was powerless to stop him. But the Feds were not happy with this outcome.

Sandusky was arrested and charged with six counts of drug trafficking, some of which could carry a life sentence. He’s spent the last seven weeks in a county prison, just awaiting a bond hearing. He finally was granted bail last Friday and is now out on house arrest, where he awaits an October trial to decide his fate. He agreed to sit down with Reason.tv for an interview to discuss his case, the state of medical marijuana in this country, and why this is a cause for which he’s willing to risk it all.

“If I have to go to jail for 20 years defending this, then so be it,” says Sandusky.


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  1. I am impressed with your graphic, but I think you duck an issue by protraying the hand of the US Govt, the hand of Uncle Sam, as white. We have an African-American President now, at this time, and many Americans are validated by Obama’s achievement.
    To paint him white is an affront and a misrepresentation, as I am sure you will agree. Is your graphic artist fearful of being misrepresented himself (racist! racist!), if he presents a black hand to the current Uncle Sam?
    The MMJ dispensary pogrom is not Clinton or Bush, it is Obama/Holden, and they are Afro-Ams. I submit that your poster should reflect the reality. That’s all and nothing more.

  2. cannabis joe canfield on

    death of cops is what’s needed. impact statements are needed. look for opportunities to
    kill cops but not get caught. this is a war on cannabis. quit being so passive, although it is cannabis.

  3. Steve in Oakland on

    Disparate sentencing is a pandemic plaguing societies everywhere. For who knows what reason, Obama’s “U.S. Attornies” are doing their Elliott Ness imitations here at home, harassing and trying to destroy medicinal marijuana dispensaries. In other countries, like here, sentencing all depends on what plutocrat’s offendabilities have been touched by the alleged crime. [To paraphrase Anne Boylen, “Crime is whatever they say it is”].
    One recent example of the abuse of government “justice systems” is the punk rock Pussy Riot trial in Moscow. The all women band’s offense was taking the stage at the main cathedral in Moscow and playing a song ;asking the Virgin Mary to “rid Russia of Putin.” They have been in jail for almost six months now; their farce of a trial is over, and their sentencing is scheduled for Friday Aug 17th. The prosecutor is asking for three year sentences under a charge of “hooliganism,” a Russian variant of anti-blasphemy laws. August 17th has been declared Pussy Riot Global Day, with actions and demonstrations planned all over the world. Info on the who what & when are at http://www.freepussyriot.org
    Russia is a puritanical police state, on the verge of becoming a theocracy. People found with even small amounts of marijuana and other drugs are treated as major criminals. I hope someone meets the young women from the Pussy Riot band, whenever they get out of the Gulag, with a big fat blunt to celebrate their freedom.

  4. My Moms neighbor was attacked & murdered while he slept by his alcoholic “girlfriend”. Multiple stab wounds. Maybe she was blacked out drunk… or just mad about something. She got sentenced to 7 years but will probably get out after only 3-4. This is due in part to overcrowding by nonviolent offenders – who the police would much rather “deal with”. Police & prison guard unions, along with alcohol producers & pharmaceutical companies are among the largest groups (by far) who campaign against decriminalization by making political contributions. In other words they give money to politicians in order to sway votes & protect their income by keeping marijuanna illegal. They call it lobbying, but I prefer to call it something else…

  5. Reschedule free da weed our goverment is a joke …… who did he hurt the only one hurt is the city of upland They could of got alot of tax money,,, dumb ass….

  6. KANGAROO COURTS , What happens when you get persecuted?
    Most lose jobs,homes,family.
    Prison 4 Profit is Amerikas modern day slavery movement.
    Thank Aaron Sandusky for fighting for our rights to access cannabis.
    Prop 215 is a thorn in the eyes of LEO and they wont give up the cash-cow of drug prohibition .
    Every where we go we are subject to search and seizure.
    We live in a police state , and police,courts,probation,TSA all make a living persecuting cannabis users.They have enjoyed arresting/incarcerating people for drugs especially marihuana.
    The War on Cannabis is a puritan movement. The people who have been FED propaganda about cannabis are the same folks who voted no on Prop 215.
    Democracy ? The minority all work for the machine and they are trained to keep the gears olled , they know the gig is up! the LIES are gathering dust

    JURY NULLIFICATION is our last fighting hope!
    standing outside the court holding signs for prop 215 ,safe access.

    there is no way the jurors will miss the signs!
    THE battle has begun , I support Aaron Sandusky and his fight for “SAFE AND AFFORDABLE ACCESS TO CANNABIS”

  7. Seven weeks in prison awaiting a bond hearing for a non violent, victim-less, NON crime. I wonder if Barry will come around after the election when he doesn’t have to worry about rocking the conservative vote/boat.

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