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13 Michigan Marijuana Organizations Band Together For Joint Statement


michigan capital marijuanaIn times of need, communities stand together to defend the weak. Michigan’s medical marijuana and marijuana law reform communities did just that prior to a session of the House Judiciary Committee on May 7 by submitting a joint statement advocating for passage of two “critical and urgent” House bills, HB 4209 and HB 4210.

Testimony on the two bills has been heard on two consecutive Thursdays in the House committee, and will continue on May 14th. The letter was addressed to Representative Klint Kesto and Judiciary Committee members.

The letter expressed “the organizations’ strong support for patient safety while improving the efficacy of the medical marijuana industry in the state.” The endorsing organizations seek to “provide safe access to medical marijuana… provide for the testing of medical marijuana… clarify to at patients may possess and use smoking alternative forms of medical marijuana.”

Several representatives of these organizations have given testimony before the committee on these blls, including Robin Schneider of the NPRA, David Brogren of CPU and Jim Powers of Pediatric Cannabis Therapy.

The organizations signing on in support of the letter’s contents are:

National Patients Rights Association

Michigan NORML

Americans for Safe Access- Michigan chapter

Cannabis Patients United

Safer Michigan Coalition

Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild

Marijuana Policy Project

Michigan Parents for Compassion

Pediatric Cannabis Therapy

Michigan Medical Marijuana Association

Detroit Medical Cannabis Guild

Michigan Cannabis Development Association

Lansing Medical Cannabis Guild

Although there have been other so-called Unity Letters issued in the past, this one carries more significance, said Jamie Lowell of Americans for Safe Access- Michigan. “There are distinctly more stakeholders represented in Lansing right now, many of whom are new to the industry, the state or the subject. This letter can remind lawmakers who the long-term members of the medical marijuana community are, and remind them to stay focused on the core idea of passing the legislation.”

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. Yuri Nikolaev on

    Its about time Michigan Marijuana advocates start working together. It is embarrassing to to how far behind Michigan is to the other states. The constant backwards approach of the submitted legislation continues to put Michigan Behind. Im all for dispensaries as long as there are guidelines for regulated cultivation. To think “we’ll just get dispensaries past and we’ll be good” without addressing the other issue the opposition truly has a problem with. They don’t want commercial production of marijuana in the neighborhoods. The home caregiver model needs to be addressed. Yet nothing other than the ballot initiatives for Legalization of recreational will address cultivation. If that passes the monopoly will take over and it will be too late caregivers.

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