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2010 NORML Conference


Today is the first day of NORML’s 2010 conference in Portland, OR. I am attending and will be providing updates and highlights from the event. The who’s who of marijuana policy will be in attendance so if you have a chance, come down and check it out.

We just got done hearing from Congressman Earl Blumenauer, an avid non-smoker who truly supports our cause. He had a fairly optimistic message, stating the he believes this is the decade of change and the issue of marijuana legalization can not be ignored. Many times he was interrupted by applause from the very supportive audience. He also told us to continue to press our politicians for change, then answered several questions from the media on hand. He quickly becoming one of my favorite politicians. We will post highlights from his speech as they are availible.


The rest of the day consisted of more speakers from the different pro-marijuana groups, such and L.E.A.P., Voter Power and the Reason Foundation, among others. The speakers that stuck out included Neill Franklin from L.E.A.P., Micheal Whitney from Firedoglake.com and Madeline Martinez from NORML.

My overall impression is that this movement needs a true leader. Allen St. Pierre is a great speaker and has some great ideas, but I spent most of my day waiting to hear some sort of actual strategy or at least a plan on getting a bill to re-examine marijuana’s classification as a schedule I substance progressing on a federal level.

I have to say NORML has done a great job getting some of the loudest voices in the movement together for this year’s conference. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s line-up, which includes an ex-governor and a Doctor.


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  1. unfortunately we have been duped before. obama sounded great, the bait an switch is old hat

    Im glad politicians support the end of cannabis prohibition. It will get them votes.

    Rand Paul changed allegedly , Ron Paul still supports an end to government policy

    With November rolling round the political environment in Cali is hostile raids ,shop closures –

    Its harvest time!!

    Liten then Watch politicians ,follow the feet not the mouth!

  2. Thank you for coming out and covering our national conference!

    Great poll you got on here inquiring what I would do if I knew a politician who supports marijuana law reform. I would definitely help with their campaign! All I do is work to reform marijuana laws in Missouri, you can bet your ass I would spend some of this time to support a politician who supports what I do.

    Thanks again!

  3. i wish i could hear this. maybe bring a few others too who need to hear our side of this epic battle….if they would only listen…and understand about Hearst *sadly shakes head*

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