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2012 Bay Area High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Day 1 Recap


2012 Bay Area High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Day

Yesterday was day 1 of the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in the Bay Area of California. I woke up in the morning trying to recover from the most sensational dab hit of my life, provided by Ganja Jon of National Cannabis Radio. I like to ride the ‘higher high’, which appears to be a desire that is mutually shared by our friends at National Cannabis Radio. Remember the name Ganja Jon, as he will be winning a Cannabis Cup sooner than later.

ganja jon dabs

After getting the cobwebs out of my brain, and rolling up a handful of doobies, I was ready to hit the event. I have to say, this might be the most beautiful venue that High Times has held an event at, ever. Just check out the picture below to see what I’m talking about. Right outside the main building’s doors is one of the best views of the Bay Area that I have ever seen!

high times cup with san fran bay

This is the third High Times Medical Cannabis Cup that The Weed Blog has attended (we were at LA and Denver), so we have the flow of the events down to a science these days. Jay Smoker tends to want to go one way, and I go the other, then we re-unite at the WeedMaps booth for a session and debrief. For those of you that have never been to an event that WeedMaps is at, let one important thing be known – more cannabis is consumed in the 40 square foot WeedMaps tent than any other place at the event, or possibly on the planet for that matter.

The first time I ever took a dab hit was at WeedMaps HQ in Newport Beach, CA. The dabs flow like water there, and they keep that policy in place for their event booths as well. Yesterday I had the pleasure of smoking some award winning concentrates from Crown Concentrates. You may remember Crown Concentrates as winning not only first, but also second place at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. It only takes one hit to see why!

crown extracts

As loyal readers will attest, one of my favorite things about events is looking at the gadgets and inventions. I think the most fantastic invention at this event is by far the electronic dab setup, by a company called Highly Educated, which also makes the best dab nail on the market. Hand torch bans are becoming more and more prevalent at clubs and events, yet people obviously want to take their dabs. This invention solves all that, in addition to eliminating the cost of butane and/or broken glass. It’s still in it’s infancy, so it’s not widely available yet, but just you wait!

electronic dabber

electric dabber

I smoked the ‘Super Bud’ from RedMan Medicine at the Cup. I you haven’t smoked the Super Bud, you are really missing out. It’s essentially a ‘meatloaf of marijuana goodness’ as I got the employees to admit. Do you like high caliber flower? Do you like high grade concentrates? Hate having to choose between hash, kief, honey oil, and flower? Well look no further, because the Super Bud has all of it wrapped into one! Amazingly delicious.

super bud redman medicine

super bud red man medicine

What will day 2 of the event bring? Only time will tell! In the meantime, I need to get to rollin’ today’s rounds of doobies, and prepare my lungs for another round of WeedMaps booth chillin’. If you make it to the event, look me up and say hello. I’ll be the nerdy stoner guy smoking and coughing like there’s no tomorrow!

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  1. “By legalizing the sale of marijuana, we hope to drastically reduce crime.”
    DEA head strongly opposes marijuana legalization
    After giving guns to the cartels and denying it after 1 would think the Gubmnt is in bed with the cartels.( see Afghanistan) ,(freeway rick) etc.
    CIA trained and funded militia to fight the russians , when the russians bailed we took over the fight. wait what? so now we are fighting the same people we armed and trained? to protect what? poppy fields/hashish,oil flow
    follow the bouncing $
    medical cannabis has put a huge dent in the cash flow of cartels .
    not too many folks in quasi-legal cannabis states purchase low quality cartel weed anymore , so think of this as a regrouping if you must.

    back to the article at hand: thank you Weedblog for your insightfull journalism
    I wish I could attend but like the 99 % well i just cant afford much.
    I did go to the LA convention and it was awesome!
    Was LEO present? was the vibe warm? readers let me know!

    thanks again Weedblog for giving us a place to vent .

  2. It’s a House of Cards; don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

    “By legalizing the sale of marijuana, we hope to drastically reduce crime.”

    “The black market presents a much greater threat for our population than recreational drugs.”

    “Our inclination initially is to have production and regulation under state control.”

    “Uruguay, with it’s strong legal system and open financial markets, welcomes foreign investors. Unfortunately, it also has a high rate of emigration. But perhaps now that they can access their marijuana hassle-free, we hope our young people will be persuaded to stay.”

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