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2012 Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Broken Down


Oregon marijuanaThe result of a “Yes” Vote means the following
  • Personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license is allowed
  • The Commission will regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale
  • Cannabis cultivation/sale to adults through state licensed-stores is allowed
  • Unlicensed adult personal cultivation/use is allowed
  • Restrictions on hemp are prohibited

Result of a “No” Vote means:

  • Existing civil and criminal laws prohibiting cultivation are retained, possession and delivery of marijuana;
  • Current statutes that permit regulated medical use of marijuana are retained


  • Currently, marijuana cultivation, possession and delivery are prohibited; regulated medical marijuana use is permitted.
  • Measure replaces state and local marijuana laws except medical marijuana and driving under the influence laws
  • Distinguishes “hemp” from “marijuana”
  • Prohibits regulation of hemp
  • Creates commission to license marijuana cultivation by qualified persons and to purchase entire crop
  • Commission sells marijuana at cost to pharmacies, medical research facilities, and to qualified adults for profit through state-licensed stores
  • Ninety percent of net goes to state general fund, remainder to drug education, treatment, and hemp promotion.
  • Sales are banned to minors.
  • public consumption except where signs permit are banned
  • Minors are barred from sites allowing public consumption
  • Commission will regulate use and set prices, plus other administrative/managerial duties

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  1. This bill does not create a tax. It creates a government agency run by the business community for the business community to generate profits for the general fund. It is the continuation of the no income tax fascists agenda. The problem is that this bill does not create a tax amendable by the citizens of the state but rather a cash cow for avoiding income taxes on the rich. The problem is that it allows the business community to control prices and regulations. The problem is that this bill perpetuates the notion that it is OK to have prohibitions of other drugs as long as they are “unhealthy.” The problem is that it perpetuates the notion that psychoactive substances are bad and to be or best to be avoided (7% of commission profits go to anti-drug education of youth). The problem is that it establishes a 21 year old age limit for consumption rather than a demonstration of competency. The problem is that it legally mandates the promotion of Cannabis products by the state controlled by the business community though private agencies would be just as bad.

    But hey, it serves a lot of established interests I guess. It would lessen pressures on state income taxes which rich people like. It would make the industry responsive to the business community first, which rich people like. It would further the acceptance of government agencies being ran by the business community, which rich people like. It perpetuates the notion the the “high” is what is bad, which a lot of people seem to think they like.

    Commentator 1 is wrong. This bureaucracy would not result in rag weed. The market will not sustain that even with infinite funding for promotion of smoking dirt weed. The government would not manage strains but purchase strains in demand. The government would not produce anything here and therefore does not take stock in generating horticultural expertise. This bureaucracy is ran by the industry not the gubment. A bureaucracy is unavoidable there is not institution that does not have a bureaucratic structure.

    Commentator 2 is wrong. This money would not be taken from Oregonians. It would increase the amount of money going to Oregonians by increasing the size of the market and by garnering revenue from out-of state owners that would take their profits elsewhere. The idea that a tax is taking money from Oregonians is ignoring the fact that that money goes to the public coffers of the people of Oregon. And, overpaid government jobs, who are you kidding. You are simply low bidding your own job by doing this as private industry pays way more at the top and way less at the bottom. Good paying public sector jobs encourages public service. That is good unless you think working for the public good is bad- you can join King Charles on that one. I think you are jealous and desire too much personal control in society. Employers need to fear loosing their employees to something better or they will not provide anything better. Otherwise, it is a race to the bottom for the 95-99% of us. All we need is a bunch of billionaires paying $1 a day to the majority of people. Nothing can be “legalized” without involving the government- that is an oxymoron. You can delegalize something and leave it to anarchy. Any law, prohibitory or not, is legalization. I will not be a Surf or a King, nor will I be complacent to any action that lends itself towards such a system (Feudalism). Public law is the only effective alternative. This would improve peoples lives even though I find the model to be flawed (essentially a type of fascism). Keep in mind, I think it would it would work for me fine, but I do not believe it to be the best model for the general welfare.

    The commission should not establish prices or buy and sell goods for a profit. The revenue should stay in a progressive income tax structure. Sales taxes on “sin” are just social engineering and a way to move away from a proper progressive income tax. If the people insist on a direct Cannabis tax, it should be on net profits not gross income as salaries are not part of or do not need to be part of “profits.” The commission should set strict labeling standards, operate the licensing bureaucracy and collect licensing fees at cost of operation, and enforce sales standards which are amendable by citizen vote only as well as implement reasonable tarrifs (not subsidies) for competing out of state Cannabis products if we cannot get this done through an established agency. Tarrifing protects local production and the erosion of labor standards (ever wonder why China is getting all the business- cheap, unregulated labor standards). The R&D part should be as mixed as possible with all patents being awarded to the public domain. Monopolies through patents does nothing but increase obsolescence.

  2. This bill does one thing, takes all the money currently made by Oregonians that grow marijuana and sell it/dispense it and gives the money to the government. The honest truth is all people that sell drugs regardless marijuana or others buy stuff that helps the economy. This will further ruin the Oregon economy. Legalize it and do not get the state involved. All we need is more state jobs that are way over paid.

  3. All we need is another bureaucracy telling us what to grow, smoke and exchange in our community. You lost last time you tried this because nobody who takes the time to think about what your idea of freedom is would supported it. You painted the pig pink but it’s still a pig. The government has no clue how to manage the thousands of stains nor the expertise to draw the the greatest medicinal qualities of these very special plants. This bill will flood the market with rag weed and drive the rest of us underground.

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