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2013: An Excellent Year For Cannabis Research


marijuana science research cannabis 2013By Anthony Martinelli

Only five full months into the year, and 2013 has already been one of the best in regards to meaningful and impactful cannabis-related studies and research. As time goes by science continues to crush decades of absurd propaganda, in addition to finding benefits of cannabis and ending its prohibition that even advocates may not have expected. The more cannabis science that’s released, the easier it becomes to get the public to understand and pay attention to its vast benefits.

Here’s a list of some of the most important cannabis studies to come out this year. We look forward to the studies yet to be released.

  • Study Shows Cannabis May Reverse Symptoms of Dementia - February, 2013: A group from Neuroscience Research Australia has found early evidence that cannabidiol – one of the main ingredients in cannabis – may reverse some of the symptoms of dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease. “It basically brings the performance of the animals back to the level of healthy animals,” said Tim Karl, one of the study’s researchers.

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  1. The cost of an oz has sky rocketed and made it too expensive for a lot of us even if it was legal. It’s turning into a money machine and the ones with the money will be the ones who control it in the end.

  2. Shawn Phillip Smith on

    Why can’t the ones in control see the facts??? Oh I know why they love to argue and fight and you can’t fight fact…

  3. Ever read any descriptions for any other drugs? Like pharmaceutical bad boys that have had millions spent on them? There’s always a “may”, a “could” or a “possibly”. Nothing is certain due to everyone having different reactions from genetic makeup etc etc.

  4. Kamikaze Jones on

    LOL Did you even read the reports/studies, or did you just skim the blog’s titles?

  5. Rita Jo Malone on

    They ‘may’be afraid to say until it is Legalized,so it want cause more problems. Like transporting from another state where it is legal, if you think about it they are being very careful….

  6. 4 of the first 5 don’t start with “may” and even the ones who do are because studies can only be so conclusive when not tested on human subjects. look at the vaporizer one for example that’s as conclusive as a study like this gets.

  7. Michael L. Wallace Jr. on

    Next they need to prove that the absence of Cannabis from the Human Diet due to Prohibition has brought about the onset of Cancers & many of the Horrific illnesses we face today. The 2 Billionaire Families that started the Lies about Cannabis & have/do profit from it’s illegalization are held accountable. Low THC & High CBD cannabis should be sold in grocery store produce section with fruits & vegetable as a means of prevention of illness.

  8. Amazing that after so many years of bashing and making marijuana the scrooge of the planet we are all now wondering why we were feed such a negative message!!? Not only are the medical aspects that marijuana carries within it miraculous but that it actually can and does combat so many diseases that help millions of people world wide! Our brains and bodies have evolved with receptors to help us as humans combat life’s ills with a small toke or a baked loaf of bread to help digestive issues and as well as anxiety and stress disorders there are many many more issues it helps in a positive way with!. In time marijuana will be a legal substance for all to use freely as topical ointments to surgical medicines for neuropathic surgery’s, the curing of cancers and help with HIV and so MANY MANY more issues we all face on this great planet of ours. It is a wonder drug from above, we wonder why we have had to make it illegal and cause so much spending and losses of monies in fighting a losing battle! WAKE AMERCIA it’s time we stop destroying families and allow marijuana a chance at saving lives and creating jobs, millions of jobs and revenues that are taxable. What more can we do but fight to free marijuana from an unjust and draconian message from our forefathers! Thank God for those individuals that have pursued and helped our medical needs and national message. It’s time we stood tall to help our fellow man not destroy them!

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