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2014 Denver County Fair To Have Marijuana Contests


denver county fair marijuana contestsCourtesy of The Joint Blog

In a historic first for a county fair in the United States, the Denver County Fair – being held on August 1st through the 3rd - will feature multiple cannabis-themed contests, from plant judging, to joint rolling.

Cannabis is a major theme for the Denver County Fair this year; they even placed a cannabis leaf on the 2014 poster.

“We thought it was time for us to take that leap and represent one of the things Denver has going on,” says Tracy Weil, the fair’s Marketing and Creative Director.

Says the Fair’s Co-Founder Dana Cain; ”Our motto has always been, ‘We’re mixing up a big side of tradition with a side of now’… We had to do it. Pot is legal here — it’s yet another urban agricultural crop.”

The Fair will feature nine cannabis categories, including contests for live plants and clones (though no plants will actually be on site; the judges will examine photos), cannabis-infused brownies and savory foods, homemade bongs, homemade roach clips and hemp clothing/products. Their will also be a contest for the fastest joint roller, though oregano, and not actual cannabis, will be used.

Those wanting to know more about the Denver County Fair can go to their website by clicking here.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. The drinker can kill you on your way home, but the smoker won’t. I guess we all pick our poisons.

  2. I guess neither one is all that good for you, but I can sit next to a drinker all night and just be bored or terrified or offended – I wouldn’t actually absorb any of their alcohol. A smoker might be clever, witty and charming but could be killing me.

  3. As a smoker (but cutting back daily), I try not to smoke anywhere but in my home. I even feel funny smoking in my car. Because I smoke, society has decided to label me as a loser. And yet, alcohol is everywhere in public. It is adored. Is one really so much worse than the other?

  4. I actually think it should be permitted with a “smoking den” license, more or less like Amsterdam’s coffee houses. But we aren’t quite there yet. In fact, smoking anything is generally prohibited in indoor public places, not just reefer.

  5. Sounds to me like the event in Sonoma wasn’t actually a county fair(though it does sound like it was a blast)

    So I think Denver will be known as the first, but that doesn’t mean too much if their using oregano for a “joint rolling” contest….

  6. “In a historic first for a county fair in the United Statest”

    I think this might be wrong. In Sonoma County CA last month, the Emerald Cup was held at Sonoma County Fairgrounds, the home of all the agriculture, farm and wine harvest competitions.

    The turnout was over 5000 folks. This particular event was for outdoor grown flowers and extracts (other than bho). There were dozens of booths of vendors from seeds to glass everything you can imagine that relates to this industry.

    Aged rock bands, like Big Brother and Canned Heat were there to regale the audience. Security was provided by Santa Rosa’s off-duty cops.

    So, unless I am missing something, this type of event at a local fairgrounds has been done before. Oh, and this WAS NOT a High Times event. This was local.

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