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2016 Marijuana Legalization Effort Already Underway In Massachusetts


mass capital marijuanaI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, 2016 is going to be the ultimate tipping point for marijuana reform in America. Right now there are four states that have legalized marijuana (and D.C. of course!). By the end of 2016, that number could easily triple or more. A state that is high on my radar is Massachusetts, along with most other states in the northeastern part of the country. Activists on the ground in Massachusetts are planning on pursuing both the legislative and initiative routes. Per The Salem News:

Emboldened by victories in other states and recent polls showing widespread support, advocates of legalized marijuana are preparing to put the question to Massachusetts voters in 2016.

Supporters of legalization say they are drafting legislation to allow recreational pot cultivation and use, with a tax similar to those for alcohol and tobacco, for consideration in the legislative session that starts in January. They’ll also prepare a ballot question for the 2016 elections in case lawmakers fail to act.

“If the Legislature doesn’t do anything, we’ll go to the voters in 2016,” said Richard Evans, a Northampton attorney and chairman of a coalition that is pushing for legalization. “We want to give lawmakers the opportunity to enact it. Voters shouldn’t be making laws like this, lawmakers should. But when the lawmakers won’t, voters must.”

I like the approach in Massachusetts, which is similar to what activists did in Oregon. But unlike Oregon’s Legislature, I hope the Massachusetts Legislature takes advantage of this opportunity. The Oregon Legislature bluffed and let activists pursue an initiative. Now the Oregon Legislature is scrambling to put in their two cents after the fact. Hopefully that’s not the case in Massachusetts.


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  1. I too have been smoking for a long time it helps me with my severe anxiety and nausea .Its better than the medicine my doctor gives me .Its very helpful in many ways not to mention the states would be benefiting too.We need freedom of choice.

  2. Marijuana is a wonderful thing straight from mother earth.I personally have been enjoying it for thirty five years and have no plans to stop. You never hear of violent potheads its always been in the dark.Now in a new light

  3. bradley hastings on

    Re-legalizing at the Federal level would make the piggs leave the cool states alone.

  4. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people – 10th amendment of the Constitution.

  5. No, that is simply not true. Federal law trumps state law in EVERY case. So if the federal government said pot is legal in the US it is technically legal in every state. That being the case Obama has absolutely no power in rewriting these laws, that is entirely what Congress is for, and passing a law like that in Congress I doubt will happen for at least another 5-10 years when more research is conducted on pot and the benefits of legalization ($$$) is seen to the majority of Representatives.

  6. When marijuana is sold in MA like it is in Colorado I will most difinitley make trips across the NH border to buy some. It would be nice to actually get some high quality weed.

  7. All the president can do is choose how to enforce a law, and Obama has already done that Besides, federal legalization would still not make pot legal in the states where it is illegal now. that’s a common misunderstanding.

  8. As with all important things, it comes down to the people of their respective states taking a stand for what is right. Here in Oregon we had a great option to legalize before this last election cycle, but folks did not press the legislators into action and as a result the bill went to die in a committee. We had to demand legalization through a vote and I suspect it is going to continue to be that way throughout the nation.
    The people of Massachusetts will make the right decision in 2016 and do what we did here: they will vote for legalization which is both sensible and profitable for their state.

  9. You can’t veto a referendum/initiative vote in Massachusetts.
    So it looks like 2016… however the initiative LEGALIZES it.

  10. Unfortunately, we just elected him, so he’s in there for at least 4 years. Why the Dems let Martha Coakley run is beyond me. That woman is poison, absolute poison. Of course, she is VERY anti-weed, so it wouldn’t have mattered if she won…

    Beacon Hill is very corrupt, and very much for prohibition. The only progress that ever occurs is due to ballot initiatives. It will be up to the people to push this through. We cant rely on Boston for anything. Look at how badly they have botched up MMJ.

  11. Its too bad that the new governor has already pledged to fight any attempt at legalization with “everything I can”. One day the public will finally get it that you can’t trust a Republican politician to EVER help our cause

  12. bradley hastings on

    We should ask Barack to sign an executive order to re-legalize cannabis. Our President is the reason that the Feds have not interfered in Washington State and Colorado. I truly believe if enough people sign a pro legalize pot petition, Mr. O will do something cool.

  13. The governor elect has gone public saying he’ll veto any legislation for legal mj in ma if voters pass it.

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