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2016 Marijuana Legalization Petition Submitted In Missouri


missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingOne thing that I have always said about marijuana campaigns is that they need to start as early as possible. The sooner an initiative is submitted, the sooner signatures gathering efforts can be organized, the sooner fundraising can occur, the sooner the campaign can start educating the public, etc. I’ve seen many efforts throughout the year fail to succeed mainly because they just ran out of time. So it was with great pleasure that I learned that the day after Election Day 2014, an initiative to legalize marijuana was filed in Missouri. Per Show Me Cannabis:

Show-Me Cannabis filed a petition today to amend the Missouri Constitution to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis. Today marks the first day a petition can be filed for the 2016 election. The petition was filed with the Missouri Secretary of State, and now undergoes a review and public comment period.

Show-Me Cannabis is encouraging individuals to file public comments with the Missouri Secretary of State during the open comment window and to contact Show-Me Cannabis directly with any comments on the petition filed. Show-Me Cannabis may modify and re-file the petition on the basis of feedback received.


“Two more states and the District of Columbia rejected cannabis prohibition at the ballot box yesterday, and we fully intend to join them in 2016, so we are starting this process as early as we possibly can,” said Show-Me Cannabis Executive Director John Payne. “We still have a long road ahead of us, but we can feel the wind at our backs.”

The amendment needs approximately 165,000 signatures to qualify for the November 2014 ballot. If adopted by a majority of voters, it would legalize and regulate cannabis for adults over 21, while also allowing for the distribution of medical cannabis with the recommendation of a physician. The amendment would likely generate tens and possibly hundreds of millions in new tax revenues to be allocated to law enforcement and firefighter pensions, substance abuse programs and underage drug use prevention, elementary, secondary, and higher education programs, veterans’ services, and the enforcement of cannabis regulations.

Missouri has a very, very strong campaign team. If just about any other state had a team like they do in Missouri, marijuana would likely already be legal. It’s just that Missouri is so far down the reefer madness hole, that it’s going to take extra effort there to end marijuana prohibition. But if anyone can do it, it’s the Show Me Cannabis team. 2016 is looking very good for Missouri to legalize marijuana, and I’m honored to work with the campaign team to do what I can to help those efforts. If you are able, please donate to the Show Me Cannabis campaign, or volunteer. A win in Missouri would be a win for America! Read the full text of the initiative at this link here.


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  1. Unfortunately, it appears the Show Me Cannabis campaign has dropped its ballot initiative for legalization in Missouri and is now supporting a Medical Cannabis initiative called New Approach Missouri.

  2. I smoked during the first 5 months and I wouldn’t have been able to keep anything down without it ! The only reason I quit was for fear of the law

  3. Do you need in person petitioners to help get signatures? I am a petitioner in the St. Louis area. Thanks!

  4. Vivian Monica Mace on

    THC and Pregnancy

    The Myths, The Laws, The Truth

    Marijuana Madness 5

    Vivian Monica Mace

    I have done
    some research on this subject and read several articles. Many are simply one person writing about
    their opinion and the old view on the subject of marijuana use during
    pregnancy. I grew up in the hippie era
    and I never saw the problems many of the studies are talking about when a woman
    only smoked weed.

    But the reports
    of our American officials written for our American audience or readers are
    intended to paint a very bad picture about smoking weed during pregnancy so
    that most people will just stay away from it.
    Because cannabis use is still considered criminal instead of
    medical—the officials will continue to withhold the truth from the public
    until they absolutely have to let us know that it is safe.

    government often tells us that many poisons are safe or at safe levels until
    lawsuits for cancer and other health problems surface and force them to
    re-evaluate their studies. I do not always trust the first study I find. With the laws on cannabis use for medicine
    changing everyday across the country—I do not always trust the studies the
    government has put out about all cannabis use in the past.

    Why tell us
    that we cannot have something that was around for thousands of years? It was really to control the money. Hemp for industrial use was the real enemy to
    big business of the time a hundred years ago and they succeeded in becoming the
    financial tycoons of their time. We, the
    majority of the American public were conditioned to believe that this plant was
    bad. It is outlawed in all its forms and
    strains at a federal level for the most part.
    So for decades the government has painted the worse picture it can for
    hemp and cannabis use in all its forms that many are condemned for any form of
    cannabis or hemp use.

    It is
    scarier for pregnant women who use any cannabis or weed even if they
    self-medicate. In many states children
    are taken away from women who test positive for THC while pregnant or at
    birth. There are families around us that
    are broken because of it. Our own family
    is big and we know of people within our own circle that this applies to. We are scared for all them and the children.

    It is
    amazing how a dysfunctional government with its dysfunctional institutions
    think they can destroy dysfunctional families.
    They may even succeed for a short time.
    And in some cases our dysfunctional government is better than the homes
    they remove children from. But that is
    not always the case. Besides, I know from experience—children grow up and blood
    is blood. Families get back together
    after the kids age out of the system.

    An amazing
    study I found on the internet is Marijuana During Pregnancy https://patients4medicalmarijuana.wordpress.com/marijuana-info/marijuana-during-pregnancy/. I hope you will take some time to read
    this. Part of the research is filtering
    through the coated lies and finding studies that have truth. This study is important because marijuana use
    is a part of the culture of the people studied.
    Marijuana use is common among pregnant woman in this culture and women
    are more likely to be truthful about their use during the pregnancy because there
    are no criminal laws or punishments for any marijuana use.

    Also, some
    of the women in the United States may not be as truthful about any use of
    anything while pregnant. Much less tell
    authorities of any wrong doing unless they have to—or simply admit when faced
    with the blood cord truth.

    I believe
    that when a woman is pregnant she is co-creating with Heavenly Father to bring
    another soul down from Heaven. It is a
    scared honor. It is a powerful calling
    to be a mother. Many do not believe in
    God and I will lose your interest because I mentioned a higher power. My guess is that you never had a still born
    and lost someone beyond your control. It
    humbles you as a woman—to know that no matter what you do—you cannot continue a
    life without a soul. As mothers we have
    a duty to be as pure and healthy as possible even when we don’t win and get the
    child we were wanting. That includes
    staying away from harmful drugs.

    But, with
    medical use of cannabis even if a person is self-medicating—it is a personal
    federal crime to use cannabis for medicine.
    It is even worse if you continue to use weed while pregnant.

    Many things
    that are harmful to a fetus are both legal and illegal. Some medications have been prescribed to
    women that have been found to cause birth defects and permanent damage to a
    child. When this happens no one goes to
    jail—least of all the drug companies that made the prescribed medications.

    But a woman
    who has a baby that tests positive for THC is considered to be an abuser and
    the laws demand removal of their children from their mothers. In the United States a woman who smokes weed
    while pregnant is considered a criminal.
    These women are grouped together with pill poppers, meth heads, cocaine
    and heroin addicts, and alcoholics.

    But the
    truth is in the face of the babies of what is harmful. Just not getting the right nutrients during
    pregnancy can give a baby with birth defects.
    Most of the above mentioned drugs both legal and illegal can be harmful
    to a baby if a woman does not seek treatment for drug abuse early on in the
    pregnancy or as soon as possible as when you have a problem.

    I firmly
    believe that God in his wisdom did not cause a baby to grow overnight and if
    you are pregnant or know someone who is and you know that they have a serious
    problem that will harm them and their baby—encourage them to seek help. You do what you are able to do and then let the
    supernatural powers of God do what he is able to do. Ask for his help if you don’t know where to
    start. I sometimes wonder why some
    children are born with the addictions of the mother and that is because the
    mother and the people around her did not ask God and his angles on earth for
    help at the right time.

    My father
    always used to say that “Shame is when you steal and get caught.” If it was left to me and there was a problem
    with drug use that would harm the baby I would be praying for the unborn
    child. The mother would know that I care
    for them both. I would much rather say
    that I completed treatment and had a healthy baby than hide the problem and
    bring a child facing challenges from the womb.
    I would ask for help—be the substance legal or illegal.

    In the
    United States anything that can cause harm but is legal must have a warning
    label. Cigarettes have them. Bottles of Alcohol have warning labels too. As Americans we can have all the excessive
    legal things we want as long as we avoid excess. But Americans are over doers. We take many things to excess even if we go
    in the wrong direction and our people suffer—obesity—heart problems—cancers–etc. But many of us fail to see any of our excessive
    legal consumption as a problem.

    We define
    what is good and what is not by the laws we place in the system. Many are confused and think that just because
    something is legal it is good for you and just because something is illegal it
    is bad for you. In the old days—just because
    no one was really sure about anything—we had the saying, “everything in
    moderation.” Try not to do any one thing
    too much.

    I am
    especially a believer that God only gives us one body and we need to take care
    of it. Legal or not—I do not use things
    that can kill you the first try. But,
    then again—I love life and want to live a good-full life. Not killing my-self with drugs, pills,
    alcohol, etc. is a big part of the reasons for some of the life choices that I
    have made throughout time. But, I am
    only one person and there are many out there that do not hold the same values
    or views. So here is some information
    taken from the study I mentioned above.

    Dreher did a study in Jamaica of pregnant women who did and did not smoke
    marijuana and followed their children after being born and wrote about what was
    found. I like this study because not
    many people will tell you the truth if they are in fear of losing their
    children. Many American Studies are
    tainted with fear and lies. But this 10
    plus years study rang true to my heart. It was published in the American Journal of
    Pediatrics February 1994, Volume 93/Issue 2.
    Dr. Dreher also co-authored the book Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science,
    and Sociology.

    Dreher found
    that marijuana was being used by pregnant women as a cultural and medical
    context for the relief of morning sickness and nausea, to prevent depression
    and fatigue, and improve appetite. Dr.
    Dreher and her team observed both the mothers who used marijuana and their
    babies and reported that there were no birth defects or behavior problems in
    the marijuana-exposed children either during the month after birth or even
    years after.

    This study
    only educated those who were willing to read about it and many in the field
    have changed their views but the federal laws still demand people to be
    punished in America. While Dreher is not
    saying women should be smoking marijuana in any amounts during pregnancy she is
    advocating that people should not say lies like there is lasting damage to a
    baby with even the slightest use of marijuana by the pregnant mother.

    Also, in
    America marijuana use is something that affects all economic levels of our
    society. In the states where cannabis
    has been legalized, taxed and decriminalized— the persecution of marijuana users
    have gone down. But marijuana has to be
    used within the confines of the law.

    Like I said
    even where marijuana is legal it has to be used and contained within the
    confines of the law or the people responsible for the breaking of the laws can
    and will be punished. Kind of like no
    drinking and driving and keeping your controlled substance under lock and key
    and away from the reach of children.
    Common sense things that we hope people will stay within the confines of
    the law for. The medicinal use of
    cannabis is very important for the people of our country and that is why many
    are against its legalization.

    Any medicine
    that can be grown at home and is not under a patent will not make money for the
    big drug corporations. That is something
    to fight. Profits must be
    protected. They want you to buy a
    pill. They have doctors prescribing
    their medicines. They see something that
    will affect their bottom line. It is
    something that they thought they destroyed.

    educate yourselves about the truth. Like
    I said earlier—if you are pregnant and you know in your heart you need help and
    support during your pregnancy—ask for it.
    People what to help. They can
    love you and your baby before they ever meet you. Something about the angles surrounding your
    child wanting to be the best he or she can be.

    Do what you
    are able to do and let the supernatural powers of God do what he is able to
    do. The end product is a wonderful gift
    called a child.

  5. Vivian Monica Mace on

    Hemp Houses

    We Can Eliminate Homelessness

    Marijuana Madness 4

    Vivian Monica Mace

    Homelessness is a human condition that can be eliminated. Yes the numbers of homeless people have gone
    up which would give some people a false impression that homelessness is the new
    ‘in’ thing. Homelessness is not just a
    passing fad. For many it is an everyday
    reality that they wake up to. Homelessness
    is a real problem when it gets cold. Homelessness
    is an even bigger problem when people give the issue the cold shoulder. Look around the world—-homelessness can
    happen to anyone.

    Many of us are in denial that any of us can actually be
    homeless in the future. But with the
    proverb of reaping what you sow—–most of us should be expected to pay our
    dues. We are not sowing homes for

    Most homes are so expensive that people cannot afford to
    live in them. Many sit empty while the
    bankers sort out who gets another hand out from the government to pay for their
    overpriced house and mortgage. This is
    what our government and glorified institutions have sowed and reaped on our behalf
    because they control they system and the money.
    Well, just want to say that the government is sowing a stacked
    hand. The house (government) is cheating
    and the people are losing.

    Homelessness is a problem most communities have no real clue
    how to solve. People do not choose to be
    homeless as a first choice. Many are
    right now living on the edge of homelessness.
    Most come from somewhere. Many
    have families willing to take them in but they refuse because of creative differences
    in thinking. Whatever the reasons are
    that force people into such a state—homelessness is a human condition that
    can be eliminated.

    I am not sure how my ideas will affect the ripple in the
    pond but, I know that some of what I have to say needs to be said. HOMELESSNESS IS A HUMAN CONDITION THAT CAN BE
    ELIMINATED. There. I feel better that I got that off my chest.

    Hemp Houses have been constructed in several countries
    already. Most hemp houses were
    constructed as experiments and many were done with grants. Almost all construction projects were done
    under very strict rules because of the world’s tentative relationship with
    cannabis Hemp. The results of the hemp
    houses created around the world are promising.

    But with strict regulations holding construction back, very
    little has been done with the current laws that prohibit and limit what kind of
    scale hemp cultivation and production of products can be done on. In order for my plan to work—the world needs
    to plant hemp on a commercial scale globally.

    I know that if we all plant hemp it will limit what we trade
    for. But, what hemp was meant to be used
    for from the beginning of time was personal use and gain. We are so geared towards making something to
    trade for we forgot to make something for ourselves that is basic. Homes that are made to last and are

    Why should the financially challenged pay 3 times more to
    buy a house simply because we cannot buy the house out right? I want to pay myself 3 times more for my
    retirement and the blessing of my family and others instead of the bank manager
    down the street that only cares for the amount of money he can legally extort
    from me. The hemp home program would set
    a price and a fee and that would be all the participant would pay along with
    labor in the many divisions of the hemp industry.

    Almost every country in the world has a homelessness problem
    now. Hemp houses can solve the homeless
    problem around the globe. All we need is
    land, equipment, and a few factories dedicated to the cultivation of hemp and
    the making of housing products.

    In my vision, I would invite the homeless to work in this
    new hemp industry with the promise of them earning a fair wage and to be a part
    of the industry that builds a house for all of them. The participants will pay for the house at
    cost plus a set fee to the industry. My
    vision will not be a hand out but giving the homeless handholds to climb up and
    out of homelessness and into home ownership.

    Many do not have jobs either and honest work for a worthy result
    is something many would want to get up in the morning for. Inviting the homeless to work is empowering
    people to change their own lives for the better. It is a vision of hope for a
    better future for all.

    We already have charitable foundations that help build
    houses but the money for materials costs.
    The hemp industry will have a division of workers that will build houses
    for some of the other workers in different divisions of the hemp industry. If the hemp industry can grow the materials
    from seeds to houses what a blessing it can be for all of those involved.

    Let us say that it would take $500 to get a homeless person
    placed in such a program. I’m thinking
    that about $500 would get a person the first 2 weeks of room and board—as that
    person continues to work—he or she will earn their own room and board—and
    earn a house. This seed money will come
    from sponsors willing to invest in the lives of the participants.

    The industry will be just getting started but there are many
    factories around the country that are not being used. Manufacturing and things American Made is
    almost a thing of the past. But the hemp
    industry divisions of 25,000 different products can make American Made a thing
    of pride.

    Industrial hemp can make almost all the materials needed to
    build a house. It is a realistic
    goal. This can be done and has been done
    before. Get over your fears and educate
    yourself about the possibilities cannabis hemp can bring to our future.

    Can I get 5 other people with homes to sponsor a homeless
    person on the road to owning a home? If
    each of us put up $100 towards a homeless person getting off the streets into a
    program that would put those people on the road to having a permanent home the
    program I envision can happen. A
    thousand of us can help 200 people.
    Multiply that by communities around the globe and we can make a
    difference in the lives of people around us.

    My plan can work if communities, governments, and businesses
    work together for a common good. Sounds
    like a crazy idea—–working together for a common good. But something has to be done to change

    I like the idea of turning idle people into productive
    people. I like the idea of setting money
    to work on a path that will create lasting change—we can feed people in a
    shelter and give them a night in a bed—-but that is not real help. I like an idea that lets people work towards
    solving their problems and creating real hope in a future they can believe in and
    live with.

    How can I even come up with such an idea? My great-grandparents immigrated to Hawaii
    from Portugal and Japan in the 1800’s as indentured servants with a contract
    for wages and a home to live in. They
    had a contract for several years and one set of my great-grandparents went back
    to Portugal after their contract was over but some of my ancestors stayed. A contract offering hope for the future
    changed the lives of my family for the better even generations later. Crazy ideas have a way of changing lives and the
    future of those around them.

    Years later, in 1985, I signed a contract with the US Army
    to serve my country and to pay $100 of my wages each month for a year towards
    the GI Bill I would earn if I completed my contract with an honorable discharge.
    Because many in my family were not happy
    about me wanting to go to college, I chose to have this contract with Uncle Sam—to
    secure my future. I would work for my
    chance to go to college. For me this was
    the opportunity of a lifetime. I would
    have a job, room and board, money, and an education. At 18 I thought this was perfect for me. I told that recruiter to give me a month to
    celebrate and to send me as far away from Hawaii as he could—I wanted to make
    sure I stayed committed to my plan.

    My idea has each participant coming to the table with $500
    to start. I know that sounds like a lot
    but not in the scheme of things. You
    would spend money to get a job, a home, and the necessary things in life? What can you spend on after the $500 is gone
    if you do not start in the program?
    Nothing much–$500 can only take a person so far.

    But $500 in my hemp industry program added to the other
    thousands of $500 participant seed money and the ripple in the pond will be
    greater than a tidal wave. Also, each
    participant who puts in this $500 to begin in the work to home program will be
    buying stock in the industry. The
    details will be worked out later but in my vision the participants start at the
    accounting/payroll center with all the rest of the financial contract
    sections. Stock ownership for
    participants in the industry will help make sure your future is secure and you
    remain on the path that you set your goal on.

    In Hawaii, the sugar plantation employed all kinds of people—carpenters,
    engineers, plumbers, plantation workers skilled at sugar planting, harvesting,
    testing, making of raw sugar, building roads, and payroll accountants,
    etc. It was a huge industry that
    revolved around its people. When it
    closed down the workers were given the homes they lived in as part of a
    severance package.

    My idea will have the home, land, job, and other important
    things in the contract for both parties so that no one can cheat anyone. Even that is an abstract idea for our
    government. The powers that be never
    want to put the cards on the table. The
    people are always supposed to be waiting for the rug to be pulled from under
    our feet. Well, I want a wood floor and
    you keep the rug under your own feet….thank you.

    I do have a business minor and I figured that to start out
    we can pay $10 an hour plus health and dental.
    The person working the full 160 hours a month will make $1600 gross. Now net will be a different story. The government and your portion of the
    insurance will take about 25% of your check or $400. When you get a job, always expect to pay
    Uncle Sam.

    Then as part of your contract for land and house (to be
    determined by the style and amount of land you choose), out of your check comes
    $500 a month. In the beginning this will
    also include your temporary housing you live in until your house is
    complete. Many will move into their
    homes while they continue to work until their contracts end and they own their
    homes. If they choose to work for the
    hemp industry longer—they can have a contract that does not include a home.

    A single person making $1600 a month will also have to think
    about paying for food. The average
    person needs about $100 of food a week to have some decent calories. A working person would need more. A family of 3 making $1600 qualifies for food
    stamps—than maybe the family can free up the $400 for other family needs.

    In my plan many of the hemp businesses and participants will
    pool all their money together even with banking. A lot of banks are refusing to do business
    with cannabis industries because of the federal law conflicts. This problem tells me that they don’t need to
    be having their hands in the hemp cookie jar anyway. We will be starting an industry that will develop
    into the hundreds of billions in revenue for our country and what is the most
    surprising is that they are refusing money.
    We must accept this and not give established institutions that want us
    to fail our spending dollars. We
    constantly reward bad behavior. They
    take the money and we still have a big problem with homelessness.

    We can do better. I
    know that what I have presented here is not in the complete form. The complete forms and contracts are being
    manifested from the environment around us just like the homes made out of hemp
    that will materialize from the ethers when we start changing things.

    Please educate yourself on what is really the truth around
    you. Refuse to walk with blinders
    guiding your way like a horse pulling a buggy.
    The ripple in the pond starts with you and me. Thank You and God Bless,
    Vivian Monica Mace

  6. Vivian Monica Mace on

    The Hemp Seed for Food and Fuel

    Marijuana Madness 3

    Vivian Monica Mace

    October 26, 2015

    Recently I
    read some information on the history of hemp at http://harbay.net/history.html
    and found some interesting information.
    I have read some of the same things before but it is more exciting to
    read about a topic that is making headlines today and find that it was making
    headlines for thousands of years. I put the web page up there because it was a
    good one written with historical facts in a tasteful manner. I hope some of you will look for it sometime.

    Now for the
    topic of the hemp seed—I would think that way back in the day when mankind
    followed the animals and birds for food they made some connections that what
    the birds ate, man could eat also. That began man’s interest in hemp. But, more than likely mankind was already
    using the hemp plant for its fibers and when times were tough, they ate the
    seeds to survive the winter. But this is
    my prehistoric guess. We can only learn from
    what is found in the written records.

    Hemp is one
    of the oldest industries going back to the time pottery was discovered. That is about a 10,000 year old
    industry. About 100 years ago they made
    some strides in harvesting equipment designs for hemp and the hemp industry
    would have taken off. Before this equipment
    it was difficult to separate the different hemp products in the same plant like
    the fibers and the hemp cement components.
    Than the laws changed and all production in hemp products is halted in
    the United States.

    But, if we
    can bring back this industry to the United States and apply the technologies of
    the day to this amazing plant, the sky is the limit to the amount of products
    we can make today. If Henry Ford could
    make a car that was ten times stronger than steal—I want to see a cell phone
    made out of hemp plastics so strong and resembles glass that it will not crack
    or break or your money back. That would
    be an amazing hemp product to me. I claim
    the copyright to the idea here and now.
    Can we change the laws so we can do a little research and development
    with the idea? How many millions of
    dollars a year do we spend collectively on replacing cell phone screens? (this cell
    phone idea may end up as a main topic for one of my future articles) Anyway,
    back to the hemp seed topic.

    People have
    been carrying around the hemp seed and cultivating it for thousands of
    years. When cultures went to war many
    brought the hemp seed to prosper their newly won lands. With limited resources, people have to make
    choices on what to plant to ensure they have a way to make a living and to put
    food on the table. The hemp plant could
    do both and it was hardy so many cultures saw the economic value in planting this
    plant. Hemp seeds are a valuable commodity throughout time. Hemp seeds are still valuable today. But with prohibition—hemps economic
    prosperity is only found in the countries that sow and reap its benefits.

    We in the
    United States sow prohibition and reap economic disasters. It is like the citizens of our country have
    glaucoma and needs to be prescribed cannabis oil for healing. Would you plant it then if God was dealing
    with your sight? I would plant hemp long
    before being struck by the hand of God.

    But, I like
    to plant things. I love agriculture and
    living close to the land. I also love
    plants that are givers. Hemp is a giving
    plant. We have just disrespected this
    plant for 100 years and have given it such a bad rap. But still, God is speaking to my heart that
    the hemp plants he wants us to grow will help us get back to living in the
    blessings. What I mean by that is we
    will be back on the road to economic recovery at the same time employing more
    people than we have in the past 100 years—even the ones that will get that ‘get
    out of jail free’ card.

    I wish I had
    a hemp seed based feed for the pigs we raised.
    Instead we buy feeds that may have fillers in them that do not help
    animals gain weight. Hemp seed meal can
    be used in anything that a soybean can be used in. It is good for both humans and animals. Yes I want a hemp seed based feed for the
    pigs but I don’t want to only talk about that.
    Humans eating hemp seeds are more important to me because we can make a
    difference in the world and those suffering from hunger.

    Hemp seed
    meal is a product that is left over after the oil has been extracted from the
    seed. Hemp seed meal contains 25%
    protein and is a good source of fiber. It
    also contains 20-30% carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins including
    carotene, and minerals including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and
    calcium. It only contains a little
    amount of iron and zinc. A handful of
    seeds provide a minimum daily requirement of protein for adults along with
    eight essential amino acids in the correct proportions that a human needs.

    Only God
    could make a plant that was made with the correct proportions for human
    needs. That kind of science stands the
    test of time. 100 years ago hemp
    contained the correct proportions for human needs. 10,000 years ago the hemp seed contained the
    correct proportions for human needs.
    Today, the hemp seed still contains the correct proportions for human
    needs. Prohibition cares not for human
    needs. Under prohibition humans are
    locked up in prisons.

    Hemp seed
    meal can be made into hemp milk and many by products like ice cream, cheese,
    etc. I am pretty sure these will
    eliminate some of the digestive problems of cow’s milk.

    Hemp seed
    meal can also be ground into flour. It
    is gluten free, nut free, grain free, and vegan. We can make breads, pastas, pancakes. I’m sure the brownies made from this flour
    will not affect the mind. This flour
    will not get anyone high.

    But if you
    use the hemp seed meal to make beer—the beer you make can get you high. A whole industry can evolve around Hemp
    Beer. I want to start my microbrewery
    right now. But if it was legal—I would
    want to experiment with the industry and the many different products to be
    made. Again—the sky is the limit.

    Hemp oil use
    is separated by different grades of seeds.
    The different grades of hemp seed oil are:

    1. Nutritional
    grade hemp seed oil which is cold pressed in an oxygen free environment to
    extend its shelf life.

    2. Body care
    grade which is refined oil.

    3. Technical
    grade hemp seed oil.

    Hemp oil can
    be used for cooking, body care products, detergents, dietary supplements, bio
    fuel, paints, etc. Each topic represents
    industries that will be developed under new hemp laws ending prohibition. Plus more industries that haven’t even been
    thought of will come up simply by involving the entire country instead of just
    dividing everything between the states.

    It is not
    certain just how much money will be made, saved etc. from producing hemp
    products in the USA, with US citizens, exporting to the world, not having to
    buy imports. I would guess the trade
    deficit would tip in the US’s favor.

    The freedom
    to plant hemp would start another industrial revolution in the United
    States. Just think how much more
    productive the people of our country can be when we can walk around without the
    usual blinders we have on our eyes and our minds.

    Also if the
    Federal Government does not get on board with ending prohibition—states that
    have ended prohibition will have barriers to economic prosperity where hemp
    cultivation and production is concerned.
    We need to be on the same sheet of music so to speak. Not states taking steps forward towards
    economic prosperity and the Federal Government forcing everyone to take steps
    back towards economic impotence.

    Until now, I
    never really let the fact that America has become economically impotent bother
    me. But, it is becoming clear that the ‘liberty
    and justice for all’ and the American Dream is not meant for all
    Americans. I wish that it were. It can be the best dream. Many want a concentration of wealth at the
    top and very little wealth for those at the bottom—that’s not my dream. I especially refuse to keep dreaming it with
    me at the bottom of the heap. Too bad
    for the people who expect the system to stay the same– One day the dream will
    fade from their minds. Especially when
    they realize that my dream is better and the dreams of others like me will take

    In my dream—the
    rich will still be rich. Economic
    prosperity favors the rich. But more
    people will have employment with better wages and economic prosperity favors
    all those who are willing to work for it.

    In my dream
    we stop labeling people as pot heads and we stop putting them in jail into a
    state of forced inactivity and making tax payers pay to house and feed them
    when they are more than willing to support themselves if they were not told
    that they were criminals and led to believe that their contribution to the
    workforce was no longer needed and that their idleness would better serve the
    people of the United States.

    our peaceful cannabis smokers is the greatest wrong even over and above
    economic impotence. The government put
    people in jail and broke up families of cannabis users. It is sad to think about the lost time these
    families face. Maybe the get out of jail
    free card will come too late for some of these fellow citizens we put in prison
    for using cannabis. Makes me want to go
    back in time and make changes to even out the playing field of America. But, time is passed and we can only bring
    hope to the future with the actions we take today.

    I trust in
    God. I know that this may get some of
    you to not read my articles but that is alright. People let me down all the
    time but God has never failed me. I also
    believe in the American dream and I have hope in our country and our
    people. I know we can move ourselves and
    our leaders away from economic impotence and towards economic prosperity with
    ending hemp prohibition on a Federal level.

    educate yourself about the many uses of hemp.
    Don’t just take my word on the subject.
    It will take more ripples in the pond to affect change. We need hurricane force winds in the hemp
    sails moving us into the future. Let us
    face the future without the usual blinders that inhibit our abilities to see
    the whole picture.

    Thanks for
    your valuable time.

    Monica Mace

  7. Vivian Monica Mace on

    A 100 Years without Hemp

    Marijuana Madness 2

    Can we measure the loss?

    Vivian Monica Mace

    Oct. 19, 2015

    I hinted a
    little at this in my introduction. Hemp
    production was in full swing when Marijuana Madness took place and laws were
    set in place to make hemp production too heavily taxed to even be profitable to
    grow. This is all because DNA technology
    was still not in use and the Cannabis plants called Marijuana with 30% THC was
    confused with the Cannabis Hemp plants used in industrial hemp products that
    has only about .03% THC.

    I have been
    trying to make the point that even though the government can legalize it and
    regulate it for medicinal use and recreational use–most private citizens will
    be limited to only 6 plants or so at a time.
    The law does not distinguish between hemp at .03%THC which is in about
    200 varieties of cannabis hemp. Cannabis
    marijuana has about 30% but there is often confusion as to which variety is

    In the olden
    days it was mandatory that farmers include hemp in their crop rotations. In fact for thousands of years hemp has been
    cultivated to produce over 25,000 products.
    For 100 years we have been importing these products from countries that
    still allow hemp cultivation in their countries and do not imprison their citizens
    for being too industrious.

    Yes I am
    boasting that the hemp plant could have made a difference in the quality of the
    products the American Economy could have been producing all along. Instead we export our jobs to other
    countries, we buy their inferior products and our trade ratio is in the red
    with countries all over the world.

    Maybe one or
    2 trees on earth can make better paper than hemp but I do not think that there
    is any single plant on earth besides hemp that can boast 25,000 different
    products from the same plant. One acre
    of hemp can take the place of 4.1 acres of trees.

    I repeat
    again, 1 acre of Hemp can take the place of 4.1 acres of trees. Here we are, a hundred years or so after
    trying to destroy hemp production in the United States. Yes the technology existed to harvest and
    make hemp production more viable a hundred years ago. But there was a lot of timber across the
    county and the men that owned them wanted to make sure their trees got used
    first. These timber tycoons had the
    money to sway lawmakers. They also got
    with the paper industry. Everyone linked
    to the timber trade pretty much knew that if a plant like hemp was free to be
    planted like corn they would sell very little trees.

    Just think
    of the much better climate we would have if we did not cut down most of our
    trees for the past 100 years. How much
    could that impact global warming? What
    global cost can measure doing positive things to save the planet? Maybe we are a hundred years too late to save
    our planet from the effects of global warming.

    The oil
    industry about a hundred years ago was also just becoming profitable. People were using more fuel and consumption of
    fossil fuels made the industrial revolution possible. When
    it was discovered that the hemp seed produced oil that could be made into a
    fuel the hemp industry became an object that would interfere with the future
    earnings and profits of the petroleum industry and affect the bottom line of
    every company wanting to do business in the industry.

    Most of the oil
    companies that were in the industry a hundred years ago are still in the
    business today but they may have changed their names to affect public
    perception especially after a public incident.
    If these companies had the competition from hemp oil based fuels would
    they be as profitable or rich as they are today? Monopolies of the day influenced a lot. It would take a lot of study about history
    and economics to see the big ripple taking the cultivation of hemp out of the
    American Economy and economic equation.
    Would we allow the oceans to be spilled with oil that is harmful or will
    people embrace the alternative?

    For 100
    years we have filled our prisons to the point now that we have more people in
    jail than China. Many of the prisoners
    are there with cannabis charges. Now I
    am not talking about people who really defy the law with adding more and more
    offences to just minor ones. I am
    talking about the people who only have cannabis charges. For 100 years we put people who smoke weed
    behind bars when most are very productive people. Why do we constantly put productive people
    into a position of forced inactivity?

    We tie up their
    hands and bring down the earnings of our country as a whole when we place
    productive people that smoke weed behind bars.
    Think of each person making on the low end an average of $25,000 is
    earned. It also takes on average about
    $25,000 to keep a person behind bars. So
    by placing a pot head in jail on average the country goes from making $25,000
    to paying $25,000 for the upkeep of one prisoner. These are just rough estimates now. I am sure it would take a team of economic
    scholars to come up with the exact figures that the government would accept as
    law. But I simply want to make things
    easier for the average person to understand.

    So, based on
    the above figures of the average weed smoker making about $25,000 to add to our
    economy, that same weed smoker under prohibition costs the economy $25,000 to
    house, feed, and guard the weed smoker in prison. Times this by the thousands across our
    country who are serving time for smoking cannabis and the numbers become

    Let us say
    that we have 1000 weed smokers in jail right now serving a year sentence (More
    than likely the numbers are about 1000 or more per state). That just took $25,000,000 dollars out of the
    economic prosperity of our country and at the same time cost our country
    $25,000,000 to house, feed, and guard a bunch of pot heads that contributed to
    our country until they were locked up. Times
    that figures by years of prohibition and we can come up with numbers in the
    billions. That means that over time
    instead of allowing people to smoke cannabis legally, the country locked up
    these people and made us pay billions of dollars to imprison our citizens and take
    them out of the work force where they were productive at one time.

    I am not
    even sure just how many people are in jail right now for cannabis based
    offences that were peaceful and did not escalate any of their offences to
    higher charges—like resisting arrest, assault, murder, etc. People who escalate their misdemeanor
    offences to greater offences against our police and communities are not covered
    here. I only want the people who were
    peaceful and just smoked weed but respected all other laws of the land. People in our country who like to challenge
    authority with violence and defiance sometimes escalate their offensive
    behavior and need to be locked up. Just
    saying—make your offences few and your burdens light.

    So, after
    100 years what can we learn from our economy.
    We could have had billions of dollars more in earnings and
    prosperity. Instead we used that money
    to pay people to guard cannabis smokers for the last 100 years and longer if
    there is not a national change in the law.

    What about
    the earth in 100 years. People around
    the world have looked to the US as an example to follow economically. We made laws outlawing hemp production and
    many other countries followed suit. Partly
    because US always makes sure that countries we like to call allies have similar
    laws or we refuse to deal with them over the years. Thanks to the laws made in the US against the
    cultivation of hemp and cannabis the world is going through extreme climate
    changes. We cut a lot of our trees.

    We knew 100
    years ago that 1 acre of hemp could take the place of 4.1 acres of trees. But what did we do for the past 100 years? We cut down a lot of our trees. The US allowed 0% of hemp to be produced
    unless we needed some for a war effort.
    How many acres of trees were cut to fuel our needs for products? We don’t always cut down our trees. Many times we pay other countries to cut down
    theirs and take advantage of their resources so we do not always feel the
    impact of our consumption right where we live.
    Because of this using of resources from other countries be it from
    occupation or some business deal designed to take all you can for the least,
    the world is losing the capacity to produce enough oxygen for us to breathe. Trees give us Oxygen. Cutting down trees takes oxygen from the
    atmosphere and leaves us in a serious mess.

    Trees take a
    long time to grow. It takes at least 25
    years for a tree to be harvested. Hemp
    can be harvested in 4 months. So, if the
    same acre of hemp was planted for 100 years it could produce 100 acres of hemp
    and it would have taken the place of 400 acres of trees. I am not even sure how much oxygen that would
    have put back into the atmosphere.

    It is amazing that money years ago changed
    laws that caused so much harm to people, our economy, and our planet. If it was asked 100 years ago—would you sell
    your world for money? Would you give up
    on your economy for money? Would you be
    your brother’s keeper for money? Can you
    continue with the lie for 100 years until we take all we can from the world’s
    resources? What would you say?

    I hope you
    all that made money with laws like the prohibition of cannabis just choke on
    your money—if you are even still alive. If you’re dead—I hope your children and
    grandchildren right your wrongs against the country, its people, and the
    planet. You can start with changing the laws back and
    planting some trees. Maybe even giving
    back some of the money to the economy.
    But, very few people take the moral high ground and rise above the greed
    to see the true effects their actions have on the world.

    It’s time to
    make a change in our state, our country, and around the world. The buck stops here. The laws change here. We need to see the bigger picture and really
    hold ourselves accountable. We the
    people of our country need to educate ourselves about the truth and make the
    next 100 years the best this country has ever experienced.

  8. I want to sign the petition this year where can I sign it? I signed on last year on line. Trying to find the petition this year and volunteer to help legalize it in the state of Missouri.

  9. Vivian Monica Mace on

    Marijuana Madness 1

    A Series of Comments and Opinions

    Written By

    Vivian Monica Mace

    Bachelors of Science in Agriculture

    Minor in Business

    University of Hawaii at Hilo, 1996 Graduate

    October 12, 2015

    I usually
    stay away from politics and issues of the day but I vote and I do have an
    opinion. Recently I found out that the State
    of Missouri has Medicinal Marijuana or Cannabis on the ballot for November
    2016. They have also amended the petition
    to: legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis.
    It is a big deal in this state with all the people that know very little
    of how cannabis can help people medically and economically. I think it is a miracle that the people of
    this state are willing to put health and wellness and a medicine that many
    consider a miracle cure at the fore front of their concerns and maybe turn
    around the number of sick and suffering within our state with a cure that
    works. Later when they all learn how
    many products can be made from non-THC producing hemp varieties—the economic
    benefits of recreational and industrial hemp can bring employment and economic
    prosperity to the many instead of just the few.
    Something the people in control of the money rarely want. Many do not feel as rich when there are not
    enough poor. I, on the other hand, think
    that recreational and industrial hemp can even out the playing field. Everyone is so focused on just the medical
    and the recreational uses and benefits of cannabis. There is so much more to this plant varieties
    that many know so little about.

    A dear
    friend who I watched grow up has a young son just turning one that has
    glaucoma. For about six months of his
    life they knew something was wrong and could not take their son outside without
    shielding his eyes. Doctors finally
    started a series of surgeries and prescribed cannabis oil several times a day. These days he is outside playing and he
    smiles and makes eye contact. This kid
    lives in Licking Missouri today in 2015 and is still an infant with more
    possible surgeries or dealings with glaucoma in the future. Laws allowing medical marijuana can help
    families like this without making them feel like freaks for using “weed oil” to
    heal their son.

    Marijuana Madness has to end and be replaced with a calm and educated truth
    about the human race and its dependence on cannabis, hemp, marijuana, weed or
    whatever you want to call it. If you are
    only calling it one name you are probably not giving the many varieties of the
    plant credit for all it does for people and the planet and has done for
    thousands of years.

    varieties are just hemp and can only be used for food, oil, plywood, plaster, cement,
    cloth that is strong and durable, plastics, and just about 10,000 other
    products that the powers that be wanted people to have to go to stores to buy
    instead of growing in their back yards.

    They fooled
    us all for many years and had us buy into their system. The cost of lumber and woods go up. Housing costs go up. So they can charge more for insurance if they
    have to replace it and who pays for all—the consumer because all hemp
    cultivation was stopped and outlawed in America in the early 1900’s.

    Which side
    were you on? The side that made money on the dumbasses that didn’t know any
    better? Or the side that got took and
    you are generations later still living paycheck to paycheck while the laws
    favor the rich who made the laws—while the poor were too poor to be educated
    enough to know how to stop it. Only for
    the poor to be later educated buy having to take on debt only to learn the race
    was fixed generations ago.

    Yes, many can break the cycle of economic
    hardship with fame and fortune and hard work.
    But, even today many do not realize economic prosperity was sold to the
    highest bidder generations ago by the good ole boys that ran our country back

    They did
    that with the laws they have over Hawaii and some of the limitations they place
    on what can and cannot enter the islands. Yes, some of the laws have to be in
    place to protect the islands from rabies and other agricultural hazards. Most of the laws on Hawaii are to stop Hawaii
    from exporting and making money.
    Everything for the mother country—the sugar plantation operation that
    used to be in operation had Hawaii send the raw sugar to the California coast
    for processing and Hawaii had to buy back the finished product at a higher

    The same
    thing happened with the cotton industry and cloth before the revolutionary
    war. Similar things have happened like
    this throughout time in any culture that had people in power and people that
    were used to the benefit of the people in power. Sometimes the history books do not tell the whole
    story and what we learn down through the generations is only a derivative of
    the truth. Sometimes we have to look
    deeper than just what we see just at the surface. We have to dig deeper and really look into
    the bigger picture because things will change once you vote and throw your
    pebble into the pond.

    Years ago we
    wouldn’t know where the ripple in the pond would lead us. Now we have several states that already have
    medicinal and recreational marijuana.
    They have de-criminalized it.
    They have made more money than ever in taxes. And I always like to add the cost of not
    putting people in jail for using marijuana.
    Now governments can use the money once used to prosecute and house
    marijuana users and add that to the millions of dollars made from the taxes and
    get this state in a prosperous financial position.

    Now is the
    time to make a difference. Educate
    yourself now about the many benefits of medical marijuana and even legalizing
    marijuana for recreational use in the state of Missouri. This state would overnight go from being in
    debt to being in the money. We have the
    opportunity to put our votes together and make a change for the better. Please learn all you can.

    There are
    over 200 different varieties of hemp or cannabis in the world. Most is just for industrial use and food. The hemp seed is like a soybean and can be
    used for oil, cheese, etc. Anything the
    soybean is used for hemp can do better with more health benefits.

    The fibers
    of hemp can be used for plywood, rope, and clothing. The inner parts of the stock of the hemp plant
    can be made into a cement-like product called hemp cement.

    Only about 3
    varieties of hemp or cannabis is what we the public refer to as marijuana. Wow.
    Only 3 varieties stimulate the THC receptors in the brains that have THC
    receptors. Some people do not have THC
    receptors. They don’t eat vegetables
    usually because vegetables contain THC too and people without THC receptors usually
    have no use for green leafy vegetables.
    Sounds crazy but I worked at Kulani Prison years ago and the guards were
    running the drug tests and one guy had 25 percent THC and I said why don’t you
    bust him? The guard said, “Everyone that
    eats vegetables has THC so most people have it in their system. What we are looking for is excessive amounts
    of THC.”

    I guess
    based on that you can have too much of a good thing. What that told me is the government figured
    out what made people healthy and outlawed it.
    The government did not want you to have too much of a good thing. Even if your body is supposed to have it and
    for thousands of years products containing THC was consumed by people and
    prevented famines—-these days the government wanted its people to not have
    easy access to healthy foods, medicine, and products. Especially–if you can grow it. It is refreshing to see the government wanting people to be healthy again.

    Years ago,
    when they caused marijuana hysteria they were attacking a specific race of
    people and wanted to prevent them from succeeding in America. These people used marijuana and by outlawing
    it in America they could focus their attention on attacking a race of people
    they did not want in the country.
    Prisons filled up with people and the streets filled up with more
    poisons than a natural cannabis refer would never be. And thank God that a natural cannabis refer
    is still pure and agriculturally sound.
    Grown right it is pure.

    I much
    rather see more cannabis use than the faces of meth that I see in the community
    and in my own family. God help us with
    the poison of meth and drugs like it. Did
    you know that drugs like meth were created by men who wanted to act like they
    were Gods on earth? Hitler had his
    scientists create and blend some of the deadliest poisons together until they
    came up with the right combination. I
    wonder how many people died testing the product until the right combination was
    found. Again–another race being
    attacked just for being alive.

    God put
    natural cannabis varieties on earth that when grown right is pure and helpful
    to mankind. God is not a profit making
    person. God put things on earth to benefit
    all mankind. But man likes to make laws
    forcing others to pay them for the right to have things on earth.

    We have been
    buying into this system. It is easier to
    buy into the system when the cost of the products is controlled by the
    government and the wealth is distributed for the benefit of all. This type of thinking makes legalizing
    cannabis for medical and recreational use possible. Tax it and decriminalize it and make money on
    all sides. It is possible especially
    when political figures realize how much money they can make and the bigger
    budget they can have for their political agendas.

    All political
    agendas aside, I am interested in how the many different varieties of hemp can
    help the planet. In other countries
    where they did not outlaw all use of hemp, they still have extensive hemp
    cultivation and they have many products that they export to the United States
    because we are prohibited by law from growing hemp. We buy hemp oils, cheese, cloth, rope, etc.
    from other countries because our government would put us in jail if we grew

    I plan to do
    a few pages a week about this topic until the election in November 2016. I just hope I am up to the task. Each week I want to explore something in
    depth—be it historical, political, medical, recreational, judicial,
    economical, etc. The facets of sides to
    this subject can really be interesting over time.

    Who am I to
    be writing on this subject? I am just a
    private citizen. At the moment I am more
    of a stay at home mom. I am
    self-employed. I am a veteran. I am a mother and grandmother. I am a wife.
    I am a farmer, a quilter, a gardener, a cook, and there are several
    other things I am working on that I want to be but I am still working with the
    angles around me to manifest the unseen into the physical plane. I am almost 49 years old and will turn 50 in
    2017. There are a few things I want to
    do before I turn 50 and writing a book is one of them. I do have one in the works but writing is
    challenging for one that has never written a book. Before I turn 50, I want to be published.

    Thanks for
    reading my comments and opinions and I hope you will look for my article next
    week. I want to set Mondays as my new
    post day but may have to reserve the right to change that as needed.

    Thank You
    and God Bless,

    Monica Mace

  10. Martin Paul Cheney on

    It has it use to heal, help why should something this good for all be ilegal..?

  11. Chunks More on

    From a non stoner that tried when young remember(alcohol) has ruined many live while thc has much safer results and uses! A PLANT WAS GIVEN TO EARTH to be used in a productive safer way / pay foreign debt / help people with health problems. Provide legal jobs / cut crime / help many many seizure disorders. Save money for serious crimes and provide jail space for Grape and molestation, murderer’s and other horrible offenses.Think about it u.s. and Missouri!

  12. Robert Vollmer on

    did you know the scientific name for all languages in English is argument!

    Argument= a discussion in which the parties involved express disagreement, a debate of ideas.

    now you can only talk about one thing at one time. So if you’re always talking about the disagreement when are you talking about an agreement. If you’re always debating the ideas, When are you putting them together into an agreement?

    do you notice that everyone argues to a degree?

    Example… verbal abuse,.. fighting… rioting… all types of war… etc…

    I’ve noticed that when people smoke weed they argue a whole hell of alot less.

    marijuana cools the argument.

    when are talk language is constantly raising our voices at each other we need to be on medicine weed.

    What love truly is will save u. :-)

  13. Alright. I dont know were to start. But i got alot to say. Have me join the team or volunteer. Dont matter. Id really want weed to be legalized. But im going to court in about 3 days because i failed my drug test for the dual program and their is a reason why i failed is because i really do think that pot helps alot more than cemo for people that have cancer and im one of them that has cancer and i go threw cemo and all that. But every time i go to the hospital for cemo i see all theis people that are really sick from not taking their pills and stuff like that and they only miss like few days of their cemo pills what ever. I miss more days of pills then 5 people added up and thats alot of pills i missed. And im still doing bettef than most people. And the days were i get a needle to my back hurts like a bitch really does. Spinal tap i think thats what its called. The days i dont smoke pot my back hurts like a mother fucker day after i get it the spinal tap. But the days i smoke pot before and after i feel fine. Nothin hurts after its done just little sick to the stomach thats all but id be up and moving tho. And the oxy pills i think it was oxycontin something like that they had me on didnt really do any thing. It was like taking a pill that u didnt need. Didnt help me with any thing lets say my leg is killing me alright ill take 1 oxy 5 mg pill still fucking hurts alright ill take another still hurts and then another still hurts that 15mg right their. And my leg still hurts and if i smoked pot i wouldnt feel the pain i probly did still feel the pain but i would be to stoned to even realize that my leg hurts. Just weed needs to be legalized for a change in MO. Sorry for piss spelled words and sorry for foul language. But if you guys want me to join the team or volunteer id me more then glad to. 1998bowden@gmail.com

  14. In miller ver / us .you shall not convert a right into a crime. They add on these amenments that are realy illegal,because it violates your rights. We need potect our rights and ? who is it that keeps deleating my blogs. Its your right
    You do not have constitutional rights ,they replaced them with 13 amenment rights you have the 13 amenments rights.they do things like that .wen you go to the lic bur you sing your rights away.you have the right to use the road for privet use,but not for personal gain,thats were lic come in to sell stuf and taxes. The insurance co make you pay
    .they donate money to your state rep canpain fun to vote on laws they want… to help them save money ect. These amenments like I said are realy illegal because you can not convert a right ito a crime, which is what they do to make money,they will in mo legalize medical marijuana ,but only to ticket and find,people that break the rules, to make income. With a million dollars you can go to a nother country and live prety well the rest of your life. Manny have made like700 million dollars ,so why not get out of the game,you have enough, its about power,they want more power.

  15. There ia more to this than pot. Its about power,control and money.the people with millions, do not want freedom smokers to come up with great ideas.to make the world a less selfish place to live in

  16. Pot could help save america, it does not make people selfish,they do not want hippes that give away stuf. To be kind ,loving, and inter-understanding

  17. Our gov also made a law that say that you can not say that somthing Can heal you unless it hads a drug in it. this is a political move to control. They do not want hippes selling healthy food and things that heal, you see you have to have a lic to make money, and who gets the lic?

  18. DMT does not get you high and its illegal, it gets you off of druges, this also is a political move. To stay in power and control

  19. They will only legalize medical pot ,to find people that that or breaking the rules to make more money

  20. It inportant to understand that they do not care if you smoke pot,its political move to stay,in power. People will smoke and say how can we make this a better place to live in. And want more rights, all this takes away the power they seek. More money is power to them.safeco CEO s make over 10 million a year, do you think they want some pot head coming up with a great idea, o you could help people by puting it on the gas. The more gas you use the more insurance you pay the state . Or some hippe idea to make things better for evey one. They do not want better for everybody, only power and money

  21. Substance abuce is what they think about you.after one of them has 700 million dollars they need to get out of the game.they want more power.you no power,you pay.finds and such to make them more money.there afraid of looosing power. If pot is legal they will loose power.loose control of us. In time you will loose all your rights.

  22. there is more to this than just pot, they want to control us.these money groups ,want total control of your life, it must be stoped, run for mayor ,rep,ect. Or else you will be a have not and told what to do,they only want money and you to suffer.they are in control.to take your money.to make you a crime.you are a crime to them.you are nothing worthless worker.to provide income for them.

  23. It will be important to find the middle ground–legalization with appropriate regulation. I grew up hearing all sorts of stories about ETOH use by parents/aunts & uncles/etc. during their college days. Though they had outgrown serious college bingeing, & made it clear ETOH was for “grownups only”/never allowed even tastes of their drinks, I never heard any of the dangers of ETOH until I was out of college & the “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” campaign began. MADD has done important work in addressing the necessity of personal responsibility with ETOH. Because of the federal classification, there’s not been good research to document impairment with marijuana–most of the info is anecdotal, with little in the way of controlled trials. I want this to work, but I also want safety on the roads/in the workplace/etc. There’s a lot of the libertarian ‘leave me alone to run my life” sort of group think, but I’ve seen very little addressing appropriate regulation & how to keep safe users (who have little info about the potency/thc content of a product) & non-users (who don’t deserve to to be on the receiving end of a user’s DUI/etc.).

  24. I hope medical passes in Arkansas. I have friends living in Little Rock (nice city) who really need medical access. Another friend of mines father was dying of Cancer in Newport. He was wasting severely due to having no appetite after his chemo. Medical marijuana had just made the news as it was shown to h have helped HIV patient’s with similar symptoms. My friends Father was very old school having never tried cannabis before, even when he was healthy. This was in the very early 1980’s and I’ll never forget how much it improved his last day’s. He looked so much better. He was able to spend his last day’s comfortable, eating good Southern food. It was a truly remarkable thing to witness so long ago. That’s why I alway’s counter medical cannabis denier’s with the truth (if they’ll listen). I’m hopeful It will come to Arkansas soon! If you live in Little Rock do you listen to Community Radio station KABF-FM ? Just curious. Thanks

  25. Thanks for opening my eyes. I guess that those sneaky bastards were playing word and mind games.

  26. What they actually did in Arkansas was bar any petitions whose signature validity rates are less than 75% from receiving additional time to collect signatures. Upon first reading it you would think it gave you extra time, but what it did was actually take away already given extra time for those who submitted signatures of which less than 75% were valid, making it harder for initiatives such as cannabis to get on the ballot. They kinda misled some people on this.

  27. Good luck Missouri. The voters in Arkansas just voted to extend time needed for gathering signatures for petitions.

  28. “I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

    “The early bird may get the worm, but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.” Jeremy Paxman

  29. greenthumb1980 on

    Legalize in Missiouri and I’ll move there ….. Super nice State …… Little Red Neck but we can work on that, come over ya all and smoke a big one and chat awhile ….

    Missiouri also needs to release that guy locked up with life sentence for selling a few pounds …. He has served over 20 years as it is, ridiculous use of public funds and a outright shame and injustice – makes me sick thinking about the poor guy!

  30. States or places (DC) where marijuana is legal more than DOUBLED on Tuesday. That just needs to happen a few more times, before marijuana is legal EVERYWHERE.

  31. There are cases where telling people what to do or not to do is justified, HOWEVER, that is NOT the case when no harm is being done, especially to others. My use of marijuana has no negative effects on anyone else, whatsoever, so the state cannot justify censuring me for using it. Even if it did do some harm, it would have to be significant to justify prohibition… certainly NOT the case for marijuana. Marijuana prohibition makes NO SENSE.

  32. This is excellent news! I’ll be doing my part as well! I’m a medical patient and I do not wish to be arrested over the medication that I use.

  33. Brian, I am a baby boomer and I don’t want to run your life. Some of us do have a conscience and want to end the crime against humanity of prohibition. This baby boomer is on your side!

  34. I’m proud to work with Show-Me Cannabis! Missourians for Cannabis FB group is a support group for SMCR. If you are from Missouri and want to stay up to date and help out ,Please join the group and like Show-Me Cannabis’s FB page and sign up to become a SMCR petitioner and receive our new’s letter’s and podcast’s!

  35. It is almost criminal to tell people what they can do or not do. Where is it in the constitution giving the federal gov. this right. the god damn people rule, period. I am very afraid or the invasion of my personal info the gov has. we are almost living in a police state.

  36. As a patient Missourian prohibition can not come fast enough..would like to get involved in efforts..i am sick of baby boomers running my life! I was arrested for a 1/4 ounce in Grandview and also charged with child endangerment. Current laws are arcane and I believe unreflective of the general population.

  37. This was wonderful news to wake up to. The only way we can stop this war is to educate the general public against the propaganda that so narrowly defeated the medical marijuana campaign in Florida this week. Education is everything. We have to step up our game. Everywhere.

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