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2016 Medical Marijuana Petition Approved By Florida Supreme Court


united for care florida medical marijuanaI received the following e-mail out of Florida while I was at work. If you live in Florida, make sure to provide your signature to the campaign, and tell everyone else that you know to do the same:

The Florida Supreme Court has put it’s stamp of approval on the 2016 version of the medial marijuana petition, paving the way towards it’s imminent placement on the ballot.

This leaves the final step prior to getting on the ballot:  to secure 683,149 validated petitions. As of this email, we have over 400,000 validated and only weeks left to collect and send in the remainder.

Please contribute anything you can to the petition drive here.  We still have 2 weeks of John Morgan’s 9 to 1 match, and we need to bring in this money BEFORE the New Year.

Additionally, Print, sign and mail in the NEW 2016 petition at http://www.unitedforcare.org/petition .  If you’re not sure if you’ve done this already, send it in again. It won’t be double counted.

There are only weeks left to get this done.  Please help today.

More details to come.

– Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care


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  1. Closet Warrior on

    I am in the same boat but from another state. It’s not an option to all but when your government fails you-grow your own. Get a tent and some lights and order from reputable seed banks w/good genetics. Boom, you have medicine! It’s not that hard if you have ever grown a tomato plant you can grow Jane. Everything you need to know is on the internet, you tube videos and free e-books and forums exist to give you seed to harvest to cure and store techniques for FREE. Do it yourself and have the luxury of knowing exactly what you have is good, strong, pesticide free. Plus it’s fun as hell!!! Like I said not everybody can but if you can you should.$20 a gram, please. I’m smoking for pennies on the gram!

  2. If the Feds were too totally De-Scheduled to the point as if it were an Aloe Vera plant. At least >70% of the entrenched (state) argument would vanish.
    Florida is so old in it’s ways, it can use some Viagra, if you look at a map of the USA, you can see that Florida is very limp, it just hangs there at the end of the country.

    On one note, the Aloe plant is in many homes throughout the world. As an medicinal herb. In small amounts it is fine for burns and facials. In small amounts in can help with cleansing and G I problems. But in large amounts it can be very toxic, even causing death. Also some sub-species of the pant can cause hallucinations’ and extreme effects similar to arsenic. And it’s all perfectly legal

  3. Feds can not do anything if they wanted to. Even if it was federally legal your backwards state still has state laws against cannabis thst have to be repealed.

  4. So when it passes (and it
    will). Given the Florida legislators who move at the same speed that the continents
    move apart. Not to mention how they can add their own interests in it. We are looking at 2018 – 2020 at the outside. Just use the oil bill
    as an example. Signed in 2014 and still caught up in red tape and litigation, with allegtions of legislator ear wispering. it’s not just the old boy club down here, it’s the old family 3x generation at the least club here.
    I can not wait that long. The feds got to do something and now.

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