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2nd Former US Attorney Endorses Effort To Legalize Marijuana In Washington


Washington State MarijuanaA second former top federal prosecutor in Seattle has endorsed an effort to legalize and tax marijuana for recreational use in Washington state.

Kate Pflaumer served as U.S. attorney during President Bill Clinton’s administration. In a guest editorial in The Seattle Times on Saturday, she and two former judges endorsed a plan being pushed by a group called New Approach Washington. It calls for legalizing up to an ounce of marijuana, which would be sold and taxed at special stores.

Pflaumer, former King County judge Robert Alsdorf and Seattle city judge Anne Levinson say treated adult marijuana users as criminals is an inappropriate use of government resources.

John McKay, who was U.S. attorney during the administration of President George W. Bush, is a sponsor of the initiative. Advocates need to collect 241,000 signatures by the end of the year to send the measure to the Legislature, which can pass it outright or refer it to a statewide vote in November 2012.

Pflaumer, former King County judge Robert Alsdorf and Seattle city judge Anne Levinson say treated adult marijuana users as criminals is an inappropriate use of government resources.

Initiative Measure No. 502 will replace Washington’s ineffective and unjust marijuana laws with a regulated public health approach that will redirect law enforcement resources to more pressing priorities, generate new tax revenues for critical social services, and take marijuana out of the hands of violent drug cartels.

Download the complete text of the initiative | Where to Sign I-502 | Donate

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  1. HighRum Hucklebee on

    This is the first proposal that taxes the marijuana they propose to grow and sell. Of course there’s several ways to go about it but my guess is that these folks seem to know that the only taxes you’ll be collecting in regards to pot production and consumption will be from the supply they control and sell in their state approved locations. Depending on what they decide to charge, will be the difference in stamping out un taxed home production and sales (their competition), and with John Q. Public flocking to these establishment approved stores IF there’s more than one kind to buy AND it must be priced right. I’ve often wondered what the real price of an ounce of premium marijuana minus the hazard and risk premium of illegality really is. At the price of weed dot com website, one can see up close what the real price of pot CURRENTLY is but then again you have to add in the “illegality premium” to get near that actual price.
    Anyway, the point here is on how they’ll be pricing this future pot they plan on selling in their special stores in Washington state and where is it going to come from?? Is it organically grown or genetically modified?? And if you designate some official state agency to grow the pot, are they going to be exempt from Federal drug gangs from Washington DC scrutiny & lawlessness? What kind of packaging is it going to come in? Will it be “safe” to smoke?? And on & on. In short their success will depend on their pricing (and right now the market says an ounce of premium dry homegrown pot is about $200 right here, right now, with more than one place to acquire it) – and just like a free market, isn’t that a wonderful thing??? If this passes then I guess we shall see if they decide to compete like true capitalists or gain market share through their normal modus-operandi….the intimidation & conquest of their competition. Till then those contact numbers for my favorite indoor light farmers will remain on my speed-dial and I wish them well.

  2. There is a way to ensure the federal government doesn’t raid any more medical marijuana dispensaries. We need to remove its power via legislation. Pass H.R. 2306 and limit the federal government’s power to enforcing only cross-border trafficking. Regardless of how you stand on the marijuana debate we can all agree it should be left up to the states and the federal crackdown is an abuse that California should not have to tolerate.

    Tell your representatives -> http://pvox.co/CdiFqY

    “[Prohibition] attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes.” – Abraham Lincoln

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