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3rd Annual Bay Area HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup


cartel marijuanaThe High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Is Coming Back To The Bay Area

High Times is heading back to the Bay Area for the third year in a row. The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup will be held in Richmond, CA June 23-24. Join the Weed Blog there if you can, it is sure to be a great time! You don’t want to miss this marijuana expo, complete with seminars, the latest pot products, and, of course, the best cannabis, edibles, and concentrates Cali has to offer! Plus, a special Saturday night VIP party featuring Del the Funky Homosapien.

How Can I Buy a Ticket?
Get your pass by clicking here now!

How much do tickets cost to attend?
If you buy your tickets online, the price of $65 gets you unlimited access to both days of the Expo, including all cultivation seminars and activism panels, plus the awards ceremony and the official Medical Cannabis Cup party on Saturday night. This ticket at the door will cost $80, so buy online and save!
All attendees must be 18 and older.
ID will be required at the door.

$40 Day passes will be available for cash at the door.
A day pass grants one way access to the expo — this price DOES NOT include the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup gift bag or guide book.

$80 Two-Day passes will also be available for cash at the door.
This two-day pass DOES include the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup gift bag, the guide book and re-entry to the venue.

Are Medical Cannabis Cup passes refundable?
No — But passes are transferable and may be resold to someone else if you are unable to attend.

How can my California-based medical cannabis dispensary compete in the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup?
Entry into the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup is limited to legally operating, licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in the state of California. For more information on entering an indica, a sativa, cannabis concentrates or medical-cannabis infused edibles, please contact us directly at (212) 387-0500 or by email medcancup@hightimes.com

Where, exactly, does this exciting new event take place?
Daytime events, including the expo, all seminars, and the awarding of HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cups will take place at the The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA.

On Saturday night (June 23, 2012), HIGH TIMES will host a party with special musical guests and entertainers.
All attendees must be 18 and older.
ID will be required at the door.

Do I need to be a medical marijuana patient to attend?
The expo and party will be open to all adults.
An outdoor Prop 215 section of the expo facility will be available and will accommodate the needs of California medical marijuana patients. Medical professionals will be available on site.

Can I smoke at the event?
An outdoor Prop 215 section of the expo facility will be available and will accommodate the needs of California medical marijuana patients. Medical professionals will be available on site.

In accordance with California law, which does not recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards or certifications, only California residents with a California doctor’s recommendation or California medical marijuana card will be allowed to enter the Prop 215 area.

Do I get any cannabis as part of my ticket price?
Due to California law we cannot give away cannabis, which is why we’ve kept the ticket price as low as possible while still putting on a world-class event.

What?! It’s the Medical Cannabis Cup and I don’t get any free cannabis?
Sorry, that’s a promise we just can’t make, but we do promise you an event celebrating the incredibly diverse and emerging medical marijuana movement, including a two-day cannabis and hemp expo that will feature cultivation seminars with HIGH TIMES editors Danny Danko and Nico Escondido, activism sessions with leaders of the medical marijuana movement and major cannabis celebrities, an all-star awards ceremony, and an unforgettable pot party with surprise musical guests.

Will I get to judge the strains, and vote for the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup?
All ticket buyers will receive a list of California dispensaries participating in the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup. State sanctioned medical marijuana patients can visit those dispensaries on their own and sample each dispensary’s entered strain in the weeks leading up to the Cup.

The HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cups will be awarded by a panel of independent experts based on extensive sampling in a blind tasting. This expert panel will be at the expo on Sunday evening to announce their decisions and award the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cups to California’s top medical marijuana providers.

Is the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup wheelchair friendly?
Daytime events at Concourse Exhibition Center are definitely wheelchair friendly, though you should contact the venue directly with any specific questions or concerns. As the Saturday night party is as a yet to be determined location, we don’t have any details, though we will update this FAQ as soon as we know more.

Do you offer any travel packages or hotel recommendations?
Not at the moment, but possibly in the future.

Is HIGH TIMES still hosting the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam?
Yes, of course. Those interested in making the ultimate pot pilgrimage to Amsterdam this November for the globe’s premiere marijuana event should head to cannabiscup.com now for more info!


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