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420 Should Be Called ‘Jack Herer Day’


jack herer 420Jack Herer is the biggest hero I’ve ever had in the marijuana movement and in marijuana culture. If there is a ‘George Washington of marijuana,’ it would be Jack Herer. Jack Herer has a marijuana strain named after him, marijuana reform initiatives are named after him, and his work is still being celebrated and carried out to this day. For those of you that don’t know about Jack Herer, here is a brief bio from JackHerer.Com, which is ran by the amazing Jeannie Herer:

Jack Herer was never an elected law-maker who could formally shape policy. Nor was he some billionaire who could buy influence. Yet his rare combination of brilliant intellect, endless curiosity, scholarly diligence and passionate people skills made him a force of nature whose impact is perhaps only just beginning to be truly felt.

All but complete Johnny-come-latelies to cannabis culture probably have some awareness of Jack “The Hemperor” Herer as perhaps the most influential figure in the modern legalization movement. Herer, who passed away in April, wrote 1985’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes, the book that ignited the campaign and remains its manifesto and devoted nearly four decades to tireless, charismatic activism. The man almost literally died trying to have hemp and marijuana legalized in America. Were it not for Herer’s work, we might not be enjoying decrim here in California (and elsewhere) or have seen nearly half the state’s voters give the nod to full legalization last month.

Up until the point of his death, no one had done as much for the marijuana movement as Jack Herer, and I doubt anyone ever will match his accomplishments and admiration among reformers. It is because of this that I declare April 20th ‘Jack Herer Day’ going forward. I think Jack is somewhere looking down on us, and is absolutely elated to see how far we have come. They are celebrating legally in Washington and Colorado right now, and although Jack’s not in either place in person, I guarantee he is there in spirit. R.I.P. Mr. Herer, and thank you for all you did!


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  1. Jack Herer certainly deserves his props. And naming a day after him is appropriate.

    But another activist and legalization proponent whose name needs to be remembered is the founder of High Times magazine, the late Tom Forcade. He doesn’t even have a quality strain named after him yet !!!

    If none of the world class breeders out there come up with something appropriate to honor Mr. Forcade I’ll be forced to do so myself.

  2. Lord of Slappinsburg on

    Shut yer cake hole you poofter! Wanker! Don’t get your kickers in a wad!

  3. mate you just can’t declare a day because you feel like it. bit out of your authority. a few fascist tendencies on show!

  4. You lied to my mama and my daddy too, Turn good people into criminals is all the laws do, Got my 215 the day that
    Jack Herer died, While the media and government were telling their lies. ” Lyrics from Grow a Pair” A true story and my heartfelt pro cannabis anthem by Stone Masterson. Thank you Jack :{)

  5. When cannabis is national legalize April 20 of that year should be celebrated as Jack Herer Day and change the cannabis cup to the Herer cup

  6. 420 should definitely be Jack Herer Day! Even though I never got to meet him, I did see him speak once, he, and his books has had some major influence on my life. I would not be the cannaisseur I am today, had it not been for Jack.

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