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420 University Holds First Medical Marijuana Education Conference This Weekend


Medical marijuana experts from around the United States and the local vicinity will be in Kalamazoo, Michigan this weekend to discuss a wide variety of topics related to what organizers call “Cannabusiness.”

The two-day “Science and Compassionate Care Seminar,” put on at the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites in downtown Kalamazoo by 420 University, will feature several workshops on a wide variety of medical marijuana issues, from how to properly cultivate marijuana plants to the therapeutic value of the drug to understanding Michigan’s medical marijuana law.

William Beaton, president and chief executive officer of 420 University, said that Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit were considered as sites for the group’s first-ever seminar, but Kalamazoo was chosen “because of the diversity of the community.”

The seminar is being streamed live over the Internet, and Beaton has received word that groups will be watching it in Egypt, Argentina, Taiwan, Spain, Russia and other countries. Space for 250 people is available at the seminar itself, with about 150 tickets left.

“This is about the true medical science of medical marijuana,” Beaton said. “There’s a lot of people who don’t understand the true benefits and it’s important that we have opportunities for education.”

Eleven members of the national medical marijuana movement will speak at the seminar, including Robert J. Melamede, president and chief executive officer of Cannabis Science Inc. and a leading authority on the medical efficacy of marijuana, and Michael Lerner, founder of Kush Magazine and DailyBuds.com and an expert on medical marijuana who has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS and several other media outlets to lend his knowledge of the drug’s medicinal use.

According to 420 University’s Web site, the seminar is geared toward medical or legal professionals looking to boost their knowledge of medical marijuana issues, individuals starting a career in compassionate care, patients seeking relief and entrepreneurs or advocates “looking to get the facts straight and cut through the stereotypes.”

Kalamazoo criminal defense attorney John Targowski, who has litigated several medical marijuana related cases locally, will also be a speaker, educating those who attend the seminar on Michigan’s medical marijuana law and the protections it provides patients and caregivers.

“There will be a lot of useful information discussed,” he said. “There are a lot of misconceptions out there. It’s helpful to get people together, get them out of the closet, and talk.”

Paw Paw resident Greg Francisco, executive director of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, isn’t involved with this weekend’s program, but supports its mission.

“These programs fill a niche,” he said. “Obviously there’s a need out there.”


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  1. Thanks for passing it on.

    The article left out on of my favorite parts about the day: JORGE CERVANTES is teaching grow shops at 420 University, and today – he officially came out with his real identity… and shared some great knowledge…. plenty of knowledge, candor… & so much wit. (Thank you Jorge)!

    Everyone can catch this online at 420LIVE(online.com). The seminar and Jorge’s classes are on a LIVE video stream. You can watch it in real time, AS IT HAPPENS, and connect with all the other presenters at 420.

    You can also catch Jorge’s courses On-Demand starting July 12th.

    Thanks again, WEED BLOG!

  2. What a super line up right! I believe Mieko Hester Perez will also speak about her son Joey and how marijuana saved his life. Her “Unconventional Foundation for Autism” http://www.UF4A.org and her particular story is one that moved my activism into high gear. Throughout my volunteer work with the http://www.NorthernWINORML.org I even had Mieko speak at the THC Tour in my home town in Berlin, Wisconsin. Another one of the speakers at the Berlin THC (Talking Hemp and Cannabis) was Mr. James Gierach of L.E.A.P or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition who is also speaking at this event, kind of a reunion for them no doubt. These two hero’s and their inspiration are one of the reasons I went from activist to candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly (www.JaySelthofner.com).

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