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7 Simple Ways YOU Can Help End Marijuana Prohibition


smoke the vote 20127 Simple Ways YOU Can Help Legalize Marijuana

By Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

We are entering the final week before Election Day and our efforts to educate Americans about marijuana law reform have never been more important. Polls show that victory is within grasp with Colorado’s Amendment 64, Washington’s I-502, and Massachusetts’ Question 3 all recently tracking towards a win, but it will still be a close race to the finish in all states.

Help us raise awareness for these important initiatives and Smoke the Vote next Tuesday by helping us take the message viral in the final stretch. Below you will find one simple action you can take each day before the election to help promote marijuana legalization. Let your friends and family know that you stand for rational reforms to marijuana policy and remind them to get out and vote!

1 – Wednesday, October 31st

Help Make Prohibition a Memory! To start off, set this as your Facebook cover image and encourage those following you to do the same.

smoke the vote marijuana

2 – Thursday, November 1st

Share these images on your FacebookPinterestTwitter, and more! (Use hashtags such as: #SmokeTheVote #LegalizeIt)

marijuana arrests in the united states
rick steves yes on washington i 502

smoke the vote yes on i 502

regulate marijuana like alcohol colorado amendment 64 2012

yes on measure 80 oregon

arkansas issue 5 medical marijuana

yes on question 3 massachusetts medical marijuana

3 – Friday, November 2nd

Spend a Friday night in, preferably with friends and family, calling voters for Amendment 64 and Measure 80. You can either call voters in support of these initiatives by yourself, from anywhere in the country -or- you can pool your efforts and set up a phone banking party. At your disposal are SSDP and NORML’s phone bank to dial voters under 30 for Amendment 64 and JustSayNow‘s phone bank to call voters over 30 (also allows for dialing for Oregon’s Measure 80!)


4 – Saturday, November 3rd

Share the latest campaign ads! Post them to Facebook, tweet them at celebrities, email them to your grandparents, post one to your blog…just spread them as far and wide as you can. If you live in one of the states voting on an initiative or can directly target people you know who are, all the better.

WASHINGTON I-502: It’s Just Common Sense
COLORADO Amendment 64: Veteran’s for Amendment 64

5 – Sunday, November 4th

Share NORML’s Smoke the Vote Guide with your social networks. Remind everyone to confirm their voter registration and to check their current polling location, as it may have changed since they last cast a ballot. They can also get caught up on all the marijuana related voter initiatives and view the presidential candidates stances on cannabis.

Post something like:

Did you know the election is on Tuesday?! Check out this page to confirm your registration, find your polling place, and learn if you can vote on marijuana law reform on November 6th. Smoke the Vote!

6 – Monday, November 5th

Pledge to make some final “Get Out The Vote” calls! You can RSVP for a specific time slot here and get an email reminder when it is almost your scheduled time. These final calls are crucial to reminding our supporters to get to the polling booth and they are our final chance to persuade them to support our efforts! If you can’t make phone calls, can you at least pledge to personally email or facebook message 10 of your friends about the election? Anything you can do to help in the final hours of the campaigns take us another step towards legalization.

7 – Tuesday, November 6th ELECTION DAY!

Get out the vote! Share all the above images and videos. Tweet reminders to your friends to #SmokeTheVote (#YesOn64 #YesOn502 #YesOn80). If you live in a state with in-person election day voting, offer to drive your friends, family, and coworkers to the polls. Turn out is extremely important, we have to make sure everyone knows to get out and cast their ballot and to vote YES on the marijuana law reform initiatives.

After you’ve nagged everyone who will listen, dragged your last friend to the polling station, and cast a ballot yourself, come home and tune into www.blog.norml.org - we will be having live election night coverage giving you the latest from our contacts on the ground, exit polling, first results, and more!

Together, we can do this. Together, we WILL legalize marijuana. Let’s start on November 6th.

Source: NORML


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Johnny Green


  1. I am for
    the legalization of marijuana, but I’m not for I-502 in Washington State! Many
    people in the State of Washington have only been exposed to misleading tv
    commercials and other propaganda. Unfortunately most people in general, don’t
    read through initiatives before they vote. And that is what the backers (law
    enforement and government officials), of this initiative are counting on. I-502
    doesn’t even address the medical marijuana communuity. It’s a wolf in sheep’s

    The taxes on pot will make it
    unaffordable, forcing people to continue to buy it illegally; the Liquor
    Control Board having 100% control on who can grow it and sell it; DUI’s will be
    given out based on unscientific blood tests; newly developed government and
    private businesses will profit from the taxes….not just the current gov
    programs; there will be unrealistic restrictions on the quantity of pot you’re
    allowed to have…that’s like saying you can’t have more than 1 bottle of wine
    or six pack of beer in your home, etc.. This initiative is another form of

    A 25% sales tax will be imposed on
    the consumer, which is in addition to our current sales tax of around
    8.9%….that puts it near 34%. But that is still after the grower is charged
    25% on what they sell to the middle man-distributor, who then in turn sells it
    to the retailer, for another 25% tax. I can’t imagine how much an ounce of pot
    will cost by the time it trickles down to the consumer. The commericals only
    state that we should be taxing the sale of pot, so our state will benefit, but
    of course leave out how much.

    Under this initiative, an individual
    will only be allowed to buy or possess only 1 oz of marijuana, and no more than
    1 pound of edibles. They say this initiative will be treated like our laws
    governing alcohol. I don’t see any laws on the books that limits the amount of
    alcohol we can buy or possess. Again, that’s like saying we can only have 1
    bottle of wine, and no more then a six pack of beer! Any more than that, and we
    might be suspicious of having a distillery in our back yard and selling it in
    the black market. I guess the backers of this initiative are stereotyping the
    typical pot smoker as a dealer if they have 2 oz instead of 1. Again, another
    form of prohibition.

    I don’t encourage anyone to drive
    while impaired. The DUI enforcement for having a blood analysis of the person’s
    THC concentration, will be based upon 5 nanograms per milliliter of whole
    blood. This has not been scientifically proven to show whether this impairs a
    person’s ability to drive. Also, as most of us knows, marijuana can stay in a
    person’s system for up to a month, and not be high or impaired.

    The liquor control board will have
    full control of everything. Their cut for doing this, is to the tune of up to
    $1,250,000 dollars every year. The other revenue won’t just go to current
    government programs, but to newly created government programs. Only a small
    portion will go to the state’s general fund, once everyone else has gotten
    their cut. The liquor control board will have total control as to who can grow
    it, distribute it, and sell it. That’s like telling Jack Daniels or Budweiser
    how to run their businesses and where they are allowed to sell it. They would
    lose any kind of profits if the government taxed their alcohol like they want
    to do with marijuana, along with the fact that the public would only be allowed
    to buy a small amount because of purchase and possession limitations. I-502
    isn’t treating the legalization of marijuana like our current alcohol laws.
    Again, this initiative is another form of prohibition.

    If this initiative passes, there
    will be a string of law suits, until the wrongs are corrected. If it doesn’t
    pass, there is already petitions being signed, in order for a new initiative to
    be presented to the citizens of Washington. We have waited this long for the
    legalization for Marijuana, another year or two to get it right, only makes
    sense. Let’s truly end the prohibition of marijuana. I-502 isn’t it…..

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