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88 Million Dollars Worth Of Marijuana Sold In Colorado In January 2016


colorado cannabis amendment 64The sales figures are in from Colorado for January 2016, and while they are down from the previous month, the figures are still substantial. Last year the State of Colorado sold just shy of one billion dollars worth of cannabis. This year virtually all projections have Colorado eclipsing the one billion dollar mark, and the sales figures from January would put Colorado ahead of that pace. Per The Cannabist:

Colorado pot shops sold more than $88 million of marijuana and related accessories in January 2016, according to new data from the state’s Department of Revenue.

The state’s pot shops peddled $56.5 million of recreational marijuana in January 2016 — up 55 percent from January 2015’s totals but down 9 percent from the retail market’s record-breaking December 2015 figures.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in the state sold more than $32 million of cannabis in January, down 18 percent from the previous month.

The numbers are down month to month, but I think that will be something that we see virtually every year going forward. The year over year numbers are much more indicative of where things are headed, and that growth is very impressive. If every month in 2016 were like January 2016, Colorado would eclipse the one billion dollar mark in total cannabis sales by the end of the year. 88 million is a dip, so there will be several months that will be even more than that. Colorado has experienced some bumps along the way, but it continues to be a model for other states to mimic.


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    None of these people who are so hateful towards cannabis want to ban alcohol, which is obviously way more dangerous to life, limb and fetus, so the law is nothing but a patently bogus sick joke. Since respect is a two way street, no red blooded American should give the slightest respect to this piece of junk law.

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    Prohibitionists are SO UPSET….all these people using Marijuana and still NO HAS DIED….

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