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A Career In The Marijuana Industry Is Better Than Other Options


cannabis marijuana careerThe Future Of The Marijuana Industry Looks Brighter Than Areas Of The Economy

Getting a job is a hard thing to do these days. I graduated college in 2009, which is arguably the worst time to graduate college ever, so I know first hand. It took me a year to get a job after college, and even then it was the job I had before I ever took my first term. My story is far from unique. I’m sure a significant percentage of people reading this article right now are unemployed, underemployed, or have given up hope entirely. Economists are crafty so when they put out statistics, rarely do they tell the true story. What percentage of Americans are employed full time at a living wage? That’s the number I’d like to see.

When most people think about the marijuana industry, they think of either a medical marijuana dispensary, or a stoner bagging up eighths in their apartment. However, there is much more to the marijuana industry than marijuana sales. Probably the fastest growing (and arguably most profitable) area of the marijuana industry is in the technology sector. There are marijuana phone apps, Facebook games, software, websites, etc., and it seems like something new is popping up everyday. Chances are if an area of technology hasn’t been touched by the marijuana industry, it’s only a matter of time before a ‘potpreneur’ fills the void. Unlike marijuana sales, which are a grey area at best in select areas of America, marijuana technology is completely legal.

Marijuana is a very popular topic, and as it becomes more and more accepted in society, the legitimate marijuana industry will continue to grow. As a recent college graduate, I have researched which sectors of the economy are going to do the best going forward. It almost always comes back to the medical field, which is extremely competitive. Yes the medical field is always hiring, but for every one job opening there are an endless supply of over qualified candidates. Just to get into medical school you have to practically ruin the people around you to get noticed.

california marijuana employee rightsThe public sector is in even worse shape than the private sector. When people do their governmental budgeting math, it’s clear that budget cuts are going to continue for years down the road, possibly a decade. The possibility of getting laid off is a constant fear, and the possibility of moving up the ladder is virtually impossible now. There is only one area of the American economy that is expanding, and that is the marijuana industry. Not only is it expanding, it’s expanding exponentially.

Just look at how many companies that are being created to buy other marijuana related companies. It seems like every day I look on Google news there’s a new company, product, or service out there trying to get a piece of the marijuana industry pie. Can you blame them? When you look at every other area of the economy, you want to throw up. But when you look at the marijuana industry, all you can say is, ‘the sky is the limit.’

About a month ago Ninjasmoker and I quit our jobs to try to pursue careers in the marijuana industry. Unfortunately, we are surviving on bologna sandwiches right now, but the future looks bright! We are in contact every day with people that are looking for bright, talented people to work in the marijuana industry. With legalization already on the Colorado and Washington ballots, and more states likely to join (including Oregon!), there could be an even larger demand for labor.

If you are looking to work in the marijuana industry, some of the best places to look are THC jobs, Canna Jobs, and Pot Work. Marijuana organizations are another good place to start, although they usually require people with little or no experience to volunteer first and work their way up. That is tough, because I know I never wanted to volunteer for a marijuana organization for fear that my work would find out and then I’d have no job at all! But if you have the ability to volunteer for awhile, it usually leads to good things.

The definition of the ‘American Dream’ has changed a lot in recent years. Most hardworking Americans have lowered their expectations, and no longer get excited about their career prospects. People in the marijuana industry have opposite mind sets. They look to the future filled with excitement and chances to live their dreams. I hope I can someday look back on a multi-decade marijuana industry career, and say that I was there in the beginning. That’s something that I can’t day dream about in any other industry.

What do TWB readers think? Are you someone that wants to work in the marijuana industry? Have you just thought about it, but haven’t looked into it? Are you someone that has looked into it, but is on the fence about it? If so, what are your reservations? If you are someone that has just recently took the leap of faith, what are your thoughts? What about people that have been at it for awhile, is it what you expected? What advice would you have to those that are just starting down the path? Please post comments so that others can benefit from your knowledge.


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  1. Hi I am 16 years old and i am now planing to look into jobs I want to do for a living and I want it to be in the cannabis industry I am from Texas and it is not legal here I would really appreciate it if someone would educate me on the jobs out in that field

  2. I have been thinking about how much money marijuana can make and how it could help patients and the economy as well , but I live in Texas not legalized here yet but I think it would be a good idea to have a support group to spread awareness about the benefits of marijuana I just wonder what steps should I take to at least get a marijuana debate started to be on the path of legalization ! Anyone have any good ideas ?

  3. SweetLilypad420 on

    They padded all the numbers. They came up with a 20,000 fee and all I would get was a slap on the hand and a misdemeanor. I declined fired that lawyer and got another. Once that happened they left me alone. Took everything I had worked ten months on. I was trying to grow enough for my personal use and have my life time supply got screwed glued and tattooed by the system. My biggest disappointment of was losing my hard earned product. I have had a spinal fusion. My entire back is rods on both sides of my spine. I am in a lot of pain without my meds thankfully I had some in reserve. They also on the same day came to my home in Santa Rosa. At that point they confiscated all my hash. Everything that I did was using the plant to its highest potential. I lost a lot. Especially my freedom. That was the biggest hit. My husband and I are leaving Cali. We will be very close to the Washington border. My interest is peaked after reading the above article.

  4. SweetLilypad420 on

    I was targeted by someone. I never have found out who. However they came in guns blazing. They trashed my home with all of my plants that were ready for harvest. I lost everything. They interrogated me for 5 hours. Then hauled me off to jail. I had to be bailed out. I spent 5000 on a lawyer that thus far has never heard a word from the DA.
    My first lawyer told me that the DAwanted to offer me a plea.

  5. SweetLilypad420 on

    I do not currently work in the industry. Last April I was arrested and thrown in jail. I was running my own personal grow on the northern coast of Cali. I was in a cabin tucked away in the woods. Never drawing any attention to myself. Keeping the grounds completely clean. No waste water nothing that would draw attention. I did my thing I was producing an extremely good produc

  6. Nadine Paniccia on

    Are you in a position to recommend a “school” where one can obtain a certification for cultivating medicinal cannibas?

  7. I am 21 and living in Va. So obviously I have to relocate and take a risk to succeed. My question is this: How does an individual like myself come across a job where the only “legal” experience I have is nil. But I love the idea working for this industry. Is it easy for an outsider like myself to move and start a job in the green industry? My first pick would be Colorado.

  8. Honestly, you should not join the military if you can avoid it. Especially during the warm up to WWIII. If you had to study for ASVAB test and go air force. What you should do is go IT (Information Technology). One field where you can smoke and still work you’re way up to 100K. In fact ground level jobs are 35k and it only goes up. Buy a book, take $200 dollar comptia NETWORK+ certification test and then get a job. You’ll make more money then the military, have more free time, and no extra health problems. That would be my advice along with moving to one of the major IT cities.

  9. You should stay in school and learn how to write, stop smoking til you’re legal and grown and know that you don’t HAVE to make life decisions right now. Just get on a good path and stay there, something will pique your interest.

  10. im 17 and i enjoy smoking weed but im considering making it a career mostly because i dont know what else i want to do, i want to do 4 years in the military and im also worried about what my family may think about this decision i graduate highschool in the coming year Help!! what should i do

  11. So is taking classes at oaksterdam a necessity to obtain jobs in this industry? It’s been a thought just a bit of travel haha

  12. I’m a medical MM proponent, took three courses (basic, advanced, cooking class) at the Oaksterdam un (in Oakland, CA). My article on this issue has been published in the new issue of “ Weed” (Trava) magazine. I’d like to work in this industry.  

  13. How does one go about getting a job in this industry? I doubt these jobs are advertised.

  14. I fell into a job in the marijuana industry. And being that I’d only (recreationally) smoked three times in my life up to the age of 31 – it was a gamble hiring me to write about it. But I’m now learning about the industry as it evolves. I’m now a medical marijuana proponent who believes that in a world where we allow people to drive to a bar, drink themselves stupid, then drive home – endangering the lives of others – it shouldn’t be such a colossal problem legalizing marijuana to some extent across the nation. And, well, I love writing about a good underdog story – and if there’s one out there better than marijuana, I haven’t heard it.

  15. Oh and by the way this is a wonderfully constructed article I liked so much you made me feel like i had to respond. I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. Kudos

  16. I couldn’t agree with you more I am a sophmore technically in college and these thoughts are constantly going through my mind. With the economy literally falling out of the sky it is a common thought to go into the marijuana industry at this point in history. We are on the brink of legalization and everyone wants to say “I was there for the beginning of this nationwide marijuana takeover” because in actuallity that is exactly what it is. I am currently sitting in my community colleges library right now about to read 200 pages in my literature book for a test that I have later this week. I truly would have no interest in going into ant part of literature or english yet I’m spending hours upon hours reading these stories that honestly, I don’t have any clue what is going on in them because PEOPLE DON’T TALK LIKE THEY DID IN THE 16TH CENTURY ANYMORE. I understand the “broaden your horizons” and all other common sayings and I do believe in them for sure. However I just can’t get the marijuana industry out of my mind. There is so much untouched potential in this field that the possibilities are literally endless. The sky is truly the limit for someone who gets their foot in the door. All you need is that one chance, that one thought, that one breakthrough idea that blossoms into something you couldn’t even imagine. That is my dream as an American. The nation is shape-shifting into this pot accepting, and even encouraging in some areas, and I think that more and more will come from this in the future. It’s not “if” it is when”. This is the first post in anything on the internet I’ve ever made probably aside from Facebook which is a takeover all in itself. In conclusion I want to dream big, have a truly “the sky is the limit” feel in my profession, and most importantly have a legit passion in whatever I find myself doing for the rest of my life. Maybe you will see my name someday in a High Times magazine or on this website for instance… Thoughts of a typical unemployed, broke college guy living on financial aid and trying to figure out his life. This is not the easiest thing to decide on I’ve come to find out. A penny for my thoughts. Everyone take care and don’t let anyone keep you from doing anything you are truly passionate about.

    Best regards,
    Brett Brown from Mobile,Alabama

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