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A Chris Christie Presidency Would Be A Disaster For Marijuana Reform


new jersey governor chris christie medical marijuana kidsNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to be President of the United States. It’s probably the worst kept secret in candidate politics right now. With 2016 right around the corner, and a Chris Christie presidential campaign likely, what would Chris Christie do in regards to marijuana reform if he were President? A recent video released by Matt Simon of the Marijuana Policy Project sheds some light on Chris Christie’s opinion of marijuana reform. Per the Huffington Post:

In a video shot by Matt Simon, New England political director at Marijuana Policy Project and posted on his Facebook page, Brinck Slattery, a Republican running for state representative in Manchester Ward 3 is heard asking Christie: “I know that you have some ambitions for D.C. perhaps. If you were president, how would you treat states that have legalized marijuana?”

“Probably not well,” Christie responded as he walked away from the conversation at a restaurant campaign stop. “Not well, but we’ll see. We’ll have to see what happens.”

Chris Christie’s comments shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If you look at what Chris Christie has done as New Jersey Governor in regards to New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, it’s pretty clear that Chris Christie is not a fan of marijuana reform. 2016 is shaping up to be an epic year for marijuana reform with numerous states planning legalization initiatives. I hope marijuana supporters realize just how bad Chris Christie would be as President, and do everything they can to prevent him from being elected. I’d hate to see all those states legalize in 2016, just to see an idiot like Chris Christie throw a monkey wrench into the process of implementation.


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  1. Forget about motivation. Let’s talk self-discipline. The guy can’t control himself. He sees food. He is addicted. He eats the food. Get this Food Addict – Treatment for his Addiction.

  2. Anyone debating a Republican/Democrat Crime Syndicate vote exemplifies that they should have their voting rights revoked, and be committed to an asylum – round too.

  3. Anyone debating a Republican/Democrat Crime Syndicate vote exemplifies that they should have their voting rights revoked, and be committed to an asylum.

  4. The only thing worse than Martial Law by an Independent President of the United States would be suffering through another Republican OR Democrat Sociopathic Parasite.

  5. The only worse choice would be Hillary Clinton. That cunt thinks everything should be illegal!

  6. Libertarian Party supporter on

    Gary Johnson and the Libertarian party. libertarians believe in less government and more freedom. you should search for “the worlds smallest political quiz” and take the quiz. you may find that you are a libertarian, but didn’t realize it. Most people think they have to vote either Dem or Repub, but Libertarian is a viable third option. While they may not win outright, it sends a strong message to the two mainstream parties that a significant percentage of the people believe in freedom, liberty and LIMITED government.

  7. Yes but the stupid republicans can’t quit shooting themselves in their feet. I think that they are so Barney Fivesk.

  8. The only Republican with a chance to beat Hill-Rod/Warren is Jeb Bush/? $$!? All the other Republican are just too damm crazy ! I believe ” I don’t have proof to back this up” that JB would allow State rights when it comes to the issue of cannabis/hemp. I think both would past the XL pipeline. However Christie is just another crazy dog whistle Republican.

  9. Most of us know not to vote for Chris Christie ! He must really believe he is on the right side of this issue,but the stance he has taken on medical mj is what will keep him out of the White House .

  10. I don’t think we have to worry about this fat fuck getting elected president. He better hope his fatass doesn’t get thrown out of the governors office.

  11. If prosecutors have their way, he will have to persuade voters from within a prison cell. That would be a fitting end to a corrupt and disgusting political career.

  12. Christie cares about his weight like he cares about his constituents, only instead of lies, he uses Doritos!

  13. Nicholas Giaccio on

    Chris christe will never make it as a president because know one like him any way people keep talking how much he a ass hole plus he almost killed a kid intill he decide to sign for med cannabis all over the news so just think as a parent will u vote for him I know I wouldn’t I rather trust someone that will save my child then try to kill him/her even if we a president the senator is more powerful then the president the president just follows rules from people to tell him what to do and tells his fellow people how he going to change things in the world the senator is the boss of the governor and presidents if they need to know to politics they go to the senator for help if they don’t know what to do and that’s why they a higher up then governor and president and any ways he won’t make it as senator anyways neither senator has politic power

  14. “Innocent toker” you are correct! Christie is a freakin’ gluttonous self righteous pig. He ain’t for the weed, that is for certain. There are “certain folks” who will vote for anyone who is for the legalization of marijuana, and those people scare me. There is a guy on YouTube who says “I think ALL drugs should be legalized! He is an idiot! I HOPE that whomever is our next POTUS, thinks long and hard about legalization of other drugs. Marijuana is a useful PLANT for MANY GOOD USES. As for the other “man created drugs”, I don’t think so.
    God help this country get back on track to a prosperous United States instead of the stupid people who run it now. I am proud to be an American and LOVE this country and our flag! When I saw the video on YouTube of Michelle Obama saying “all of this for a damn flag”, I knew this country was in big trouble!
    Marijuana legalization is coming. I don’t believe for one second Cristie could stop it. Vote for those who will turn this country around so that good honest people can be successful with ANY business they choose, be it marijuana or otherwise? Making money and paying FAIR taxes is a good thing!
    Choosing to do nothing and living off of “donations” from YouTube videos is sad.
    Just my $.02.
    Marijuana? Hell yes!!! Legalize it and watch this country of ours grow strong from the revenue and be great again!!!

  15. Last I checked, roughly 127 of every 1000 patients enrolled in NJ’s medical cannabis program get access to the medicine they need. The NJ program has been hamstrung at every turn, a fact about which Christie has been completely unapologetic. The precious few (two or three) dispensaries that manage to stay open in NJ do so with great difficulty because these non-profit dispensaries (the law requires they be non-profit) are required by the state of New Jersey to pay 35% tax on all income and donations. That’s an insanely high tax rate to impose on a non-profit *anything*, but Christie is happier than a pig in slop about it, I’m sure (minus the slop).

    With his 2nd inaugural address (last time he was sworn in), he planted himself firmly in Kevin Sabet’s camp by pressing a need to end the war on drugs by extolling “treatment for addiction” as the bold new direction the drug war should take.

    Christie has been quoted multiple times saying anything/everything about cannabis to come down Reagan’s propaganda pipeline, including the false assertion that cannabis “saps motivation.” Frankly, I will not debate the virtue of what does and does not sap motivation with a man who had to get his stomach stapled because he can’t motivate himself to exercise and eat right.

  16. yeah.. if he doesn’t die of heart disease or something first.. Look at the guy. Could use some of that cannabinoid glucose regulation.

  17. Uncle Arthur on

    That’s what the corporate media wants the gullible public to believe in an effort to make him a more saleable candidate. Personally I think that given his recent problems, Christie’s damaged goods.

  18. I think you could have cut the words “For Marijuana Reform” from the title of this post and it would be equally accurate…

  19. whogivesafuck on

    Lets face it no self respecting American would vote for a Pansy named Christie anyway

  20. whogivesafuck on

    If he were to take that kind of action a civil war would certainly follow close behind

  21. Innocent Toker on

    Well it seems we have no good choices of the current front runners. Hillary has no interest in helping us and I don’t trust her on other issues currently (I sure wish I was a poor as she and Bill were when they were broke), Christie is a bold face liar – enough said. Paul does not support legalization but wants the war on drugs to be stopped?? but his other positions are unnerving at times!! Perry – LMAO at that guy. Biden – OMFG, NOOOOOO!!!!! I can keep going but the story is always the same. If we do get a candidate that supports true reform will he-she be good for the rest of the country and issues. I have a friend that will vote for anyone that says legalize regardless of their voting record or other legislative factors. His outlook is screw the country just give me my weed. I guess I just look at it as being a little more complex than just free the weed. Another friend is conservative across the board but supports legalization, he has no viable candidate. All these pre-candidates scare the crap out of me and I don’t trust any of them to be honest much less reform cannabis laws in a way that benefits the entire country. Anyone have any links or feedback that can help out some? I have read till my eyes bleed but for every plus I find 2 negatives.

  22. If he were president, I think Christie might just be stupid enough to sue the states that permit medical or recreational mj. I say stupid because the feds can’t force states to criminalize mj. They can only prevent states from regulating or licensing it. The result would be half the country with legal, unregulated mj. Actually, that might be an improvement

    What else could a president do? I think at this point, sending in the National Guard (or worse) to subdue the rebellious states would not work out well, as it would essentially be declaring war on half the country. And the DEA could at best make a few arrests to set an example. They really couldn’t stop anything.

  23. Temporary Sanity on

    This Slob will not have a chance because of all the scandal he is currently involved in. Jeb Bush on the other hand is the real threat to be worried about. You are entitled to your opinion Johnny, as am I

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