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A Huge Thank You To Everyone That Worked On The 2014 Election


marijuana election 2014The 2014 Election will go down in the history books as one of the greatest elections for marijuana reform across the country. 2012 will likely always be number one, because after all, it saw the first two states legalize. However, 2014 is almost as significant because of the legalization vote in D.C., plus two more states, plus a bunch of local victories in states like New Mexico, Maine, and especially in Michigan.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone for their hard work. Whether you were a campaign manager, a volunteer, a signature gatherer, spent time at a phone bank, harassed your uncle to fill out his ballot (that’s me!), or in any other way contributed to the victories on Election Day 2014, THANK YOU!

Onward to 2016 initiatives, and also in the meantime, let’s see if we can’t get one or more state legislatures to legalize marijuana too! Florida’s Legislature needs to step up and get a real medical marijuana program passed there. 58% of Floridians want medical marijuana. It’s literally the most popular political idea in Florida right now. Some politician needs to take ownership of the idea and make it happen!

Off I go to work, with tiredness in my eyes, but a smile on my face. Marijuana is now legal in Oregon (well, once implemented, who’s splitting hairs, right?), and I can’t wait to hear what my co-workers are saying about it!


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  1. I’m sure the seniors in Florida are feeling the effects of the DEA crackdown on prescription pain meds, so who knows, seniors could eventually change their minds…

  2. As a Washington resident, I congratulate my friends in Oregon. Welcome to the party! Not only are you about to reap the benefits of legal weed, you can be pleased to note that you gave Idaho another reason to whine.

  3. Yay ! Whoopee ! Yahoo !…. You guys must be STONED ! In Oregon, Alaska, Washington and Colorado, you still can’t smoke it in bars or restaurants, light up at concerts or sporting events, get high at beaches or parks where it’s legal to “drink responsibly” ! Second hand pot smoke does not get others high and does not cause 20,000 cancer deaths annually like tobacco. As long as we have to HIDE in our homes to smoke it, it will NEVER be like alcohol… Still… I guess “baby steps” is a moral victory. If you’re going to “regulate pot just like alcohol”…. DO IT !!! It’s been 45 years since Woodstock, dammit !

  4. A huge Thank you to voters ! You did all you needed to do ! Now it’s time for the rest of us …… yes a “festivus for the rest of us !

  5. I was so sure it was going to happen in FL. I couldn’t imagine it wouldn’t.I was sick to my stomach this morning when I heard the news. What’s next?

  6. Florida gets a steady influx of seniors who will not approve any type of cannabis legalization law…

  7. Yes, disappointing indeed. I would not hold my breath for Florida’s republican legislature to legalize medical marijuana as Johnny suggests in his post. Even if they did, the governor would likely veto it. Sure glad I moved from Florida to Oregon a few years back.

  8. Way to go Oregon!! Congratulations on a job well done. Such a beautiful state is now even more gorgeous. Can’t wait to vacation there in the coming years!!

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