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A Marijuana New Year’s Resolution Revolution


missouri marijuana decriminalization hb 512 testimonyThe New Approach Missouri campaign is fighting to legalize medical marijuana in Missouri. A victory in Missouri would be a victory for the entire country, as it would send a message that reform is possible in any part of the country. There are suffering patients all over Missouri, and it’s my hope that they get safe legal access to medical marijuana soon. Below is an e-mail that I received from the campaign. Please contribute if you are able, and if you aren’t able to contribute, know that you can still help by spreading the message:

We all know about New Year’s resolutions. You’ll go to the gym every day. You’ll cook more and eat out less. Well, here’s a resolution you can make AND is easy to stick to: support New Approach Missouri each month through Election Day by starting an automatic monthly donation today. It’s the only New Year’s Resolution that you can forget about without breaking your promise. And it’s also the most rewarding. Here’s why:

When you start a recurring donation today, you’re doing three things:

  1. You are directly helping to put medical marijuana on the ballot in Missouri in 2016.
  2. You are standing up for the sick, who deserve to be treated as patients, not criminals.
  3. You are making a New Year’s Resolution that you’ll be proud of keeping year-round.

Just like every New Year’s Resolution, you can change your mind at any time and stop your recurring donation. But this is a promise worth keeping to yourself and to the tens of thousands of Missouri patients who are counting on us to help change lives this year. And now, it is an easy promise to make and keep.

Join us in resolving to legalize medical marijuana in Missouri.

Jack Cardetti
Campaign Consultant
New Approach Missouri


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  1. Johnny Bloomington on

    Wish this campaign could at least slip in state wide decriminalization. Oh and home cultivation as well.

  2. Better yet, support the Missouri Cannabis and Restoration Act to allow we-the-people full access to this non-toxic, miraculous plant. Unlike New Approach’s old approach, which is quasi-legalization that will penalize patients and growers with excessive regulation and licensing requirements, the MCRP Act will fully restore this plant by nullifying its place in the Controlled Substances schedule, and return its medicinal and utilitarian benefits to the people, and not just select corporate profiteers.

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