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A Medical Marijuana Patient In Maine May Lose His Housing Assistance


maine marijuanaMaine Medical Marijuana Patient Could Lose Housing Assistance Because Of Cannabis Plants

A medical marijuana patient in Maine is being forced to choose between his medicine and a federal subsidy that helps him pay his rent. Essentially, the Maine State Housing Authority is telling 50 year old Don LaRouche of Madison that he has to either suffer from his glaucoma and Crohn’s disease without medical marijuana, or lose his place. And he has only until July 23rd to make that decision.

“The decision we’re presented is whether to terminate or allow them to continue to receive that voucher,” said Denise Lord, who is the director of the ‘Maine State Housing Authority’s Voucher Assistance Program’ according to WCSH6, “I think given Maine law and federal law we try to find the best possible solution for everyone.”

“It is the cheapest way to do it is to grow your own,” LaRouche said, “course it costs me money but it’s cheaper then me having to go out and buy it off the street or especially going to the dispensary.” LaRouche has already sent letters to the Maine Governor’s office and members of the Maine’s congressional delegation asking for their assistance.

There may be a federalism showdown brewing in Maine. According to the Huffington Post, Maine, like Oregon, has a provision ‘allowing some food stamp recipients to deduct medical marijuana costs from income when calculating their eligibility for the federal program.’


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  2. Cannot place blame on Maine Housing. As an administrator of federal programs they must abide by federal law. Atty General Holder has promised to prosecute state employees who administer state laws in opposition to federal. Remember, there is a primacy clause in the US Constitution that gives primacy to federal laws when they are in conflict with the state. The only out for LaRouche and thousands like him is a change in US drug laws especially as they pertain to participation in federal programs. Personally I do not understand how un-prescribed use or possession of a scheduled drug be a crime while prescribed use is not—–except in the case of Marijuana. Can it be because the feds do not classify marijuana in its natural form as a scheduled drug?

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