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A Message From The Founder Of Dads For Marijuana


I will become a parent at the end of this summer for the first time, and I hope that my son does not have to grow up in a country that has as harsh of marijuana laws as I had to grow up with. I want to be the one to talk to my son about marijuana, and explain to him the science behind it, and what is an appropriate age for him to consume marijuana, should he choose to. I don’t want my son to get caught with marijuana and have the judicial system ruin his life. I think many other parents will agree with me. Below is a message from the found of Dads for Marijuana, please share it with other parents that you know:

“The founder of Dads for Marijuana Michael “Puffdog” Thomas made this video on his Facebook and I’m sharing it here because this message needs to get out. The words are so powerful that they sent shivers down my spin. Share this video!
Dads for Marijuana Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Dads4M…


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  1. Prayers are love and healing are sent your way. So very sorry for your heartache, and you are soooo right!! nothing but love <3

  2. WOW! I will pray for your daughter and hope she has a speedy recovery. I also have to agree with you, that our governments give “Monsters” more rights than they even deserve and it is a great injustice to all mankind. In addition, for these criminals to live out their lives in prisons or to be released back “Into The Wild” just to repeat terrible crimes.

    I am a firm believer in “An Eye For An Eye.” I support the death penalty and GOD gave us laws and people to imprison violent criminals that are truly a menace to society and he has created a plant to heal and yet for the most part is illegal in most areas, another injustice.

    “May GOD find it in his heart to heal your daughter and give her strength to recover. May he watch over her and comfort her and give her a second chance at life. May GOD find it in his heart, to show us another miracle of his kindness and the love he has for his children. I ask all this in your name….AMEN”

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