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A Proper Vacuum Oven Is Vital To The BHO Extraction Process


bho butane hash oil extraction purging vacuum ovenButane Hash Oil’s Quality Is Largely Determined By The Quality Of Vacuum Oven Used During The Purging Process

The popularity level of butane hash oil (BHO) is growing exponentially. BHO (or ‘dabs’) has been around for a long time, but in the last five years it seems like everyone I know is either consuming BHO for the first time, or consuming it more, or they making it themselves. I have a handful of friends that I would consider to be true BHO experts. My criteria for BHO expert is simple – if my mouth salivates when I think about your BHO, you are an expert.

If you are a BHO fan, you have likely seen quite a bit of low grade BHO. It’s grey in color, tastes awful, and makes you say things like ‘is this safe to consume?’ While there are many factors that determine the quality of BHO, one of the largest contributing factors is the quality of vacuum oven being used during the purging process. Almost anyone can get quality pre-run these days, and almost everyone can blast properly. However, if people don’t have a proper vacuum oven for purging their product, there is so much undesirable material left behind that it ruins the BHO.

A lot of rookie BHO makers that I know have really cheap BHO vacuum ovens, or no ovens at all. The ones that do have ovens have cheap BHO vacuum ovens that they got off of the internet from E-bay or Craigslist that are made in China. I understand that starting out can be expensive, but skimping on your BHO vacuum oven only hurts your product and reputation in the long run. And as more and more BHO makers step up their equipment, you will be left behind.

The BHO consumer is becoming pickier every day, and they will only consume BHO that has been properly purged using a high quality BHO vacuum oven. I know I’m picky when it comes to BHO; pickier than I am with flower. If you make BHO, and you are trying to take your BHO to the next level, make sure you have a quality BHO vacuum oven.

I recently toured a facility where they make BHO vacuum ovens, at a company named Cascade Tek. Unlike cheap BHO vacuum ovens that are made in China, these are made in the United States, right in my home state of Oregon. Unlike other vacuum ovens that were designed with other purposes in mind, these vacuum ovens were designed with BHO extraction in mind. The result from using their oven is an end product that is better than anything else I’ve ever consumed before. More about their vacuum ovens below, courtesy of their website:

The Most Effective Turnkey Solution for BHO Extraction

Since 1992 we have been building vacuum ovens and understand the specific challenges associated with production-scale, high-volume BHO Extraction.

Why Use A Vacuum Oven?

Large-Scale Extraction.  The key to thorough solvent extraction is surface area.  You need to have considerable surface area to off-gas solvents like butane.  Our smallest vacuum oven, (TVO-2) offers over four square feet of processing shelf space.  Processes in a tank or vat are extremely inefficient and will produce incomplete purging of the product.  The TVO-2’s three solid shelves accommodate multiple Pyrex dishes and vacuum allowd the extraction at uniform low temps.
Temperature Uniformity.  The most difficult temperature range to control is just close to ambient.  Vacuum ovens control low temps evenly.  Anything other than a vacuum oven can produce hot spots and temp spikes that can destroy microceuticals and ruin your product.

Why a Chemical Duty Vacuum Pump?
Butane Ruins Pumps.  Chemical duty pumps offer the flexibility of using a trap to collect Butane for reuse and /or disposal or exhausting to a safe location.  Oil sealed pumps require use of a foreline trap because utane will destroy the internal workings of the pump.  Chemical duty pumps are not destroyed by butane and eliminate the need for a foreline trap.
The Ideal Pressure.  The ultimate pressure of the pump we recommend is 1.5 torr.  Any lower vacuum and substances like Delta 9 THC will “boil off” and that’s bad.

Turnkey Solutions

Cascade TEK sells everything you need and accepts cash, check or credit card at both our Oregon and Colorado locations.  Made in USA.  1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. To find out about pricing and oven sizes, click here.

bho butane hash oil extraction purging vacuum oven


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  1. I make ultimate shatter no over tastes badass.
    Tip#1 butane matters get your butane out of the UK as it is sourced from the cleanest butane deposit in the world “the north sea of Scotland”
    I use a double boiler at a relatively low temp. for SAFETY turn oven off at desired temp(if you guess the right temp you make shatter).
    51 hours later it is cured purged ready.

  2. Johnny Smithers on

    lots of winterized shatter that I have seen has tons of alcohol in it when tested in labs (I’m talking 7,000ppm). The purpose of purging with a vacuum is to get the purest oil possible. When you winterize with alcohol it just adds a secondary solvent. A better process, called de-waxing is where you freeze the oil before purge between -35 to -40 degrees F (done with dry ice), this causes any fats and waxes in your oil to freeze and solidify at the bottom, making it very easy to strain them out. I highly recomend this to anyone looking to make top-shelf shatter. This will stop a lot of autobuddering people!

  3. Also, for the record BHO is great but Co2 oil is best. Supercritical Co2 lets as a solvent lets you keep more of the flavor intact.

  4. You dont need a vac oven you can use winterization and make clean shatter as long as you understand chemistry and how polar and non polar solvents work

  5. BHO can be safely and properly made without a vac purge you use a process called winterization. Basically after you purge the butane in a hot water bath you redissolve the concrete oil in everclear (95% ethyl alcohol) and freeze the solution for 6-12hrs then filter the solution through an unbleached coffee filter and cook in a large pyrex (for surface area because yes that is important) over hot water (steam bath) with the water at 175 degrees and cook until all the alcohol is gone (usually takes between 1-2 hrs) and scrape with razor blades onto parchment paper and you’ve got some filthy shatter. I’ve never had a complaint and have tried many different methods including a vac oven. The myth of needing a vac purge it to sell vac ovens. You still decarboxylize the THC-a into THC Delta-9 during the final purge of the alcohol since the actual temp in on the surface of the pyrex is about 110-120 degrees.

  6. Hash oil is thousands of years old, and butane extraction is a method that is here to stay. It would be wise that the marijuana community stresses proper techniques, such as the vaccuum oven shown in the article, so we can be sure more people are doing safer extractions. It would also help if it was more known to always do this process OUTDOORS in a well-ventilated area! That would save a lot of problems for such a simple extraction. When you take the precautions making BHO, it is completely safe to make!

  7. Ive tried BHO quite a few times and will only dab the sweetness that a friend of mine makes. I know his process is legit because ive been there to help. I wouldn’t trust another source around here. Im sure the quality is better in medical states but every other time ive come across it around me, its looked pretty yucky. I would rather just buy some buds and make a small batch of ISO. I know it dosent work well for large operations, but I can make some bomb shit that I would put up against most BHO out there. I love to smear it on a cigarette and then I can smoke pretty much anyewhere. Good for concerts. The only time i made it and it wasnt golden deliciousness, was with some GD purple, wss still pretty good but looked like grape jelly.

  8. The grim reefer on

    Most people making BHO do not have one of these stoves, this is why low grade BHO makes you feel bad. Do it right or don’t do it at all!

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