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A Smarter Approach To Marijuana: Legalization The Vermont Way


Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin put out the following message and video on YouTube today:

The War on Drugs has failed when it comes to America’s marijuana laws. Almost one in seven Vermonters reported smoking marijuana last year, and twice as many teens report trying marijuana than cigarettes. Under the system we have now, the 80,000 Vermonters who use marijuana buy it from illegal drug dealers who don’t care about your age, what’s in their product or what else they sell you, let alone making a contribution to Vermont’s economy. Marijuana prohibition has failed. Governor Peter Shumlin wants to take a smarter approach.


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Johnny Green


  1. Hey David
    The rate Israel is moving forward you will be enjoying before us frozen AAA-Holes, here in Canada. Thankfully your country has a group of brainiacs, Canada has a slick player. What makes me angry is we belived him without asking the smart ?’s . How dumb !!!

  2. Closet Warrior on

    Right on govenator but it’s such a shame that we as reformists have to constantly, year after year, decade after decade-have to state the obvious- and we’re supposed to be the inferior minds because we choose to ingest cannabis. Hey world, sometimes life chooses us!!!

  3. An Ounce of Prevention Equals…..

    by Jimmy Tee

    A little known fact of the Vermont Medical Marijuana statute [ officially titled, Rules Regulating Cannabis for Symptom Relief, 18 V.S.A. Chapter 86 Subchapter 2 ] is the declaration on the amount of grams found in a ounce. Most people with a smart phone and an interest in converting metric arrangements to our English system would easily see that officially there exists 28.349 grams in one ounce. This, however, is not how the Vermont bureaucracy has seen the issue, since the approved law as written [ Section 1.20 ] clearly states that for the purpose of the rules an “Ounce” means a unit of weight equaling 28.0 grams. Since the regulations also proclaim that patients can receive a maximum of two ounces per month for symptom relief, this effectively denies them 0.698 grams of medicine per month and helps limit the margin of dispensary sales. Profit tends to exist to the right of the decimal point, so this also increases the cost of business for the small startups attempting to bring a different kind of respite to those in pain. The motivation for this idea of interpreting this conversion is baffling but cannot be accidental; politicians and bureaucrats are shifty but not as incompetent as they would have you believe. Plenty of room for madness in any method.

    I distinctly remember the political debate in the 1970s when a full conversion to the metric system would be the law of the land. It was the beginning of the xenophobic system of debate that now runs rampant in America, but if you possess the time for extended researching on this statement, please be my guest; we sure have created a lot of history. The wrong headed American view of itself which declares that we are the exception to most rules, costs be damned, is nothing new and hides in every discussion of where to go as a nation. I can see how this outlook can make everyone feel full of national self esteem but these pseudo-topics interrupt the debates that should be occurring, while our pockets are picked and basic justice erodes.

    The thought occurs to me that other devaluations to generally accepted standards may benefit the always image conscience Vermont Republic. A convenient reduction of the twelve inch foot to six inches would contain more than a few advantages. A six inch foot automatically places Governor Shumlin at the head of the list as the tallest state governor ever to hold office anywhere. The increase in the vertical drop of our ski mountains would attract many more visitors to the state each winter. The ballooning in square miles governed by the state of VT would vault the state to 38th place against other states, with Indiana temptingly close. The increase in obtaining Federal funds for a now larger state with expanded coastlines, larger rivers and vastly grown Superfund cleanup sites would also occur. Very tall people need special help and Vermonters are now the tallest folks in the world without having to depend on the ‘per capita’ basis for boasting. I think we are on to something here. Shrinking the concept of gallons and pounds will make Vermont’s maple syrup industry second to none; take that Quebec. Consider devaluation as a step toward progress. Lets squeeze every drop out of our economy for the benefit of everyone.

    To the editor: despite the word count recorded as 603, please submit payment based on a 3000 word article, since my Vermont taxes just increased by 80,000 percent and my nickels stubbornly resist the argument that they are dollars.

  4. Thank you to the governor and all the people that spent countless hours working on a bill that works for everyone. Great job everyone!!!

  5. Now why can’t the governor of Florida be more like that? Or many he needs to get his hands out of the big corporate cookie jar.

  6. David Yoseph Schreiber on

    There’s no need to split hairs over details. You’re right. I wish the governor much success.

  7. Yes, but their product is not taxed, there is no age limit, the buyer has little control of quality product or what is in it and more often than not the money is in the wrong hands. The governor is 100% correct.

  8. David Yoseph Schreiber on

    The ads in the comments in High Times are also interesting.

    I share your optimistic view of the world. Someday I’ll be able to enjoy cannabis here in Israel as well.

  9. I love perusing Craigslist for Colorado or Oregon looking for cannabis products. Someday I’ll be able to enjoy that here in Arkansas as well.

  10. David Yoseph Schreiber on

    The dealers are not as horrible as that. Typically it’s somebody who either is growing it himself or has a foreign connection. The people growing it in their basement or in an out of the way location are not evil. For more information search Craigslist for “marijuana”. When it comes to a foreign connection it could be the Mexican mafia or the Taliban. That is a real problem. Legalization and the regulation which comes with it, is definitely the way to go.

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