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A Special Thank You To Our Readers From The Weed Blog


thank you the weed blogFor over three years now we have tried as hard as we can to spread marijuana news and information on the internet on this website. There has been a lot of help over the years from real life friends and ‘internet friends,’ as I call them. I want to thank all those people, and I hope to meet each and every ‘internet friend’ someday. But especially I want to thank our readers. If it wasn’t for TWB readers, I would just be sending off articles into digital space.

Over the last three-plus years, I have witnessed TWB readers do some amazing things. When we started TWB in 2010, there were no legal recreational states. There were less medical marijuana states. Many state and local governments didn’t have decriminalization reform. We all watched history unfold together, and helped along the way. I hope readers know how much of a part of that they were. Every time you share an article, or post a link, or tell a friend, or re-tweet, you are participating in the ‘marijuana reform butterfly effect.’ Who knows how far the word has been spread because of you folks. It makes me smile every time I think about it.

The Weed Blog has grown a lot over the last three years, and it’s because of you. It has been an honor and a privilege sharing my thoughts with you over the last three-plus years, and I hope to still be doing this for another three-plus years if I’m lucky enough. Stay active and keep spreading the word. The winds of change are at our backs as we stand at the edge of history. Legalize it!!!


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  1. How the heck can I post that stuff on my blog? You have it locked up. What needs to be done is to make endocannabinoid a household word. Leave it at every blog you comment at – not just doper blogs – along with a link to the science. Endocannabinoids A Video. Flood the zone.

  2. Yes. WE have. However THEY have not. What needs to be done is to make endocannabinoid a household word. Leave it at every blog you comment at – not just doper blogs – along with a link to the science. Endocannabinoids A Video. Flood the zone.

  3. I think we’ve seen enough video’s on the benefits of Medical Marijuana. I’m living proof that it DOES help with my chronic pain and deteriorating organs from years of narcotic use for pain. But, most people here also want it legalized for recreational use too. Which I have no problem with what’s so ever. But you know if that ever happens it would be regulated just like liquor is. So you people under 21 would be SOL until you are of age.
    The people against Marijuana use have NO idea what it’s like. However, those same people come home from a hard day at work and make themselves a big cocktail before dinner. Not to mention the 3 martini lunch some executive’s drink then go back to work. I much rather be with someone who’s using weed than drinking alcohol. I’ve never seen a stoned person on weed want to start a fight at a bar. Unlike someone that’s drunk on alcohol and wants to start a fight with who ever looks at them sideways. Plus there’s been NO documented cases on anyone who ever died from Marijuana use. No one can say that about alcohol or many pain medications!!!

  4. I fear I’m insufficiently medicated to make that happen. ;-)

    BTW I’m of he opinion that all use is medical use. Got that from Dennis Peron of Prop 215.

  5. 1 of the things about youtube you can see a clip in a bigger clip till it becomes 2 hrs long!
    “no medical use”

  6. I blogged that a while back. Here is my latest:

    Endocannabinoids A Video

    There are more cannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type.

    The endocannabinoid system is a major regulator in the body implicated in almost all diseases including cancer.

    Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.

  7. Johnny oneye on

    fukfoxsnews! I get so frustrated even reading FOX articles with the slant.

    Go straight to the Weedblog for the down n dirty

    Every day for the last 3 yrs my phone rattles with the weedblog daily update

    always some ungodly hour! never got mad 3 am , 4 a,m

    Always look forward to the daily dose with the Blog!

    And the work you guys do with the students education is great too providing facts not propaganda!

    Always got my support !

  8. Johnny oneye on

    Ingesting the oil is the way to reset cannabidiol levels

    google “Rick Simpson” OIL , Phoenix Tears –

    “run from the cure” on Youtube explains!

  9. Ahhhhhh, much better M. Simon!! Watching the video really explained it better than reading it. I had it all backwards, that’s probably because I was going back and forth between the article and a medical online dictionary, lol. I guess you would make the Hemp Oil almost exactly like making hash and hash oil. Which is in-essence all the same thing. I wish someone would speak more about the vaporization of the plant. I was a plant smoker for decades, but since I found vaporizing the plant without smoking any of the plant material and still getting the benefits of the plant, I have switched over. Now it’s hard for me to go back to smoking it the traditional way. And forget pipes, it tastes like…….., well lets just say it’s not the best way to ingest the plant.

    I used to use Marijuana for the high, but now I use it for a multitude of health problems. And it’s better than any narcotic pain meds I’m prescribed now. I lower my narcotic use and increase my cannabis use. I can’t wait for CT to start opening Medical Marijuana Shops so I can sample a variety of different strains for what’s ailing me!!!!
    Thanks again M. Simon,

  10. I just checked out your site Guy, and I’m defiantly subscribing to it!! Good stuff there too!!! Thanks!!!

  11. Holy crapola M. Simon, one needs a medical dictionary to even understand what the freak they were talking about in that report!! Especially after doing a Vap of Chemdawg, YIKES!!!!!!
    If Marijuana causes cancer, then I must be loaded with it. I’ve been using weed since 1969, I’m 58 now, and I’m still here and still using. No cancer yet…….

  12. Awesome job everybody and thank you for the nice words on us readers :) That’s way you all are above and beyond any cannabis blog out there. I visit several times a day and thank you all again for doing a great job!!!!!

  13. Johnny Bloomington on

    Its TWB then I check marijuana.com and I finish with huffpost’s marijuana section. Anyway Thanks dudes.

  14. I come here second every morning. Usually, even if I check a dozen other sites, I will have read all the significant news here already. Thank you for being such a great source of information for the movement.

  15. This blog is the one you need regarding cannabis. It’s informative, educational, professional, and respectful. If the universe and its people were responsible and respectful like cannabis loving people. We would have Peace throughout !
    Thanks Johnny

  16. anthony taylor on

    No, thank you. It has been a wonderful assest to have your team and the stories that you have put out. We are on the verge of great change in Oregon and I look forward to your continued reporting. Thank you. anthony taylor

  17. Reading the WEED BLOG is part of my morning rituals–you do a great job!

    I do a few marijuana posts in my blog–and many are from your articles!

    Keep on blogging!


  18. The squares on facebook will never let any type of Hemp product book allowed on their site. But, I have a feeling if a big company like Macy’s, Walmart, etc, etc, wanted to advertise a line of clothing made of hemp by some famous fashion designer, they would be tripping all over themselves trying to get their business. But someone who’s not well known that wants to talk about their Hemp Book or whatever, it’s all lumped into marijuana. Small minds and uneducated people is what the problem is!!!!

  19. Sorry for the problems, the guy who contractually is the only one who can sell any advertising hasn’t been selling ads. That simple, and from what I gather, he hasn’t even been contacting anyone but I have sent him your info again and he says he will be contacting people next week. Hopefully we get something going soon. Assuming Johnny can stay on, we are only a 3 man operation (aside from our writers) and are just transitioning from a hobby blog to a full time deal. Sorry again, nothing against you or your cause.



  20. Phuque Oregon on

    I do not understand why I have been given such a run-around trying to advertise my educational hemp book on The Weed Blog. I was fed line after line by Jonny Green that “the guy” had not come up with the ad prices yet…AFTER FOUR MONTHS!!! I also had another problem with Oregon Hemp Works on Facebook..Theyt acted like total duche bags when I posted my link on their comment wall that had MANY OTHER LINKS to people selling all sorts of hemp wares. NO WONDER OREGON’S MARIJUANA MEASURE FAILED!!! Those clowns act like assholes when it comes to promoting hemp products and information

  21. TWB is awesome. The great majority of people that comment on here are of good will and support cannabis freedom. With the Weed Blog, I feel like I’m among good friends. Keep up the good work.

  22. TWB is one of my daily and most important internet stops. Information is power and you are providing the information we need to carry on the fight. Thanks and best of luck.

  23. This site has become my go to source for Cannabis news… I look forward to watching the frontlines of our most righteous cause advance daily in these articles…

  24. The Thanks goes to YOU Johnny for your Weed Blogs!!! As soon as someone tells me the name/strain of a certain plant, I come here for the review and comments!!! I have now subscribed to your Blogs and can’t wait to read them all at my pleasure!!
    Thanks again,
    ROK ;)

  25. Johnny and Team,

    Thank you for writing this post. It’s honest and it’s beautiful. You guys truly are doing important things with this blog. It has become my go to place for marijuana and hemp news and fills a very important place in the current wave of cannabis evolution and revolution.

    There is nothing else like cannabis on this here planet. Perhaps not even in this universe. Nothing else is as medicinal, versatile, beneficial, ecological, economical, wearable, edible, nutritional, political, inspirational, spiritual, historical, international, multicultural or just plain fascinating. Nothing. Thank you for further enlightening us all on this ever-expanding topic.

    You are doing super work and I think I speak for us all when I say thanks so much and keep it up.

    Toke to you soon!

  26. I heap lavish praise and adoration on the hard working people at the Weed Blog. May the sun provide everything you desire, while drinking from the living waters of love.

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