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A Stoner’s Valentine’s Day Letter To Marijuana


valentines day marijuana cannabisDear Mary Jane,

You are the one person who will never judge me for hanging out with you, nor will you ever get mad at me. If I am sad, you always cheer me up and if I’m in pain, you can usually fix it quite easily. You never talk badly about anyone nor do you need constant verification that you’re pretty because you just are! And let me just add that you smell absolutely amazing as well.

Other then just fixing my problems, you fix those of others without a thought for yourself. I mean, we don’t exactly treat you nicely by grinding you up and lighting you on fire. But you don’t complain. You’ve helped so many people with cancer, AIDs, MS, epilepsy, and so many other disorders. Even those with depression depend on you for a brighter day. There are few problems that you can’t fix, Mary Jane. People in the world don’t realize how lucky we are to have a girl like you around.

While I know that people don’t really fully trust you yet, know that there are many that do! Stoners that love you are working hard to make sure that the world knows all of the good things about you and that they disregard all of the bad stereotypes that have followed you through the years. If we keep a positive attitude and work hard, I’m sure that your relationship with the people will be strong in the future, once people learn that you’re not that bad.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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  1. “Like we really need another day of the year to feel like shit because we’re single. Thank you very effing much Hallmark.” photobucket.com

  2. “There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” Steven Wright, brainyquote.com

  3. Drugs

    By: Hope

    All they wanted was a little fun,
    Those bootleggers of old.
    So what, if they carried a gun
    And got a little bold.

    Eventually they won their war
    And liquor was legalized.
    Then thugs like Al Capone and more
    Were practically canonized!

    Now after eighty years or more
    Another war’s declared.
    The procedure’s repeated just as before
    But this time no one’s spared.

    Their determination to win this time is a flaw
    Of the human condition.
    But all it proves to those in awe

  4. …and you are so misunderstood, so will do my best to get you the recognition you deserve, because I love you.

  5. for all these reasons you deserve to die and have all of your wealth confiscated. We’ll shoot your best friend too. Signed Jack The Booted Thug sent by your Congressman. Sarcasm button ON!

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