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A Thank You To Cannabis Industry Workers From The Weed Blog

marijuana industry workers labor day

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Working in the cannabis industry is probably one of the most exciting things that someone can do. But that’s not to say that it’s not without it’s issues. Bosses can be lame, customers can be lame, parts of some jobs can be lame, etc. Working in the marijuana industry is not all just dab hits and free samples.

On top of the issues that come with any job, cannabis workers also have to deal with operating under a microscope. Cannabis industry workers are the face of the cannabis industry for most people, and how they act reflects on the entire industry. Most of the cannabis workers I have met over the years are some of the finest people you will ever meet, and I always make sure to thank them for being such good stewards of the cannabis industry.

By being knowledgeable, compassionate, hardworking, and responsible, cannabis industry workers change minds daily. Cannabis opponents have worked very hard to build up stereotypes in the minds of the public as to what people that are involved with cannabis look like and act like. Cannabis opponents have worked for decades to paint cannabis enthusiasts as deadbeats who are a waste on society. It only takes one interaction with a cannabis industry worker for someone to have those stereotypes shattered if the worker is a responsible one.

I want to personally thank every cannabis industry worker who is doing it right. Whether you work at a garden, a dispensary, or an ancillary company, thank you for doing what you do, and I will continue to root for your success! Thank you from The Weed Blog crew, and happy Labor Day!


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  1. And as a Cannabis Industry Worker, I’d like to say “Thank you!” for spreading the good news at this site! The world is now more informed, educated, and therefor better off because of the efforts here at TheWeedBlog. I follow almost daily and will continue to do so, keep up the great work!

  2. Michael Miller on

    In Ohio, I hope to be one of these people soon. I am battling cancer as well, and some day I also hope I can try using some type of oil. What type of people make it impossible for others to use a safe, effective medicine? They’ll dance around the issue saying things like “we need more testing”, but yet it is known that a person can’t possibly die from ingestion, and that it has never led to any disease.

  3. I know of at least 4 people with disabilities and on SSI, that are now back at work and making a decent wage. their are probably many more. One of whom is in a wheel chair and another with diabetes since he was 17.
    They were fortunate to already have lived in Colorado, and not Behind the Wall in Floriduh from which there is no escape.

  4. Right on! They are hardworking everyday people that happen to like their jobs in the industry. I which it was legal in my state, it might motivate some folks on welfare to taking a job and actually paying taxes just like the rest of us. LEGALIZE NOW!

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