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Ace Of Spades Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


ace of spades marijuana strainAce Of Spades Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

I have not personally consumed the Ace of Spades marijuana strain, but a handful of my friends have and they say it’s an amazing strain. It was created by TGA Subcool Seeds, which speaks for itself. TGA Subcool Seeds has always been my favorite seed breeding company, and all their strains are fantastic. Below is a description of the strain from TGA:

“This is another hybrid that combines lemon and berry in order to have that sweet and sour taste I like so much. Ace of Spades is also a very large variety with hearty thick heavy flowers. The outer leaves are a vibrant purple to blue with hints of coloring throughout. Many variations are extremely colorful with traces of pink and magenta. The smoke is smooth and soft on the throat with a slight berry and sandalwood flavor. The lemon is understated but still present. The high comes on fast and strong and is very upbeat almost giddy. The Indica Influence is felt later in the trip and transfers into an overall body stone. Very powerful medicine.”

“The name of this strain is appropriate, every hit i take feels like the high card of weed, very powerful.” – moonphoenix89

Check out the Ace of Spades marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Ace of Spades, and how Ace of Spades affects various ailments.

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ace of spades marijuana strain


ace of spades marijuana strain


ace of spades marijuana strain


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  1. Matthew Prusac on

    Learn how to trim, u make it look horrible
    Its good strain, but it should have alot of purp in it

  2. I don’t think those white ‘thingies’ should fall off… Those white thingies are just like the bigger brown thingies trichomes (my biology teacher told me that), except that in brown trichomes there are no alcaloids or whatever and are bigger for protection of the small alcaloid (meaning they have THC) trichomes. Those white thingies are actually the most toxic part of the plant is what gets you high or stoned, so the more there are, the better. In my country we like to call them crystals (has nothing to do with crystal meth, you junkies), because they sort of glitter and are sticky. I think that the large, brown trichomes are the indicator when to harvest, if you are looking for high feeling, them chop down a branch when they are still kind off white, but if you are looking for getting stoned, them chop it later, when they are actually brown like in this picture. Hope this was helpful ;)

  3. One day, hopefully soon, you will be able to legally advertise your alleged wares. Until then, wtf?

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  5. A gift from god and a miracle of nature, sure enough. I’m ready to dive head first into my computer screen in the hope I am really in the Matrix, will transform into some kind of digital being, and be able to (softly) land right beside that gorgeous plant in the picture. Hey man, it’s me, don’t worry, I’m just gonna take a few of these plants here, for scientific purposes and all, so I’ll see ya sometime in the future, okay? Keanu Reeves out.

  6. No name. Whole plant was in sun most of the day until late Sept. This bottom branch flower was formed when we harvested the rest of the plant, but then it swelled and changed color, and got more sugary. This could have been how all the stems full of flowers looked if we left them alone. Lesson learned. And we don’t even know what strain it is. But it’s a gift and I’ll take it.

  7. My dude just hooked it up with this shit… smoked so damn good. GA we don’t play. Rolling up dat high grade

  8. You let the thingies fall off? That sounds… criminal!
    So you’re saying this beautiful girl bloomed without sun and grow up to look like this?
    What’s her name? (Or, what WAS her name?)

  9. Thingies fall off AND are harder to see. Raw photo, yes. Uber grower, not. Accidental plant. In fact I made the newbie mistake of harvesting too early. This is the middle of one bottom branch left behind to see what would happen. Let this be a lesson to all newbies. Looked done, but 3 1/2 weeks later this happens. Duh. And it wasn’t even in the sun anymore.

  10. That doesn’t even look real. You painted that, didn’t you. Such pretty colors!
    So, when the bud is dried, all those white thingies turn a darker color and are harder for me to see in the finished product? Or are you just boasting, you uber-grower you?

  11. Somebody sprinkled powdered sugar on this plant to make it look prettier, photo-shopped the trichomes, or used some sort of reflection trick in the last picture (didn’t they?)

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