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Action Alert: Call Portland City Council TODAY About Bad Marijuana Regulations


portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary collective deliveryPortland, Oregon is one of the most progressive places in America. So it’s shocking to many that the City of Portland is proposing some harsh changes to marijuana policy. See the action alert below, and do what you can please:

Today the Portland City Council is voting on regulations for marijuana businesses — and there’s a provision that we’re worried will be bad for medical marijuana patients.

It would prohibit medical or recreational dispensaries from being within 1,000 feet of each other. That means there likely would be some areas where patients with debilitating diseases would struggle to get access to the medicine they need. Such a rule would also prevent good people with good ideas from entering the market, and make it easier for the criminal market to remain strong. Imagine if McMenamins wasn’t allowed to enter the craft beer market because someone opened up first within 1,000 feet of them and all suitable locations were already zoned out because of a 1,000 foot rule.

Please contact the Portland City Council today to let them know what you think. You can reach the mayor’s office and leave a message by calling 503-823-4120.  Also send them an email: mayorhales@portlandoregon.gov; Nick@portlandoregon.gov; amanda@portlandoregon.gov; commissioner-novick@portlandoregon.gov; dan@portlandoregon.gov.

We also have other concerns:

  • Patients may have to pay state and local taxes for their medicine, even though they don’t have to for other prescriptions.

  • Under another proposed rule, both medical and retail outlets would have to pay a licensing fee of $975.

  • Medical dispensaries would then pay a renewal fee of $2,000 while retail stores would pay an additional $4,175 upon renewal.

These rules are contrary to the intent of Measure 91, which was designed to allow businesses to outcompete the criminal market. More than 70 percent of Portland residents voted for Measure 91. Please contact Portland City Council Members and urge them to uphold the will of voters.

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Johnny Green


  1. It is an arbitrary distance to keep from flooding the market completely. Nothing wrong with trying to cull the herd a bit if it is good for business overall.

  2. I can only hope you get a great care provider who either takes you to pick up medication or bring medication to you. That is the purpose of a care provider.

  3. What I heard watching the Council Meeting on the web was the fact that if you are not first to file for a OLCC license than someone else could close your existing dispensary by getting the first license and taking the 1000 ft perimeter. Unless there is a Grandfather clause. But it was also stated that a dispensary would have to relinquish it’s OHA Medical license for an OLCC license. It will force those who believe in medicinal use to follow their hearts one way or another.

  4. Recall those council members that want to keep cannabis in the shadows. Stupid regulations for a plant that does no harm. Portland? Really? Doh!

  5. it depends on the person, but thats beside the point when there is no rational for the 1000 ft restriction.

  6. I moved to Portland in 1978 and am a disabled medical patient who is unable to walk well or far after a blood clot in my leg. Naturally, I try to visit dispensaries that are the shortest drive. But disabled parking is nonexistent because dispensaries tend to be in converted houses or storefronts with no disabled parking. This makes dispensary access for me different than going somewhere like a grocery store. Glad I don’t actually need wheel-chair access. Where I able-bodied, I may have overlooked this reality.

    As an activist in Oregon since 1998 and very active supporter of last year’s Measure 91 – Oregon’s Legalization – please know these proposed rules for Portland are unnecessary at best and will negatively impact the most disabled among us. Concerned I may have to find yet another dispensary, I contacted our Portland mayor and city commissioners. I hope others did too. Thanks Johnny for supporting Oregon voters.

  7. Struggle to get access if the outlets/dispensaries are 1000ft apart from each other? Dubious claim at best, blatant lie at worst. Do I like the rest of the changes? No, but that complaint is not supported by common sense in any fashion.

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