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Action Alert – Help Move Medical Marijuana In The Pennsylvania House


pennsylvania marijuana legislatureI received the following action alert from Philly NORML:

As you are probably well aware, the PA medical marijuana bill Senate Bill 3 which passed the Senate this past March has hit a brick wall in the House. The same brick wall that’s plagued medical marijuana legislation since 2009 – Rep. Matt Baker (R – Tioga County). Baker chairs the Health committee, where SB3, HB193, and even the new HR373 have been assigned. He’s been quoted numerous times stating that he will not move any medical marijuana bill.

It’s time that Philly NORML did something about this. There are possible ways around Rep. Baker, but it’s up to us to make it happen. What we want to do is get another member of the Health committee to make a motion to re-refer SB3 to a different committee, such as Judiciary or Human Services. That motion requires another committee member to ‘second’ it. Once that happens they can vote on it no matter what Baker thinks. This exact process happened in 2011 with the medical marijuana bill we had there at the time – we ended up moving it out of Health into Human Services.

We can’t let Baker hold up the process any longer. We can’t let him block medical marijuana legislation for the FOURTH Legislative session in a row! Not only do we know medical marijuana is a popular issue in the state, but we know that efforts to improve and pass the bill will succeed if we move it out of the Health committee. More importantly, we know the bill will pass once it gets to the floor.

Please take 10 minutes out of your day to reach out to the following legislators below to deliver a simple message:

“The next time the Health committee holds a hearing, please make a motion to re-refer SB3, HB193, and HR373 to either the Judiciary or Human Services committee.”

The members of the Health committee:

Co-Chair: Florindo J. Fabrizio ffabrizio@pahouse.net (814) 455-6319, (717) 787-4358

Kristin Hill khill@pahousegop.com (717) 428-9889, (717) 783-8389
Marcy Toepel mtoepel@pahousegop.com (610) 323-3299, (717) 787-9501
Tarah Toohil ttoohil@pahousegop.com (570) 453-1344, (717) 260-6136
Becky Corbin bcorbin@pahousegop.com (610) 524-5595, (717) 783-2520
Jim Cox jcox@pahousegop.com (610) 670-0139, (717) 772-2435 (medical cannabis advocate)
Gary Day gday@pahousegop.com (610) 760-7082, (717) 787-3017
Frank A. Farry ffarry@pahousegop.com (215) 752-6750, (717) 260-6140
Marcia M. Hahn mhahn@pahousegop.com (610) 746-2100, (717) 783-8573
Aaron D. Kaufer akaufer@pahousegop.com (570) 283-1001, (717) 787-3798
Tim Krieger tkrieger@pahousegop.com (724) 834-6400, (724) 925-5490, (717) 260-6146
John A. Lawrence jlawrence@pahousegop.com (610) 869-1602, (717) 260-6117
Harry Lewis Jr. hlewis@pahousegop.com (610) 269-1289, (610) 857-2145, (717) 787-1806
Paul Schemel pschemel@pahousegop.com (717) 749-7384, (717) 263-1053, (717) 783-5218
Jesse Topper jtopper@pahousegop.com (814) 623-9097, (717) 787-7076
Judy Ward jward@pahousegop.com (814) 695-2398, (814) 742-7204, (717) 787-9020

Mary Jo Daley mdaley@pahouse.net (610) 832-1679, (717) 787-9475
Vanessa Lowery Brown vbrown@pahouse.net (215) 879-6615, (717) 783-3822 (cosponsor of HB193)
Michael H. Schlossberg mschlossberg@pahouse.net (610) 821-5577, (717) 705-1869
Kevin J. Boyle kboyle@pahouse.net (215) 331-2600, (215) 695-1016, (717) 783-4944 (cosponsor of HB193)
Jason Dawkins jdawkins@pahouse.net (215) 744-7901, (717) 787-1354
Pamela A. DeLissio pdelissio@pahouse.net (215) 482-8726, (717) 783-4945
Robert F. Matzie rmatzie@pahouse.net (724) 266-7774, (724) 375-3052, (717) 787-4444
Gerald J. Mullery gmullery@pahouse.net (570) 740-7031, (570) 636-3500, (717) 783-4893
Michael H. O’Brien mobrien@pahouse.net (215) 503-3245, (717) 783-8098

Philly NORML has not yet weighed in on moving these bills out of Rep. Baker’s direct influence, but the time has come. We are a political force, but only if we act! So call and email today!

Thank you,

– The Philly NORML Team

PS: if you happen to know anybody in Rep. Baker’s district, now would be the time to reach out to them and ask them to tell him to get with the program.


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  1. They can’t separate active chemicals in cannabis. Or they would have legalized long ago.

  2. This,man needs to,go.to believe that one man can stop a democratic process from happening is appalling.

  3. Doctor gave me 2 years to live..psoriasis of the live brought on by hepatitis C.What’s ironic about this I caught the virus with a blood transfusion I receive at age 14 the Red Cross supplied the blood which was tainted.If you ask me it was a government experiment …

  4. How long will it take for this process to happen. Why did people back this person?

  5. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Noble efforts for sure, Caitlin, but in New York many years of experience shows that phone calls and old-fashioned letters–as well as face-to-face lobbying in groups, if you and other advocates have the time–are the only effective means of communication with lawmakers on the subject of cannabis. A sickening 8 decades of “marihuana” hysteria among most lawmakers are extremely difficult to counteract.

  6. Just emailed all. Everyone else, PLEASE email them too.. I am suffering with PTSD and can’t take any prescription medication. This herbal would help me tremendously and could possibly be a life saver. Please.

  7. my brother and I both take seizures have anxiety chronic headaches and my brother has fibromyalga

  8. Cannabis is a dangerous drug, to big pharma’s profits. And they have a ton of money they’ve been throwing around to make it worthwhile for influential people to see it their way. But they’ll pay for this one day when people realize how badly big pharma has stabbed them in the back. The public health community is going to face some hard questions too. It’s their responsibility more than anyone else to keep the discussion on alcohol vs cannabis real, but they’ve been AWOL for 100 years. It’s no thanks to them that people have finally figured out that alcohol is way more dangerous than weed.

  9. Stan Johnson on

    When I read about state legislatures refusing to pass medical marijuana into law, I shake my head in disbelief. There is currently a medication called “Dronabinol” (sold as ‘Marinol’) that has been approved by the FDA and DEA that has been available by prescription for 30 years. Dronabinol is a synthetic form of THC made by pharmaceutical companies that has the same effects on a person as the natural occurring THC in marijuana (the mirrored effects are the “buzz”, the “munchies”, pain relieving properties, etc.). I can attest to those facts as a past user of both Marinol and marijuana. A major difference between Dronabinol and marijuana is in being able to regulate intake. Dronabinol comes in a “fish egg” like capsule mixed with sesame seed oil and is available in three different strengths, 2.5mg, 5mg and 10mg. The problem lies in the fact that you cannot regulate your intake of Dronabinol. You simply take the capsule and hang on for the ride. With marijuana, one can take a puff, wait a couple minutes and then if needed, take another puff in order to regulate intake to deal with the level of the drug needed. Another huge drawback to Dronabinol is the fact that you get no immediate effect from the drug due to the time it takes oral medications to go through your system. This isn’t the case with smoking marijuana. Also, even though marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug (those with no medicinal value, a high risk of addiction, etc), our federal government has over a dozen patents on record for the medicinal uses of marijuana. Why is it that a SYNTHESIZED, PHARMACEUTICAL version of THC is legal with a prescription yet the NATURAL FORM of THC which occurs in marijuana is not? Could the an$wer po$$ibly lie in the fact that big pharmaceutical companie$ stand to lose large amount$ of money now that studies show marijuana does, indeed, have medicinal uses? Regardless of what our government wants us to believe, marijuana is NOT a highly addictive drug. I started smoking in my mid teens and 25 years later quit without a single addiction attribute. Those people still stuck in the “Reefer Madness” mindset surrounding marijuana need to wake up and learn the truth instead of sitting around a table discussing the “horrors” of pot while tossing back a few drinks which is nothing more than hypocrisy.

  10. 1 sadistic fascist piglet, from one legislative district, can thwart the will of over 80% of Pennsylvanians. What a pile.

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