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Action Alert: Oregon Health Authority Rules Advisory Committee December 14


new approach oregon marijuana legalizationStand up and be heard. Below is more information via the Oregon Extractors Association:

One of the things that we will be focusing on at the Oregon Extractors Association meeting on Monday, the 14th are upcoming rule changes for both medical and recreational cannabis processing. This meeting is from 6-8pm at the NW Cannabis Club at 1195 se Powell, in Portland.

Currently the Oregon Health Authority has an upcoming meeting on Monday the 14th as well, from 9am-12pm at 800 NE Oregon St., Portland, OR. These meetings are typically on Monday mornings, and they are developing the medical rules for dispensaries, processing, and growing. In this meeting they will also be discussing packaging, labeling, and testing. This will also address the new concentrate limits in extracts and edibles- testimony will be received.

Yesterday at the meeting, the RAC proposed rule changes that were detrimental to how Oregon processors do business. Within these rules, processors would no longer be able to provide extracts directly to their patients, under a medical cannabis license. I have attached the appropriate documents for your review. Under these rules, processed cannabis would only be able transferable to a medical dispensary. This would potentially mean the end of receiving cannabis, then processing it, and splitting the yield. This is reflected on the 7th page that is attached.

Your testimony is very, very valuable to the rule making process. If you can attend on Monday morning, please do. Only comment is allowed on what was discussed during the meeting, and may only be offered at the close of the meeting, or submitted online. To offer testimony, please e-mail public.health.rules@state.or.us.

During yesterday’s meeting, I offered testimony on behalf of the Oregon Extractors Association that the proposed changes would drastically effect the way we do business. Patients would be charged for their extracts if they were required to purchase them from a dispensary, instead of acquiring them directly from the processor. The committee didn’t seem to take into effect patient to patient transfers, or that caregivers and growers can transfer products to patients. The head of the committee, Shannon O’ Fallon, expressed repeatedly that processors may not be dispensaries.

Please submit testimony against these proposed rule changes, with the suggestion that medical processors be allowed to transfer extracts to patients at the processing sites. We will discuss what happens at the RAC meeting on Monday night at the Oregon Extractors Association Meeting as well. If you have not yet rsvp’d to our meeting, please do so. To be rsvp’d we need your company name, point of contact, phone number, preferred e-mail, and how many will be in attendance. Please send rsvp’s to oregonextractorsassociation@gmail.com


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  1. “anti – human groups have been distributing seedstocks of weed into the
    United States and elsewhere for years now which have bad things spliced
    into the genetics and also have been spraying a lot of the weed supplies
    with bad things.”
    What does that quote mean exactly? What do you cite as evidence for this genetic manipulation? I’ve heard of some of these legal companies spraying pesticides and getting sued such as LivWell in Colorado but I don’t know of what ‘bad things’ being sprayed on them you are speaking of.

    What you are saying sounds like unfounded rumor bullshit to me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt such things can happen and do and I have an open mind but if you can’t provide any evidence at all then you are simply full of crap and need to stop running your mouth spreading rumors. Why hasn’t anyone had this genetically perverted Weed tested and expose its man made genetic structure?

    It is up to the PRO-Cannabis community to preserve Cannabis genetics.

  2. Wow … The bodies that have been voted in to make the rules want everyone to grow their four plants or buy from a dispensary …… It’s gonna be hard to put this monster back in the bag … Oregonians wanted to regulate and tax …… And the government now , is going overboard with rules and regulations ….

  3. jasen joseph hylbert on

    You read my comment, take it to heart. If you are too much of a freedom of speech suppressor to post it then the others who visit your website are missing out.

  4. jasen joseph hylbert on

    While pure unaltered herbal cannabis is relatively benign, anti – human groups have been distributing seedstocks of weed into the United States and elsewhere for years now which have bad things spliced into the genetics and also have been spraying a lot of the weed supplies with bad things. I am not talking about high THC levels. The bad compounds which have been added to much of the herbal cannabis which is increasing in prevalence currently are there to add truely addictive qualities to the herbal cannabis and to physically weaken and take away the vigor of the users. Those who ignored hemp while focusing the industries surrounding the cannabis plant on herbal cannabis instead of hemp are ultimately responsible for setting and maintaining the course of history surrounding cannabis in the direction of the tainted products which are gaining prevalence today.

    I am not a defeatist, and nobody has effectively made me feel ashamed of my nationality or culture as an American.

    The war on America and much of the rest of the world will continue until industrial hemp is completely unrestricted. I have reason to believe that there are ecoterrorist warmonger types who know this truth and are quite pleased to be a part of this tragedy while price gouging their aquaintances in the meantime. For those of us who communicate with sincerity and passion and who actively enhance ecosystems while providing the local food which we can, your actions as ecoterrorists are exposed as ironic and just plain evil. Hating humanity has nothing to do with real actual ecology – I say it is time that the rest of us drop the “eco” from “eco – terrorists” and just call them haters or terrorists. It is quite obvious that American and European humanity haters are being used to clear the way for a continued gradual empirialistic replacement. The cultures which are attempting to take us over are far more puritanistic, violent and judgemental. They are also far less ecologically concerned, and also much less pro human. Hear about the muslim women who assaulted a woman in France for wearing a bikini? If you think they will reward you for clearing the way for them you are quite mistaken. The bans on hemp tend to spread like a plague and it is damaging the currency to have all these expensive wasteful systems of price support in place for herbal cannabis salespeople.

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