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Action Requested In Port Huron Medical Marijuana Case


port huron medical marijuana michiganOn Wednesday in Port Huron the ongoing case of the Blue Water Compassion Centers gets dragged through the courts again. The cases originated in 2011 when prosecutors from Tuscola executed warrants on three Blue Water businesses, including one in Sanilac and one in St. Clair County. The case has been up and down the legal system and was dismissed already twice by judges. Prosecutors, refusing to let the issue drop, have challenged the rulings every time at great expense and embarrassment.

The court action will be a defense response to plea bargain offers made by Prosecutors. Defendants, including Jim and Debra Amsdill, are requesting attendance from anyone who opposes the waste of resources, the persecution of patients and the perversion of process this case represents. Activists will gather on the sidewalk outside the courthouse at 201 McMorran Blvd., Port Huron, on Wednesday, September 30 at 12:00. The court proceeding begins at 1:30; signs are welcome on the sidewalk but are not allowed in the courthouse building itself.

TCC reported on the Blue Water case in August of 2015. Jim, Debra and attorney Paul Tylenda had these things to say:

“This is past criminal punishment and is now cruel and unusual punishment by the government,” Jim Amsdill flatly stated. “They do it to break you down.”

“It’s constantly on your mind. It’s nerve wracking.”

Tylenda said, “Prosecutors are never going to say, hey, this case stinks. They don’t just drop cases. They let the process work itself out… It is a waste.”

“There seems to be a loss of interest” on the part of prosecutors to drive these cases forward, Tylenda said. “When this all began there was a feeling that cases like these were going to mean more than they have.”

With the Blue Water case, it’s easy to see why the push to prosecute continues. “The Attorney General’s office is running the show,” Jim reported. “He’s in charge in the courtroom.”

Source: The Compassion Chronicles

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  1. 82% of Oncologists want their Cancer patients to be able to use Medical Marijuana.

    Denying Medical Marijuana to Americans with Cancer or American Children with Seizures who need it to stay alive is a crime against humanity.

  2. The Michigan AG and Governor are both haters and have tried to derail the will of the people(MMJ passed by 63% in 2008) with their own hate agenda. This last crap about the dispensaries bill is proof. They created more criminal offenses with this new bill, we thought decriminalization was the direction we were heading until this new bill. It creates criminals out of caregivers for what they are currently doing.

    Michigan AG and Governor should be tried for hate crimes against the MMJ community.

    There is NO REASON for them to continue this case other than hatred, 2 other Judges have dismissed these charges.

    Obvious proof of hatred.

    LEGALIZE 2016, cut the cops out of the loop.

  3. it seems like the best route to go with this is to elect new officials the ones that are there now are stuck in the past… the times they are a changing.

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