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Advocates To Unvail Plans For Legal Medical Marijuana Defense


gavel cannabisLegal medical marijuana dispensary to challenge U.S. Attorney for straight legal test of California state law, to announce plans for ongoing defense of legitimate medical marijuana operations

Advocates, patients, and concerned citizens in support of the only state and county approved legal medical marijuana dispensary in California’s four county southern border region, announced plans to unveil strategy to defend one of the model medical marijuana dispensaries in the nation this coming Monday at a press conference on the steps of San Diego’s federal court building.

Representatives of Mother Earth’s Alternative Healing Cooperative said they would announce the plans and a specific challenge to U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy at the press conference on the steps of the U.S. federal court house in San Diego on Monday, July 23 at 11:00 a.m.

The medical marijuana cooperative facility located in an industrial area near Gillespie Field in El Cajon, CA is facing imminent eviction which would effectively shut down the operation despite the lack of a direct legal challenge by the federal government.

“The lack of a straight legal challenge by the U.S. Government to California state law or even San Diego County’s licensing of the cooperative is a slap in the face of California voters and the right of states to regulate medical marijuana,” said Robert Reidel of spokesperson for the cooperative. “We intend to announce a challenge to the U.S. Attorney and take whatever steps are necessary to continue to provide medical marijuana to the 70,000 plus patients in need in San Diego County.”

Attorney General Eric Holder and his U.S. Attorneys have indicated they are not targeting medical marijuana establishments in compliance with state law. However, this and other federal actions indicate otherwise. Just days after Attorney General Holder testified before Congress in June that his Justice Department would only undertake enforcement action against medical marijuana organizations operating “out of conformity with state law,” armed federal agents raided El Camino Wellness, a respected — and fully permitted medical cannabis dispensary in Sacramento, California and asset forfeiture proceedings were filed against the longest standing permitted dispensary in Oakland, Harborside Health Center.

The U.S. Attorney’s office in San Diego is using the same tactics to attempt closure of Mother Earth’s Alternative Healing Cooperative. This comes despite full compliance with California state law and certification by the County of San Diego. The San Diego County’s Sheriff’s Department has inspected and certified the facility as legal and in compliance.

“California state law is clear. San Diego County regulations are clear. We have complied with both,” said Reidel. “This is a conflict between states and the federal government and needs to be resolved in a manner which ends this insane waste of federal tax money and resources. Pursuit of legitimate and legal medical marijuana facilities is the ultimate example a futile federal drug policy. This federal folly must end.”

The advocate’s press conference will take place at 11:00 a.m. in front of the U.S. Attorney’s Southern District Office of California at the Federal Office Building located at 880 Front Street in downtown San Diego.

Rally Planned

WHAT: Medical marijuana advocates to challenge U.S. Attorney’s tactics to close legal marijuana facility in El Cajon

WHEN: Monday, July 23, 2012 at 11:00 a.m.

WHERE: Front of U.S. Federal Building office at 880 Front Street, downtown San Diego

WHY: Indirect attempt to close the only permitted medical marijuana dispensary in the San Diego County


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  1. We need help here in Alabama on trying to get medical marijuana legal for patients like me. Please someone help us

  2. i ve used it 44 yrs for hepC wich i contract from being in nursing field,am now retired,it really help with symtom s of flu type very rough illness interferon wasnt,an option for cancer present and have been holding my own no alcohol,or pills.the flushes from my illness are unreal and it settles it down where i can get a good rest when needed,never could understand , weve had two presidents who smoked it and im sure they still wack the bong now and then lol we will never know but they should understand it didnt hurt them after all they are leaders of our great country good luck and god bless we whom are ill understand its VALUE ,

  3. i have smoked for 30+ years it helps with my fibromyalgia and in no way has it killed any brain cells getting older is not helping with memory too good but for the most part i would say i’m pretty smart.a murderer would get less time than someone caught for marijuana


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