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Afgoo Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Afgoo Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

I have smoked a lot of Afgoo in my day. It’s very common in the Willamette Valley of Oregon where I live. I always love the abundant trichome coverage on Afgoo nugs. Most of the Afgoo I have smoked is dense, which isn’t uncommon for indicas. The smell is fruity, but not too pungent. The taste is not as desirable to me compared to other strains, but it’s distinct, and I think you get an acquired taste to it. Watch out, because Afgoo packs a punch.

“A good night time strain that won’t knock you out, unless you medicate too much. Great for the pain that keeps people from sleeping.” – Brad420Brad

Check out the Afgoo marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Afgoo, and how Afgoo affects various ailments.

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afgoo marijuana strain

afgoo marijuana strain


afgoo marijuana strain


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