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Afgooey aka Afgoo Medical Marijuana Strain


afgooey marijuana strainAfgooey AKA Afgoo Marijuana Strain Review

Today’s strain is Afgooey aka Afgoo, each Monday there will be a new strain with snippets from around the web about the strain. If you’ve tried this strain feel free to let us know your experience. What was the high like? How did it taste? How did it smell? If you’ve got some bud and want it to make an appearance in a future Medicated Mondays, snap some pics and send them to tribute@hailmaryjane.com and be sure to include the name of the strain as well as any information you may have about it. Hit the jump for more.

Kind Reviews:
Grade: A-

Type: Mostly Indica Hybrid, Maui Haze x Afghan No. 1

Price: $50/8th

Appearance: (8/10) We had samples made up of two different plants from the same batch, as one was lighter green than the other. However, both samples showed off abundant trich coverage and average density for an Indica, with small amounts of peach-colored pistils. It had an average manicure, it would’ve shined a bit more without some of the guard leaves, though they were frosty.

Aroma: (8.5/10) Very surprising for the lineage, it smelled almost like sweet strawberry candy, reminding one reviewer of a standard Blueberry but with a pervading freshness that isn’t normally found in that strain. Unusually fruity and pleasurable smell for an Afghani-derived plant. A slightly early harvest in our estimation, with less than 10% visible ambers and many clear trichs.

Taste: (7/10) This strain yielded a complex and sophisticated sort of flavor, with a herby and slightly sweet frontal attack followed by notes of smoke, scotch, oak, and pine. We’re not sure if we really liked it… it may be one of those acquired tastes. The smoke was smooth though and not particularly expansive… good choice for those who don’t like to cough.

Effects: A fuzzy-feeling mental state and warm, buzzy extremities started off this heavily Indica experience. A bit slack-jawed and goofy, we felt our mood elevate but never really felt the urge to get up out of a seated position, except perhaps to go lay down instead. One reviewer in particular (standard-to-high dosage, 0.2g) felt strongly somatic effects and needed a nap, while the others were rather functional despite the level of relaxation provided by this strain. Definitely prone to sedentary activities rather than active ones, this is most appropriate as a later day Indica, especially at higher dosages.

Duration: Medium, 2- 2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors — personal opinion ONLY) Major relaxation (mental and physical), mood elevation, sleep aid, anti-anxiety, hypertension, mild pain relief, and ocular relief.

Overall: An unusually sweet and fruity Afghani, this sample of Afgooey had quite a lot of medicinal benefits for patients who seek relaxation, relief of mild aches and pains, and a somatic experience. At higher dosages, it can be a bit overwhelming if you have things to do during the day… but at average dosages, it has a low “ceiling” and won’t completely knock you out. For a night at home with little responsibility, you can’t go wrong with this strain – very solid representation of an Indica experience.

Medical Marijuana Strains:

Strain Name: Afgooey

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Very crystalline green, with spurts of bright orange hairs intermittently.

Smell: Smells very dank and a little fruity.

Taste: Very smooth on the inhale, distinctly fruity on the exhale.

Effects: Very strong but very comfortable combination of body and head highs. Good solid euphorics, combined with good focus makes this a very pleasant useful buzz.

Potency: Effects lasted 3+ hours

Notes: Good for getting non active stuff done. Helps with stomach pains and general body aches. This is just a fucking fun bud to smoke.


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Johnny Green


  1. just got this yesterday. its unbelievable. one hit does the trick, hoping to continue to be able to find this near me. makes me ridiculously silly/giggly.

  2. I have severe nerve pain/peripheral neuropathy from antibiotics (from fluoroquinolones) toxicity. Afgoo helps with the nerve pain and tendon tightness… doesn’t seem to make me fuzzy, but a really fine pain reliever.

  3. Johnny..I agree with all that you said about Affgoo..
    The bud is loaded with gooey resin..
    I would definately say that it is a medical indica.Vaporized I get a fuzzy comfy feeling. Smoking a sudden punch of mellow and as an edible nice in a cobler before bed.
    I have fibromyalgia Affgoo,definately mellows physical muscle fatigue and overactive/ sensitve nervous system due to its ” couch lock” effects. I find its best to be prepared to lay low, expect heavy eyes and dry mouth, and the giggles, that is if you have the energy..Best use prior nap or as a after dinner activity.
    Sleep is heavy,sound, yet not hung over in the moring.

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