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Alabama House Committee Approves Medical Marijuana


The Alabama House Judiciary Committee approved a medical marijuana bill (HB 642) yesterday and sent it to the House for a full vote. Although a vote is unlikely this session (there are only 5 days left), it is still a very significant step in bringing medical marijuana to Alabama. “I know this is not an easy bill to come forth and vote for,” said Patricia Todd, the Alabama House Democrat that introduced the bill. “My intent is to help people who are hurting.” NEWS FLASH — There is a politician out there that wants to legalize medical marijuana TO HELP PEOPLE; not just to tax it!

The bill is called the ‘Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act,’ after a deceased Alabama man who had frequent seizures due to a brain tumor. Michael Phillips’ mother said marijuana was the only thing that helped. “I could see the difference in him when he smoked and when he didn’t,” Phillips said. HB 642 would permit a dispensary system as well as the right for the patient to grow for themselves. Approvable conditions would include cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Considering the fact that only the sickest patients would be allowed to use medical marijuana, EVERY politician should be on board, right? However, as expected, some members from the right side of the aisle are lining up in opposition. Representative Yusuf Salaam (D-Selma) worries that the bill would be a cover for recreational marijuana use, as well as marijuana legalization. Representative Spencer Collier (R-Mobile) worries about how the bill would affect law enforcement. I’m not sure why he is so worried, since he added an amendment to the bill that gives law enforcement the power to presume that marijuana is being used illegally until it is proven otherwise. After putting in the most unconstitutional amendment in the history of medical marijuana, Collier said “I don’t know if I can support this bill — probably ever.” Well I sure am glad that he won’t vote for the bill, yet will include toxic amendments….what a dick!

Here is a link to contact Alabama House Representative Spencer Collier contact Alabama House Representative Spencer Collier. You will see from his bio that he is a former member of law enforcement, which would explain a lot! I urge EVERY reader, even those that aren’t citizens of Alabama, to at the very least send an e-mail to Rep. Collier telling him why he is ignorant on this issue. Even better, write a letter! I was always taught in my upper division poly sci courses that for every written letter a politician receives, they assume that the letter represents THOUSANDS of constituents. Whether you write an e-mail, or write a letter, just promise me this; YOU WON’T DO NOTHING, BECAUSE NO ACTION IS THE WORSE THING YOU CAN DO!

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  1. Hey I have 11 twisted vertebrates, 5 upper and 6 lower, plus I have degenerative disc disease, and I have no curve in my spine which puts all my body weight down on nerves and my l5 disc is about gone, I don’t like taking pain pills cause I hear of so many people getting addicted to pills, yes when I can find it and afford it is do smoke marijuana it helps ease the sharp pains, I’m able to sleep, able to get up and move better, and able to eat, think about the people it will help, you can even have medical marijuana cards that have to be shown, there are so many people it would help and cut down on medical expenses

  2. I have Degenerative Disc Disease my #1 is bulging off to the right side my #2and3 is half gone I already have a plate in my neck at 4-5-6 and now my 7-8 is going bad they got me on zanax bars twice a day and endocet 10 mg 3 times a day plus other stuff and I’m still in pain but if and when I can fine any smoke it helps so much I can go outside and walk around with out being in alot of pain how can they say its healther and safer to take these pills then smoke a joint but yet cigarette is ok after they spry it with chemical Mr. Brown don’t give up and thank you for what your doing.

  3. I am very interested in opening a dispensary and also edibles to accomodate anyone the medically needs marijuana. I think your idea of the restaurant is indeed a great idea. I truly wish that people would realize the true reason people that medically need marijuana can not get it legally. Pharmaceutical companies can not trademark cannibas and they also make billions of dollars that pay politicians to keep us all in marijuana prohibition. Even the United States Federal government has recognized that it is medicine. They even had a program where they sent marijuana to people and they are not eligible for arrest. I just wish people in Alabama would wake up and realize that Lobbyists and Politicians make money on keeping it away from the suffering and sick people that need it. A good way to view it is that it would be no different than going to a Walgreen’s and picking up your presciription. Because if it passes the Senate, you will need a written prescription from you medical doctor.

  4. Anthony Holliday on

    I am a cancer patient and would love to be able to help treat my disease with marajuana. I don’t even know where to try and buy it. I wish it were legal in Alabama so I wouldn’t become a criminal because I wanted to try any medicine to help with this disease. What is criminal is the laws that will not let patients have a medicine that can help with the side affects of Chemo and possibly keep the cancer from spreading

  5. I would love to be involved in some of these ‘projects’ and I am a huge supporter of dispensaries. If anyone needs some help getting something started-respond…

  6. I grew up in a violent alcohol household where I was beaten regulary, denied meals, was not allowed to cry when getting beaten or witnessing my Father beating my Mother. My Mother attempted many suicide attempts over the course of growing up and would leave us children alone for days with our raging alcoholic Father. When she was not home, we lived in fear of what would happen to us.It was not unusual for ambulances to be called to our house. This abuse went on for approx 16yrs. During that time I was not allowed to tell anyone what was going on or I would be brutully beatened. One of my beatings, I had to sit in front of a fan to cool me off from the sweat, bruises and beating from my Father. Life was so impossible to endure. I could not live in that kind of abuse with out some kind of escape from the pain. Confusion, guilt, saddness, hurt stomach, severe headaches, wetting the bed till I was 16. I was pissed but who wouldn’t given those conditions. I didn’t want to become an alcoholic so I did not drink at first, so I tried pot to make me feel better and it did. I know if I had not had something to take away the monstors in my brain and the pain in my heart and my body, I knew I would ultimately kill myself. It was too much to endure on a young persons life to have bothe parents abuse you and leave you to fend for yourselves. There were even times when dinner would be withheld for punishment. I developed erregular eating habits and my gall bladder had to be removed at the age of 26. My sister did eventually take her life.
    And hell yea, I have rage!!!! But the only thing that brought any relief was the euphoric ingrediate in pot that I received. Is that a whole to lot to aske for someone that has been severly abused for 16 years. When all the crap about how bad pot was and companies starting drug testing, I had to quit pot but I still had to find something to turn off my forever memories of turture and abuse,. I then turned to alcohol, which damed near killed me and many others. You congress people, please get real, for God’s sake, just because you smoke to get relief or smoke a few puffs to acheive a slight good feeling. Ask yourself, who is the abuser in this scenerio. We are grown people who have paid taxes, worked our asses off in this country and we can’t have something that is not near the health risk to individuals aor the society at large. Pot is a weed. It does have beneficial value. We are not stupid human beings. Please, Please reconsider the health benefits for mariquana. There are many with very few side affects unlike all the ones on the market. Again, WH0 is the abuser here. YOU ARE! Let nature take its course. Let the people be the judge of whethere it should be legalized. I have experimented with many drugs finding pot to be the safest in all areas of health, relationships, except its illegal. Why???Because someone’s 50 thousand dollar a job is on the line??? Well we aren’t talking about someones salary. We are talking about millions of lives being lost to alcohol and other hard drugs because they are easier to get.And some tight MF wants to believe old propaganda or wants to save his paycheck verses betterment for all. Tell me who is the abuser. Brenda Floyd

  7. yes am too disable retired fron the service,i had the nrck and back operations ,i got the plate with 4 screws ,i was 56 when,2006 when they did it. took over four years worse thing evr had and still having trouble with it and my back,am single will divorce and had too go though all this alone.,doc like your gave me everthing you could thing of ,and all so ask him about mary jane too,same answer lol,my mother die in 1979 and my father 7 months later,she had cancer,i hearn that it would help ,doctor,s had take things that make her so sick .so i ask a friend too find me one,i got too try it .she told me that had help her better then all the things that the doctors had gave her,i was trucking at the time, she tried it 20 minutes after ,and not eating nothing that she could keep down. just be fore i left ,she ask me to fix her something too eat,i smile said yes mother. i left on my trip. she die after i got up state pa .yes it does help she was living proof.

  8. disabled and tired,,,, on

    I smoked mj for about 20 years due to a broken neck in 1985, this wasnt really the reason i smoked it, it was just that the mj stopped the pain, period….. all while i was a productive worker and yes i did pay those precious taxes all the while… now in feb. of 2009 i underwent a surgery which a titanium plate was put into my neck on the front side with a wedge of bone from a donor i guess, the surgery was basically a dissection of my entire neck. a titanium plate was put in along with 10 titanium screws, since then i have not been able to work at all, and been very depressed, feeling like a burden on society as well as my family as i have to have help with almost all daily activities. i am on a host of oxycodones, 15 mg. 4 x day, a drug called opana er, which i am on the highest dose possible now 40 mgs twice daily, this drug was outlawed in the 70’s, and now it pops up again under a different name (opana) it is oxymorphone, very dangerous causes hallucinations and scizophrenia, basically heroin. worse is when i beg my pain managemet dr. to let me smoke mj, he says it’s illegal here and if i was to get a d.u.i. that would be his a## for prescribing all the pain meds, i also get nucynta another narcotic painmed 75 mg 4 x daily. gabapentin 1800 mg day, xanax for anxiety, these doctors are pushing all this dope to get their golf trips and whatever, resort trips i guess it is just ridiculous to me that mj isnt legal for legitimate pain sufferers who actually need mj. 5 yrs ago before the surgery i use to could grow some of the best NL #5 you ever smoked in my special place but it got found by the cops snooping where they had no business being at all… I just dont get why Alabama is such a backwards state, but then again look who runs it, if they taxed it like california and colorodo we could have better schools or at least some where the kids can graduate and have a future without having to go into that joke of a military……even a lottery that would be great, look at georgia and florida, the proof is there. anyway just my opinion……..

  9. I am a Disabled Vet from OEF/OIF; I am disabled, I can no longer Drive, Because I suffer from multiple head injuries. I have what they call Central Vertigo, and its the worse feeling ever,and i cant even begain too explain it. While during Med Board from the army I was on all kinds of Med. Medication that I thought would harm me, It was the worse feeling ever, And it did not help whatsoever, I have tried everything, Except Marijuna.
    The Medication They gave me was far worse than anything i have ever heard about, And it had way too many side affects, I was basicly a zombie. If legalized And controlled It would be Outstanding, U dont see Drug dealers selling Tobacco or alcohole on the street, Or shooting ppl over it. tobacco and alochol kills over 700,000 ppl a year, POT kills ZERO, and its not addictive at all. From my research the Gov. Spends 800 Billion a year on what they call the war on Drugs. And another thing I have seen what drinking does too ppl, I have never know anybody too beat up there wife or kids when smoking marjiunan.
    And yes If legalized i do belive i would self-medicate myself, And see if it would do at lease something for me, Because there is no cure for what I have, and i have Tried everything…Central Vertigo, Not BPPV, Central is in the brain, not in the ears.

  10. We should end prohibition of marijuana especially for medical purpose. The pharmecedical companies with alcohol companies don’t want that cause it provides them with too much competition. Puritanical blue label laws didn’ work nor should medical marijuana or just in general will work either. Write your representatives and senators of yo state and let them know in 2011! Hopefully this changes but I will see in the future

  11. i am a vet from oif 3 n V and i suffer from aniexty and anger and nightmares and troubles around crowds, and i have back problems and shoulder problems all from iraq and when i smoke the pain and all the mental problems go away and i am able to function. i take tens of tens of bottles of pills and they do almost nothing an been doing this for years

  12. I was diagnosised with epilepsy in 2006 and was have seizures atleast 1 to 2 times a week along with having anxiety and also chronic pain due to 9 knee surguries. With all this going on I got very depressed and none of the anti-depressants seemed to help. I was giving several different types of seizures medicine and also plenty of pain medicine but when I started smoking marijuana my seizures where reduced to maybe 1 every 2 to 3 months and I very rarely take any pain medicine. Also my anxiety and depression is not even an issue any more. Thank God For Marijuana!!!! Please give us are medicine we really need so we don’t have no issues with the police…….

  13. Hello I am looking for a group of people specifically pot smokers who are willing to invest time and money into starting a legitimate cafe catering to the specific and sometimes strange taste of people with the “Munchies”. This is a very serious opportunity no scheme of any sorts every one will have a fair and equal share. Don’t miss out on the fun and profits. Pot is on it’s way to ALABAMA. So be ahead of things. No joke serious inquiries only. Contact Michael Boone at 205-482-1631 for details and a little piece of the pie I call life. Thanks and again this is real once in a life time opportunity so give me a call if you feel like making something of yourself.

  14. Conservative Christian on

    All of the prohibitionists’ arguments boil down to a single point: If my college-age child gets a little off track and starts using marijuana, the prohibitionists want to put them in PRISON. Prison is not good for my kids or for yours, and it’s much worse than the effects of marijuana, so we can pretty well disregard all of the prohibitionist nonsense about keeping it illegal “to protect the children.” I hope my kids steer clear of marijuana, but I REALLY hope that if they do use a little marijuana, they don’t end up in prison and don’t have to pay the prohibitionist “treatment” cronies in order to remain free and productive.

    If you’re a California citizen (or if you want to pass this along to any California citizens), Californians can register to vote at w w w . sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm by completing the online form and mailing it to the address on the form.

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