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Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition Strikes Back!


St. Clair County, Alabama – Two weeks ago, Jim McClendon (R), Chairman of the Alabama House Committee on Health, held an out of session hearing of the health committee to discuss the “issue” of medical marijuana. The hearing was supposed to be an honest debate of the issue, in actuality, it was a thinly veiled attempt to dishearten the medical marijuana community and kill HB 2, the Alabama Medical Marijuana Patients’ Rights Act

“Medical marijuana is an issue supported by an extremely small group of people in Alabama, while the vast majority of the population is opposed to this type of legislation,” McClendon stated in his closing remarks.

This morning, Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition (AMMJC), in an effort to show him the support he said the issue lacks, struck back.

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The ad is designed to capitalize on the blowback created in the press after the hearing of November 14, and will run in the St. Clair County Times for the next four weeks.

AMMJC is currently working on other ads focusing on House Speaker Mike Hubbard, and House Majority Leader Micky Hammon.

Although the ad is being used in print media, it was originally designed for roadside billboards. AMMJC is currently seeking funding for these billboards as well as additional print media through their “Storming the Statehouse” advertising fund.

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About Author

Ron Crumpton is the Executive Director of The Alabama Patients' Rights Coalition and The Alabama Safe Access Project and is running for Alabama Senate district #11 in the 2014 election.


  1. i believe it will pass because too many people need it as a med.but dont want to use becase it is illegal.. i say cut out all the anti depressant..just lite one up.. i mean come on howmany people have died from marijuana

  2. ok it is time for all the people involved in approving MMJ they need to go ahead and do it because we will not stop,never so do it now and start enjoying the millions it will bring in TAXES,and the state all states need it instead raising tax’s raise MMJ Kentucky farmers r ready to go asap with it so quit procrastinating and do it because u will eventually with kindness, steve

  3. well we can get support tell us what we need and we will do it,they r so many not coming out yet their not sure what to do they think if they do favor MMJ they will get in trouble so we would have to go after those np we can do it,,,go Ron

  4. President O’bama needs to step up to address the Medical Marijuana issue for this entire country. Its been accepted by over 37% of the country with several bills currently pending in many other States. The country is fed up with the feet dragging on the federal level. People are suffering needlessly! It needs to be available to all paitients in the USA immediately. LEAD!

  5. Please help Alabama get educated. So much ignorance there and these people are fighting an uphill battle. But who would have thought 5 years ago that the State would even hold a hearing about medical marijuana?! Progress is being made and they need all and any help that you can give! Many thanks also to The Weed Blog for picking up the story.

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