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Alabama Safe Access Update: Hearing On The Alabama Cannabis And Hemp Reform Act


Alabama Safe Access ProjectWe have just found out that HB-550, the Alabama Cannabis and Hemp Reform Act of 2013, will be receiving a hearing in the Alabama House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security tomorrow at 11 a.m.

Just a few days after Chairman Hammon said that the bill would not receive a hearing… The bill is receiving a hearing!

This is an important piece of legislation that removes the criminal penalties for the possession of marijuana. At the same time, the bill would create about 5000 new jobs and estimates show that bill would create $1 billion in revenue for the state of Alabama.

If you are able, I urge you to join Alabama Safe Access Project at the Statehouse tomorrow.


About Author

Ron Crumpton is the Executive Director of The Alabama Patients' Rights Coalition and The Alabama Safe Access Project and is running for Alabama Senate district #11 in the 2014 election.


  1. Ron Crumpton deserves a lot of credit for this. Offering to “get rid” of Hammon to further ” our cause”. We all need to show up if we can. Look like we mean business, not like we just rolled outta bed. I’m on disability. I have 2 ft long rods and nearly 30 screws in my spine. But I clean up and don’t show up at the Statehouse to prove our case looking like stoners, instead of patients.j

  2. My name is Boogie I’m from Alabama n I’m dealing with bone disease spine/lumbar had two neck surgeys n do nothin but take different meds.I’ve told my Dr that marijuana helps me move around than meds I’m using folks please say yes I’m going on 45 been going through this since I was 36..Ty from william Ayers aka Boogie

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