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Alabama Safe Access Update


Alabama Safe AccessAlabama Statehouse- Today was a wonderful experience for me. For the first time this year I really enjoyed being at the statehouse. Normally, I love to be at the statehouse, knee-deep in political intrigue, but this year, that really has not been the case.  It is a terrible thing when you do not enjoy doing what you love.

I do have a couple of pieces of information from the statehouse for you.

First, we are now being fed conflicting information on HB-315, the Alabama Medical Exemption Act. For the past few weeks, we have been told that the Health Committee Staff was compiling the results. Today, Rep. Ron Johnson, Chairman of the House Healthcare Professionals and Procedures Sub-Committee, told Representative Patricia Todd that the Medical Association of Alabama is compiling the results.

Regardless of who is compiling the results, the fact that we have heard nothing leads me to believe that the results of the survey are in our favor. If the results were not in our favor, I believe that Jim McClendon would be rubbing our faces in it. I may be wrong, but that is the impression that I get.

Micky Hammon: Chairman of the Alabama House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

Representative Micky Hammon

Second, I talked to Micky Hammon, Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, who told me that HB-550, The Alabama Cannabis and Hemp Reform Act of 2013, would receive a hearing “Over his dead body.” To this I replied, “So, a bill that would produce enough revenue to cover two-thirds of the state’s general fund budget isn’t worthy of discussion in committee?” Representative Hammon did not answer the question, instead, he said, “You know this bill will never pass in Alabama.” To which I replied, “Yes, it will, we may just have to get rid of you first.”

If you support HB-550, I urge you to join Alabama Safe Access Project (ASAP) and contact Speaker Hubbard and Chairman Micky Hammon and let them know that any bill with the potential to raise $1 billion in tax revenue deserves to be discussed in committee.


About Author

Ron Crumpton is the Executive Director of The Alabama Patients' Rights Coalition and The Alabama Safe Access Project and is running for Alabama Senate district #11 in the 2014 election.


  1. Did Hammon really use the expression “Over my dead body” in the South?
    How stupid is he? Does he not get the news in his office?

  2. Forgot to mentio thye prosicution costs of prohibition. I heard that was around $550 million anualy for the state of Alabama! So add that to the $1Billion in revanue.

  3. i whipped a nice note off to Mickey. hope he reads it. I think a 60 yr old woman on her 2nd bout out breast cancer ought to be given the consideration of having my ideas at least heard. i told him if he was going to waste the states money by sending me an asinine form letter like M Roby does to save it. So not in the mood for morality lessons from up on that Montgomery hill……

  4. LOL I would have liked to have seen Micky Hammon’s face when you told him that. I bet it was priceless. :-)

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