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Alabama Senate Unanimously Approves Million Dollar Study On Cannabis Oil


cannabis oil rick simpson cbdCourtesy of The Joint Blog

In a unanimous 34 to 0 vote, Alabama’s Senate passed Senate Bill 174,sending it to the state’s House of Representatives.

The proposal – named Carly’s Law in honor of 3-year-old Carly Chandler who suffers from epilepsy – would allow the University of Alabama’s Department of Neurology to study the use of cannabis oil for the treatment of seizure disorders. The university would be authorized to prescribe and distribute low-THC cannabis oil to treat those with epilepsy; participants of the study would be provided complete protection from arrest.

If approved, the study would be funded with $1 million from the state’s Education Trust Fund.

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  1. So, so happy to see my state joining the movement towards decriminalization and ultimately legalization. I did not think that anything of this sort would happen while I was still living in this state, but I am very happy to see it being done. This was a huge victory for cannabis supporters all over the state, because now the state’s lawmakers have officially recognized the medical value of one particular cannabinoid. From here, there will (hopefully) be more special stories like Carly’s that will shine light on the other cannabinoids in cannabis and how they can be used in medical treatment.

  2. Whoo woo! It’s a start, we’ll take it. We sat with Dr. Donald Abrams one of the country’s leading Intergrative Oncologist from UCSF when my daughter was diagnosed with Cancer in December 2013, he’s been trying to get government funding for exactly this kind of study for the last 3 years. He explained that the Cannabinoids in Marijauna/CBD Oil attached to the Cannabinoids we actually have in our body, brain, to repair Cancerous cells throughout the body along with fighting the inflammation that causes all autoimmune diseases like Epilepsy, Parkinson, Lupus, MS, MD, Fibro myalgia to name a few. In Israel, they are using CBD OIL for Brain Cancer with success.
    CBD is the future of medical treatment for all these diseases. The Weed 2 show last night on CNN showed the very real results of CBD working with the Cannabinoids in the brains of children with Epilepsy. It needs to be studied for use for everyone who needs it now! There are lives at stake!
    In the meantime, every American should have Medical Marijauna available in every state in the United States.The existing laws are horrific, they NEED to be changed NOW!
    If this makes you angry, good! This is a call to action from a 54 yr old Mother from St. Louis who doesn’t use marijauna and up until my daughter was diagnosed with Cancer in San Francisco in September, I wouldn’t have opened up this post on FB or read an article about it in the news. I like others, completely unaware of all the uses for the whole marijauna plant. How each strain treats different medical issues differently. I am now doing everything I can to get Legalization of Medical Marijauna in Mo on the ballot in Nov 2014. I have watched every video and read every article I can get my hands on because this is so important for people I love.
    So for you uninformed people making snide comments about this I challenge you to go the the WAMM.org website. Watch the video. This is a legitimate “compassion care” company. We had to have a letter from my daughter’s Oncologist, they verified her medical license number with the state of California before they would even consider talking to us about their medicine. Become informed. Who knows when you or a loved one would benefit from CBD or Marijauna.

  3. Hey Alabama, if you you legalize marijuana or just medical marijuana the study won’t cost you one thin dime. In fact, you’ll come out way ahead on the deal. Come on, prove those Dixie bashers wrong who argue you’ll be the last to get on board.

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