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Alaska: Marijuana Businesses’ Licensing Process To Begin Next Week


alaska marijuana legalizationFor prospective owners, investors, and employees, the long-awaited date to begin applying for marijuana business licenses is about to arrive. The newly dubbed Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (formerly the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board) is scheduled to start accepting applications online on Wednesday, February 24.

Resources — including a FAQ, schedule, regulations, and other key information — are posted on the state’s website, available here. The page will be updated throughout the process, so be sure to revisit it regularly.

Meanwhile, legislators are expected to address the state’s inability to perform necessary background checks in HB 75. Also, we hope the state can establish an alternative to the current testing requirement, which could create a huge burden for businesses located in remote areas.

The Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office’s priority early this year will be processing cultivation and testing license applications, since both types of businesses need to be operational before retailers and manufacturers. The Marijuana Control Board is scheduled to meet on June 9 to issue the first of these licenses, followed by retail and manufacturing in September. Proposed rules for cannabis cafés are still pending, but we expect those will be available before such businesses would need to apply.

Stay tuned — we may yet see legislation related to the new industry in the coming weeks, and of course the process of rolling out the industry will be ongoing throughout the year.

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Source: Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol


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  1. kim kristianson on

    This is cooperated America striking back. The few who’s always been used to govern the masses sees these new marijuana laws as nothing else than anarchy and they’re willing to go through extreme measures to get it their way. But then if a majority in a city or a county has voted in the law and their electees wont abide, they must be asked to step back nicely first, then if this doesn’t help a pressure must be put on. Otherwise we have real anarchy, politicians who wont abide by the laws. And I know exactly who these people are, old conservatives who had the power a generation or more, chief of police, heads of churches, conservative womens nitting club, old concerned teachers who thinks America’s going down the drain and cant wait to vote for Donald Trump. These are what we’re up against, a bunch of people who will never see it our way or even understand. But at the same time, these people are very highly placed in local communities because they were perhaps the only ones who wanted to run for a post or have a conviction that makes them fighting to the last breath.

    The bottom line is that the people who voted for marijuana laws have also helped to get these people into the town councils, and must therefore be made aware that if they still want electoral success, they must support the things people wishes.

  2. Organized opposition are City Councils
    unanimously voted to introduce an ordinance that will ultimately
    prohibit marijuana, this is going on across the nation and yet states
    that voted for legal marijuana have faced over reach by City Councils
    abuse of power using old out dated fear tactics to force a judgement not
    based on fact.
    what suffers the most is freedom of the
    people to vote when the few can cast the people’s vote aside and over
    rule a legal law that the people voted for and ban our right by every
    City Council across The United State of America this is not a right we
    as a nation should allow to be abused, I’m not just talking about
    marijuana, I’m talking about your right to vote and have your vote count
    for something more than what City Council say’s it does, seems to me
    our vote means nothing to THE City Councils choice to take such action.
    Stand up for FREEDOM or we will no longer have a choice but Obey.

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