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Alaska Marijuana Control Board Votes To Allow Onsite Consumption


alaska marijuana legalizationI received the following e-mail from the Alaska legalization campaign:

The Marijuana Control Board voted on Friday to create a class of retail marijuana license that will allow onsite consumption. This is an important decision that benefits adult consumers, those who will be licensed to provide to them, and the communities that want to regulate use.

Despite clear language contained in Measure 2, some state staff members had advised the board that it could not authorize retail licenses to allow onsite consumption. Many of those who supported Measure 2 were concerned that the issue would be confused and needlessly delayed as the board deferred to lawmakers rather than exercise its own authority. Public comments submitted to the board overwhelmingly supported this change, and we applaud the board for taking this important step.

While the definition of “public,” adopted by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in February, did improve with this change, it unfortunately still falls short of acknowledging the rights private business owners have under the law. Nonetheless, this decision marks an important moment in the rule-making process and a victory for those who worked so hard to make Alaska’s regulations successful.

We thank the board and all those who took the time to submit comments in support of this change.

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  1. Closet Warrior on

    This is great for Alaskans and other states considering this issue. Some folks drive for hours to get to a dispensary and are suffering all the way there. They should be able to medicate immediately! How many times have you seen someone pop a pill in the parking lot at a pharmacy? That’s what I thought, when a patient gets their medicine no matter the types, they deserve to medicate. This shouldn’t even be an issue. Matter of fact- all this nonsense shouldn’t be an issue. We need a revalation or a revolution!!!

  2. It’s fun to watch different states break through the oppression and establish precedents. – This one is dear to my heart. – I’ll probably never make it to an Amsterdam ‘coffee shop,’ but U.S. vapor lounges are now on the immediate horizon!

    Where every toker knows your name! – Cheers!

  3. jasen joseph hylbert on

    There is something entertaining about watching someone eat doughnuts though… I just had an idea for a video set to music…

  4. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Maybe there will a day when doughnut comsumers are punished if they do consume their doughnuts in any other way than hiding in their own dwellings to consume their doughnuts. I am not advocating for that, but just saying that perhaps that day will arrive.

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