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Alaska Marijuana Legalization Goes Into Effect Tomorrow


alaska marijuana legalizationAlaska joined Oregon, Washington D.C., Washington State, and Colorado in voting to end marijuana prohibition. The successful marijuana legalization initiative in Alaska won 53.23% to 46.77% during the 2014 Election, which was a solid margin. Tomorrow the initiative takes effect. Per the Alaska Dispatch News:

Ballot Measure 2 will become effective on Tuesday, and many Alaskans are wondering what will change on that date. The simple answer is: Everything, and not much at all.

Beginning that day, it will be lawful for someone 21 years of age or over to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana. Those with a green thumb may legally grow up to six marijuana plants (only three of them can be mature at any time) in their homes. Generous Alaskans may gift, without payment, up to 1 ounce of marijuana to someone age 21 or over and give them up to six immature marijuana plants. Private consumption will be completely legal for those 21 and over. So, for adults, personal cultivation, possession, and consumption will be lawful within certain limits, in private, and as long as no money changes hands. For those who have been consuming for years, this may not seem significant, but from a legal perspective it represents a huge shift.

I don’t see too much personally changing tomorrow. People will not be able to buy marijuana in stores, yet. People that have been consuming marijuana for years will continue to do so. Marijuana opponents will try as hard as they can to find evidence that the beginning of the zombie apocalypse is upon us, to no avail. There will no be mayhem on public roadways, teen marijuana consumption will not spike, and per a Harvard study, there will not be a huge spike in new people consuming marijuana. What is a guarantee is that cops will finally be freed up to go after real criminals instead of wasting time busting people for a plant that is safer than alcohol.


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  1. Jean Anne Lewis on

    Yes, it’s safe to use. If you ever need or just want to try this wonderful plant, I hope you enjoy it. :-)

  2. Sb420 Ca disastrous MMJ laws
    supreme court deems “unconstitutional ” law Enforcement is
    not capable of determining amount medical patient’s need
    maybe LEAP can clarify.
    Alaska’s alcohol pRoblems seem
    to out way cannabis

  3. I was hoping to hear from “fuck it I quit ” girl
    She is going to open dispenser or
    collective access.

  4. Are they going to search every home to count pot plants? Seems stupid to have a limit. There IS a limit on how much home brew-beer you can have. Who checks on how much beer we brew? Every time I drink beer it makes my want to kick a prohibitionists ass.

  5. We live where we live because we have no interest in dealing with 50s versions of prohibition. That said, I feel for those who are fighting the uphill battles in many of the southern states.

  6. Another step closer. I sure wish that several of the important points of 91 went into effect before the state legislature had a chance to alter some of them. We gave them way too much time to discuss what Oregonians voted for. The legislature had the chance to do the right thing and pass a bill that was in their hands a bit a go: they failed.
    Congrats to Alaska though: they earned it.

  7. gotta get thru the liquor lobbyists to get it on the ballots before you vote on it. buy a clue bud.

  8. the war on drugs is waged by the Walgreens of the world..wow you guys gotta set the bongs down sometimes and do some reading.

  9. Three Strikes and It's Legal on

    Enough already…the people in every state where any question of marijuana legalization, decriminalization, or medical use is asked to vote on it, vote “YES”, even in Washington D.C. .

  10. TN has been #2 behind CA in marijuana production for the past 30 years. look it up. we have no trouble at all scoring weed in TN.

  11. Sounds good to me. I have never used MJ, but I know it is safe to use from friends of mine who are users.

  12. Uh yeah, Tennessee passed a CBD bill last year or so but otherwise couldn’t be further from this… Which is downright honest legalization. I assume the closest thing in TN that you could try is growing a Harlequin or Charlotte’s Web strained plant and hope you have some defense in court (as per their low THC levels) but good luck.

  13. indianstreamrepublic on

    I think people will especially feel safer when in public. Being able to walk or drive around with pot on you, without having to worry about getting busted. I personally don’t feel stressed at home, but walking around town with pot on me stresses me out.

  14. Factual information is coming to light. Much to slowly, but we’ll take what we can get. The majoriy of Alaskans have taken a stand for freedom and truth. The “reefer madness” propaganda is fading.

  15. thank you Alaska,were getting down to the last states now that prohibit weed.Please people keep up the good work and soon we will see it everywhere.then the important things can be put up on the floor and this ‘drug war’ fight will be something of the past.Again,THANK YOU ALASKA..

  16. I see one thing changing in that when Alaskans go to bed, they don’t have to worry about getting arrested or getting the shitty label stuck on them. Just having the threat of arrest taken from being held over someone’s head is enough to lessen stress levels drastically.

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