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Alaska: Proposed Cannabis Café Rules Now Available For Comment


alaska marijuana legalizationI received the following alert out of Alaska:

Thanks to pressure from advocates and the public, Alaska will become the first state to allow regulated cannabis cafés later this year! The Marijuana Control Board recently published proposed rules governing the cafés and is accepting public comments. We encourage you to check out the rules and weigh in.

We find the proposed rules reasonable overall. They cover such areas as facilities’ layout, fees for cannabis cafés (currently set at $1,000 annually), and requirements for staff. Consumers could purchase marijuana for either on-site consumption in small increments, or in larger quantities to take home. A single purchase for consumption on-site would consist of one gram of marijuana flower, an edible containing up to 10 mg of THC, or a concentrate of up to 0.25 grams.

Those who wish to provide comments to the board must do so before 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 21, and should be sent either to the board’s mailing address or via email at john.calder@alaska.gov. For more information, including the physical mailing address for comments, click here.

Thanks so much for all you have done to help make Alaska’s marijuana laws among the best in the world! We are encouraged by the board’s careful consideration of how these new businesses should operate.

Please pass this email to friends, family, and supporters!


Chris Lindsey
Senior Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. @donahuemike, Yeah I wonder how they decided on a 1gram limit and .25g for concentrates? People metabolize THC at different rates just like alcohol so putting a limit on it is kind of arbitrary. Not to mention there has never been a case of someone overdosing on cannabis but people drink themselves to death on a regular basis. The limit is crazy but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

  2. Right. Good stuff closet. Anyways only 1gram???? What a limit. You don’t tell people at the bar 1 beer… Seems very limited.

  3. Closet Warrior on

    I think they legalized it first because the Inuit natives have just been exposed to alcohol for a short period compared to European history and they can’t handle the effects as inherently as most white races. This, in turn, has been causing a lot of domestic violence and has been causing the local police to be spread thin for the most part. Just watch 1 episode ol Alaska State Troopers or any law show me in Alaska and usually 3 of 4 incidents are alcohol related. Let’em smoke, Let’em love.

  4. jim heffner on

    Something about clubs and cafes and their laid back normalcy makes the prohibitionists see red. How dare we treat toking like drinking a glass of wine or a draft beer. Maybe it’s too conflicting and far removed from their Reefer Madness fears. I guess we had best expect their quibbling over every point that differs from their view of what’s acceptable.
    This unnecessary obstruction brings to mind the Battle of New Orleans after the War of 1812 was over or the Nazis wanting to burn Paris before they retreated. Neutralizing the effects of Reefer Madness type propaganda is turning into a long and tedious process. It’s kind of ironic that I look forward to my generation dying off.

  5. THIS is common sense… All these states that want to “Regulate marijuana like alcohol” STILL make smokers hide in their homes if they want to smoke. If you want to treat cannabis JUST LIKE alcohol, DO it, dammit ! I want to sit in an NFL stadium, or a concert, or nightclub, or ANY place where people are drinking, and be able to consume… Second hand pot smoke will NOT kill 20,000 Americans annually like tobacco. Hell it won’t even get you high !

  6. Cannabis cafe’s are coming to states where it is already legalized. It is only a matter of time.

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