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  1. I keep seeing more cases in CA where SB420 has been deemed “unconstitutional”
    prop 215 does not say anything about limits for possession and cultivation.
    How much a patient needs is a medical issue.
    Senate Bills cant negate a voter prop.
    Ca limits (99 plants) is the threshold for min federal sentencing

    Having to limit to 6 or 12 plants is a disaster for a patient .
    mold,mites,crop loss, caterpillars ,thieves ,crop loss all real and waiting to strike.
    When they do attack its usually a wash
    In other words you need a backup supply!
    Its very hard to grow/supply for 1- 4 people . especially med grade.

    A person could not grow enough food for himself unless he had a big farm.
    even then it takes a village!

  2. But, there is no such thing as enough! :-)

    There shouldn’t be a limit … is there a limit to how much booze you can keep in your basement? It’s nobody’s business!

  3. Arizona as well as DC.., now have Medical marijuana. Hell there are 17 States with the District of Columbia who now have MMJ laws. There are 12 MORE States that, will either vote on it this November, or there are Bills in State Legislatures right NOW, that stand GREAT chances of passing! This is EXACTLY how Prohibition of Alcohol ENDED. It took 10 yrs for States to QUIT Prosecuting Alcohol related crimes. That’s what will happen with Marijuana as well. States with Medical Marijuana programs will QUIT Prosecuting Marijuana crimes and we take the POWER and legalize it our OWN DAMNED SELVES! That’s the way our Founding Fathers WROTE it into the Constitution!

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