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All-Star Forum Will Discuss Future Of Marijuana In Washington Tonight


Washington State MarijuanaThe event, sponsored by Seattle Weekly and KCTS 9, is called “Toke Signals: The Future of Marijuana in Washington State.”

And there’s still time to submit questions for the panel, reports Curtis Cartier at Seattle Weekly.

The forum will be at KCTS 9’s studio near Seattle Center and will feature:

– John McKay: Former U.S. Attorney and Seattle University Law Professor who prosecuted Marc Emery

– Rick Steves: Author, PBS travel correspondent and marijuana law reform advocate

The Legendary Steve Elliott

The Legendary Steve Elliott

– Steve Elliott: Seattle Weekly’sToke Signals” medical marijuana dispensary review columnist and Toke of the Town blog editor

– Roger Goodman: Washington State Representative and Congressional candidate

– Josh Berman: Washington Cannabis Association and cofounder of the 4Evergreen Group

– Roger Roffman: Director of the University of Washington’s Innovative Programs Research and longtime researcher into cannabis use “and abuse”

– Alison Holcomb: Drug Policy Director at ACLU of Washington, and coordinator for New Approach Washington, a ballot initiative which would legalize the sale of marijuana through state-licensed stores

Rep. Roger Goodman

Rep. Roger Goodman

– Douglas Hiatt: Activist/attorney and marijuana legalization advocate with Sensible Washington

The forum will be moderated by KCTS 9’s Enrique Cerna and the questions will come from the Seattle Weekly, the television station, and from readers like you.

Tickets for the event went extremely quickly, and there are no more seats available to watch the forum live.

But the discussion will be recorded, and video from it will be posted on Toke of the Town when it is available.

You can follow the discussion tomorrow night on Twitter (#TokeSignals) and on Facebook.

Submit your brilliant questions for the panel to tokesignals@seattleweekly.com.


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  1. I really like that finally there is some REAL support for a change in the American political paradigm in regards to marijuana. The economy is truly in the toilet, and marijuana can really be a state by state golden egg laying goose that can literally goose things along towards real progress. But we still have a long way to go, because the prison industrial complex and the general drug war sycophants are going to be pushing hard to stop it. I’m for legalizing, taxing, and regulating ALL recreational drugs. It works in progressive nations who gave it a shot, and by making them legal here it would also put a stop to the cartels’ control over the populations South of the border. I’m still optimistic.

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