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All Three Florida Candidates OK with Medical Marijuana


Last October, Robert Wexler retired from his duties as a US Representative from Florida’s 19th Congressional District. After a special primary in January, a special election is scheduled for April 13th. According to media reports out of Florida, all three candidates (Democrat, Independent, and even the Republican) all said they would support medical marijuana in Florida (click here).

Here is a quote from each candidate:

“It’s called medical marijuana. I don’t have a problem with it,” said the Republican candidate Ed Lynch.

“I would say if it can help eliminate the pain, why aren’t we doing it? It’s not hurting anyone. It’s medical marijuana,” said Independent candidate Jim McCormick.

The candidate for the Democrats, Ted Deutch, said “Medical marijuana, if it helps to reduce suffering, absolutely is something that we ought to consider.”

People can take these quotes with a grain of salt of course. I have heard politicians say anything just to get votes. But it’s not every day that federal level candidates will go on record and say that they would support medical marijuana. It’s encouragement to keep up the momentum in Florida. Although the signature drive for a medical marijuana initiative did not meet the February 1st deadline, people are still hitting the pavement for signatures for the 2012 ballot. All signatures gathered are valid for four years, so don’t worry if you have already provided your signature, it is still valid even thought the deadline for 2010 has passed.

If you want to provide your signature, or even better, get involved, here are some great places to get started:

People United for Medical Marijuana — Florida (click here)

Americans for Safe Access — Florida (click here)

Marijuana Policy Project — Florida (click here)

The National Organizaiton for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — Florida (click here)


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  1. I cant figure out why marijuana isnt already legal for medical or otherwise! I suffer from all sorts of back problems and I am forced to take these horribly addictive narcotic pain pills. And I have smoked pot while I have been in pain and it works as good or better than Oxycodone. But it is almost impossible to get the Oxycodone because of those Rotten Good For Nothings at the DEA who dont care if people suffer or die. And you can be sure that those sick excuses for human beings will try to cause trouble for everybody who gets medical marijuana throught their Gestapo like intimidation. I pray our politicians can see the truth and legalize marijuana not only for medical reasons but for everybody. If anything should be illegal it should be liquor!! But we know what happened the last time they tried that. And it is no diffrent now with the inhumane laws that ruin peoples lives for smoking and posessing marijuana! Its almost not like it is illegal anyway, because if I wanted to get some pot it would probably take less than an hour to find someone who would sell me some. The DEA is a JOKE!!! And the sooner that, that organization of thieves and criminals is disbanded the better! They should be made to pay back every penny of our tax money that they have wasted over the years. But why should you expect anything less from an administration that was created by a criminal???

  2. My deciding factor voting today was based on support for medical marijuana. Without that we can not get our foot in the door. When the presidential election is finally here. I am going to vote based on the same guidlines. I was so close to Not Voting, I’m glad I did.

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