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Amazing Green And Black Dab Rig By Boro Farm


I have always wanted a dab rig. People offer me dab samples all the time, but I never had anything to smoke it out of. You can’t exactly smoke dabs out of a ten dollar corner market pipe. I am very happy to say that I now own my very first dab rig. You can see the pic below. I got the dab rig from Boro Farm. If you are a glass head and you want to see some amazing glass, check out their Facebook page. It’s how I found my dab rig, and who knows, maybe it will be how you find yours.

Boro Farm is a group of glass blowers from my home state of Oregon. They are a small business that deserves a lot of love. I’ve seen a lot of glass in my day, and their glass blows my mind. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to post glass, and hopefully this is the start of a series of articles that highlight glass blowers, which are an often forgot about, yet very important part of marijuana culture. Want to see more glass right now? Check out the Boro Farms fan page on Facebook.

Boro Farm


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  1. tommy two green thumbs on

    Extract trim ie left overs, buy soaking with 190 proof drinkable alcohol, filter after 2 days soak. Reclaim dark brown alcohol liquid and dry. Remanents are hash and whats called wax, ie cbd sits in brown oil, thc in waxy yellow clumps. Yum and enjoy.

  2. dabs aka marijuana extracts via some extraction process (butane, alcohol, solventless etc). Its an oil like subtance you can pick at with a “nail” or scoopula to touch a “dab” of it on a glass head or metal nail that’s been heated with a butane torch. Good oil, dabs, extracts, erril taste clean and delicious and get you very high. Highly recommend you try it sometime if you find someone with good product ie no large quantity of leftover solvent present.

  3. I’m from Canada, Can someone tell me what a “dab” is, i’ve heard it all over but never knew what it was

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