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American Academy Of Neurology Endorses Medical Marijuana


muscle stiffness multiple sclerosis marijuanaMore and more organizations are getting on the right side of history and science and endorsing the use of medical marijuana. You can now add the American Academy of Neurology to that list. According to American News Report:

In new guidelines published in the journal Neurology, the Academy said oral cannabis, medical marijuana pills and medical marijuana spray may help ease symptoms of muscle spasticity and frequent urination caused by multiple sclerosis (MS).

Medical marijuana supporters and patients have known for many years now that marijuana can help treat MS. The endorsement by the American Academy of Neurology stopped short of endorsing smoked marijuana, but I think that they will get on board sooner than later. Their reasoning is that there needs to be more studies, which I think once they find the studies that are already out there, they will give an endorsement for smoked marijuana as well.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease which attacks the body’s central nervous system. It is estimated that 400,000 Americans suffer from MS and more than 2 million worldwide have the disease. Right now there is no known cure for MS. One of my good friends was recently diagnosed with MS, and I’m happy to say that she is considering medical marijuana as a form of treatment. If you know someone that suffers from MS, I encourage you to recommend medical marijuana to them.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. The truth is hard to deny. Like water is wet, fire is hot, and canabis is medicine, for the body , mind and soul

  2. Multiple sclerosis sufferers often don’t have many options. It’s well-known that cannabis provides relief for many MS patients, even ones who aren’t responding well to any other type of medicine or prescriptions. It’s only common sense that we make medical cannabis more available to these patients.

  3. Maryjane$thename on

    My mother-in law was diagnosed with Ms around the same time that she was diagnosed with glaucoma. Her illnesses only worsen with every passing day. Without marijuana, she is forced to take 10s of 20s of synthetic pills every day to help her “better cope” with her illnesses. When she smokes marijuana, she doesn’t feel the rush to run to the bathroom, she can relax and wait; her eyes stop jiggling, and sometimes even with the pills that she is prescribed, her eyes get so bad without marijuana that it deters the little sight she has left. Not only should medical marijuana be available throughout our great country but it.should be legalized completely. Marijuana is such a miracle medicine that it needs to be shared and available to anyone who so chooses to use it. That is all. :)

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