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American Medical Association Wants Warnings On All Marijuana Products


medical marijuana doctorI get sent e-mails quite often dealing with marijuana use while someone is either pregnant, or breastfeeding. I am by no means a doctor, so the best I can do is send people links to studies and let them take them for what they will. There are not a ton of studies out there dealing with this specific issue, but all of the ones that I have read state that there is no link to issues when a pregnant or nursing mother uses marijuana. The American Medical Association recently announced its desire to include warnings on all recreational and medical marijuana products related to consumption while pregnant or nursing. Per The Cannabist:

Warning: Marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding poses potential harms.

That message would be written on medical and recreational marijuana products and posted wherever they’re sold if the nation’s most influential doctors group has its way.

The American Medical Association agreed Monday to push for regulations requiring such warnings. The decision was made based on studies suggesting marijuana use may be linked with low birth weight, premature birth and behavior problems in young children.

Critics say evidence of harm is weak, but while advocates agree that more research is needed, they say erring on the side of caution makes sense.

What do TWB readers think? I personally don’t have a problem with the warning. Like the last sentence of the excerpt said, erring on the side of caution is good. I’m sure there are others out there that feel that this is overkill, and that until a link is confirmed that this is unnecessary. To me, that sounds like a ‘tobacco industry approach.’ I don’t think that the warning needs to be put on there because I believe that the warning is absolutely necessary. But I do feel that there is not really any harm with having the warning on there. It would be different if the word ‘potential’ wasn’t included.


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  1. saynotohypocrisy on

    Critics “say erring on the side of caution makes sense”. But when it comes to alcohol they are erring on the side of recklessness, sugarcoating most of the already KNOWN dangers. Who do these stinking hypocrites think they’re fooling?

  2. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Pure herbal cannabis ought to have a statement written on the packaging that says that it is a healthy alternative to alcoholic beverages, commercial cigarettes, and drug pills.

  3. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Should coffee and doughnuts have warning labels too? There are probably people out there who want warning labels on soda, or even to ban it outright. Should tuna have a warning label for pregnant women? There are all kinds of things that nutritionists caution pregnant women about. At a point the pregnant women themsleves have to take responsibility for themselves and learn about what they take into their bodies themselves. One can look up every ingredient you eat and do online research on it if you are trying to maximize health. I think it is a good idea to look up ingredients that you are unfamiliar with and learn about whether or not you want to take them into your body.

    Considering the fact that beaurocrats may not have the best health habits themselves and therefore must not really value health that highly, perhaps habituating people to just trusting the fact that something does not have a warning and always avoid the products that do is not the best way of promoting relatively high rates of health. Sometimes it seems as though the people who work for a group which is supposedly promoting health really get things wrong or even backwards. Look at the “partnership for a drug free America” for instance – they are basically inflating rates of pill abuse, alcoholism, and commercial cigarette use by not trying to repeal cannabis prohibition. Not surprising when one considers the fact that alcoholic beverage trade groups and commercial cigarette trade groups created the so called “partnership for a drug free america” and the fact that it is now run by big pharma…

    If the AMA really wanted to promte health they would perhaps mention some of the known health benefits associated with consumption of pure herbal cannabis. While one could perhaps argue that breathing in smoke is never good for you, the common pollutants in urban air and the smoke a lot of people breath in as a part of their job is oftentimes bad enough that in the overall picture of a cannabis smokers’ health, the benefits outweigh any negatives.

    With pure herbal cannabis taken in through non smoking methods there is nothing but positive health impacts. Physically active people can smoke a lot and still be way healthier than the average person, therefore to point the finger at their smoking habits is absurd.

    I will say that the glossy postcards bearing propaganda purported as health advice which came with the herbs I bought in Portland ended up being useful trays to break up the buds onto. I could have just used a grocery store receipt from my wallet though, as the glossy postcards probably cost a fair amount to make and are really just a waste of resources to print.

    The folks who make money from lies being printed on paper have been the some ones who have been spreading anti – cannabis propaganda for almost a century now, so finding the postcards was not that much of a surprise dissappointment.

    Maybe doughnuts should be labelled with the following warning:
    “These doughnuts are intended for consumption by the slaves of the mafia we all know as police. Therefore they may not be fit for human consumption…”

  4. There are no studies done on scuba diving when pregnant… no one knows what the implications are. So the guideline is… don’t do it. For marijuana, if something was wrong, we would know about it by now. But just like everything else, if a woman got bombed every day for nine months then that probably would not be good for a fetus. However, a joint would likely be much safer than any pharma med come delivery day. …in fact, the warning should include the fact that marijuana is the safest pain medication available and to consider some bong hits or a brownie before heading to the midwife. For the husband too though…

  5. I disagree with it because it is just an attempt at fear mongering. That and we shouldn’t be passing legislation simply because someone had an idea of what may be.

  6. This is a ridiculous warning….”consuming something that is already produced by your own body could possibly by harmful”? WTF?

    The endocannabinoid system in our body produces small amounts of cannabinoids daily. The simple thought of taking in cannabis as harmful is pure ignorance.

  7. Sick of Govtl BS and Ignorance on

    Fear mongering tampered with covering their own asses “just in case”. I.e. Ignorance coupled with denial of any studies that ARE out there (and, of course, they will NOT accept studies done out of country)…I’d prefer if they just said, “I don’t know” on the labels personally and started opening up their fat mouths on alcohol…. why don’t they cover their asses on THAT? I’ve personally known plenty of mothers who used marijuana while pregnant for various reasons, nothing else, just marijuana. Their offspring is as normal as they and the fathers of said offspring are.

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    If the AMA really cares about public health, they’ll push for beefing up the warning about alcohol first. All it warns about is operating heavy machinery, and pregnant women drinking, and says it “may harm health”. But we know you can die or suffer irreparable brain damage from an alcohol overdose and you can die or get diseased from chronic alcohol abuse, which is also known to cause brain damage. “May harm health” is a pathetically weak response to these scientific facts. The AMA’s bigotry against cannabis users seems as strong as ever.

  9. saynotohypocrisy on

    Lawrence, I should have been more clear, I just changed one word, you’re right, the government banned MMJ in 1937, the AMA was initially opposed (it was their opposition that led to the prohibs in Congress acting in secret, though the AMA did find out about it at the last minute, in time for Woodward’s testimony in opposition) but they caved and supported the ban within just a few years, after 1000’s of doctors were arrested for defying the ban, from what I’ve read, and have been reefer madness lackeys ever since, as Herer says at the end of your quote.

  10. I disagree. There is substantial proof of the terrible dangers of alcohol and tobacco and some (very little) action in the way of warning labels on most of these products. We know what Big Tobacco has done to addict users in spite of their willingness to label their products. Keep these lying anti-health interests away from our freedom to grow and consume marijuana.

  11. Gerhard Balthasar on

    As long as this warning is also on every alcoholic product out there, I would have no problem with that.

  12. As saynotohypocrisy said, the AMA are government lackies. I recall the articles the AMA published in my early years growing up. On or about 1970 the gutless AMA allowed the publishing of FALSE articles (as they later admitted to) that stated, with ‘scientific accuracy’, that marijuana caused breast growth in men who smoked pot. This was during the Nixon era. Years later they admitted that they were wrong to publish such outlandish nonsense. They either implied or directly admitted that government pressure made them do it. This is exactly the kind of thing I would expect from a Big Pharma tool like the AMA. In other words they lied knowingly to back up the lies of the reefer madness crew running our governmental machinery.
    The AMA is a Big Pharma lackey and should have NO SAY whatsoever in what warnings are put on marijuana products. How do we know they are not once again caving in to the anti-marijuana despotic regime in our alleged current government. They have proven that they are not trustworthy.
    With greatest respect and admiration to The Weed Blog and Johnny Green I must say that I am surprised that there is a willingness to embrace any further violation of trust by endorsing anything they (the AMA) says or said about marijuana. That is how Big Marijuana creeps into our lives and once agan tries to deceive and destroy our freedom of life, liberty, and happiness, a large part of which has a lot to do with marijuana growth and use.
    I recall vividly how hilarious these claims were back during my heaviest pot smoking years. We used to ask each other if we had breasts yet, as we enjoyed a non-toxic (just the opposite) session of pot smoking relaxation. This time if the AMA wants to try and mandate this type of nonsense then they MUST be held to a higher standard than Big Pharma does and show solid evidence of this alleged hype that marijuana is dangerous to marijuana users. This is how rumor and lies become false truths and then the snowball effect comes and we have reefer madness once again.
    I see a disturbing trend in marijuana advocacy that wants to let the Big X interests have a token say in the message and development of the legal marijuana industry and how we, as individuals, grow and consume marijuana. The AMA ADMITTEDLY LIED TO THE PUBLIC AND DOCTORS ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF MARIJUANA USE AND MUST NOT EVER AGAIN BE ALLOWED TO DO SO. This would be like trusting that Big Tobacco or Big Pharma would not poison, ruin and limit the kinds of strains we want to grow and consume. KEEP THESE COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE lying anti-marijuana GROUPS OUT OF THE POLITICS OF THE MARIJUANA INDUSTRY. You know the sayings…fool me once etc., and Those who don’t learn from history are…etc.
    Its time to do a reality check on our marijuana advocates. Lets keep this non drug called marijuana away from any interests that would seek a way to limit our access, growth and consumption of this miraculous plant.

  13. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Actually, saynotohypocrisy, in 1937, it was a lawyer for the American Medical Association, William Woodward, who testified before a committee of the U.S. Congress in strong opposition to the proposed Marihuana Tax Act. By that point in time, extracts of female cannabis flowers were already widely prescribed as medicine by America’s doctors. But the tyrannical Harry Anslinger and his co-conspirators in the U.S. Treasury Dept. were on a mission to eradicate these beautiful plants. Speaking on behalf of the AMA and all doctors, Woodward told the committee: “We cannot understand yet…why this bill should have been prepared in secret for two years without any intimation, even to the [medical] profession, that it was being prepared.” Woodward started his comments thusly: “There is nothing in the medical use of Cannabis that has any relation to Cannabis addiction. I use the word ‘Cannabis’ in preference to the word ‘marijuana,’ because cannabis is the correct term for describing the plant and its products.” Subsequently, and to this day, the AMA cowered to the synthetic pharmaceutical industry, which has been one of the primary beneficiaries of cannabis prohibition all along. (Quotes found in the monumental work, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” by the late Jack Herer.)

  14. saynotohypocrisy on

    The AMA has stabbed cannabis users in the back since they accepted the ban on medicinal cannabis of 1937. They were criminally slow to understand that cannabis is an important medicine, they’re still foot dragging on that, and they are still refusing to do a basic analysis of the relative harms of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis. Their attitude towards cannabis is shot through with bigotry, lack of integrity and disrespect for science. They can’t get the government to do what the AMA wants about real public health menaces like alcohol, tobacco and loose guns, so they take out their control freak frustrations on peaceful cannabis users.

  15. Fuck that! The AMA should be ashamed of themselves for starting the fear mongering all over again. I thought we as a nation had grown up (in many areas) when it came to dangers of the devil weed? Women used to medicate with it in the day when it was legal and we didn’t see any issues. There is the Jamaica study that addressed heavy cannabis use while pregnant. It didn’t show any issues and in fact showed babies that were “dosed” tended to have more body weight. When I can go to store and buy weed for the same price as alcohol in any state of this country then sure, go ahead and put all the phony labeling on weed that you want. Women are smart enough to make up their own minds on the issue.


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